09 July, 2009

klcc then subang parade.the egypt girl is back.

A'kum n ello.

i'm totally exhausted right now.haha.

because i went to THIS place.
not that Kenanga Investment Bank,it's the one at the BACK;that KLCC.
both me and aqilah went to KLCC.again!haha.

and bcos the parking was bad,we took a picture of ourselves(pretty common aite?).
and whoa.i have a very excited face.haha.
my mind was thinking "SANZO!SANZO!SANZO!"

the reason we went to KLCC was bcos of THIS MANGA.(yes,again~~)
and bcos our class ended around 1.20pm,and i have some bits of cash with me,so i asked aqilah where we would go after this.cos really tho,we were fasting,and we don't really have anything to do(especially lunch),and so,i recommended KLCC to her,cos the reason i have some cash on me was bcos of THAT MANGA and i really want to buy it FAST and so i said to aqilah,and her answer kinda surprised me but also made me happy,and so,off we went,to KLCC!

btw,she agreed because today is weekday,and there won't be too many people at KLCC.that's why.

and when we arrived at KLCC,we straight away went to Kinokuniya,and Saiyuki Reload vol.9 is in MY HAND!!! yeay!!!!! thank you,AQILAH BT MOHSIN!!!!!!!YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!!

and as you all know,Kinokuniya has this Japanese sections and both me and qila went there,and we were browsing the books there.and the image above is one of the cutest cover books that i ever seen in my life.

SO CUTE!!!!!!!

next picture!!!!!!!!!

ok now.this is the FUNNIEST THING that happen in my life today! there was this one book,that showed many pictures of cats posed with all kind of behaviours,and THIS PICTURE here was the one that caught my eyes and my funny nerve the most.

seriously,aqilah and i were laughing soooo hard that even the staff at Kinokuniya looked at us weirdly..haha.we were the noisiest in that place just bcos of THIS picture.

and then fatin aqilah called and told us that the plan to have our iftar together was on.and we planned to meet up at subang parade. and so,aqilah and i ended our journey at KLCC,andwent to pay the parking fees,it was SHOCKING to know that the fee was RM5.50,for 2 HOURS(and less).and on our way to Subang Parade,we never expected RAIN to appear.

and so,an image like ABOVE occured.

and bcos we were frustrated with the situation(traffic jam and rain),we put on the Mirotic cd,and we karaoked inside the car.hoho.

there weren't really much to do at Subang Parade.we walked and walked,and we went inside Rock Corner,and i was searching for Hikaru No Go(cos Amanda is searching for it) and the result was NA-DA. and so,i saw these 2 things,and i bought them.i already watched the episodes before the semifinal,so i only bought this 2 things.huhu.

and here she is.
the girl above is Fatin Aqilah a.k.a Petup a.k.a kuat makan.
i think Egypt doesn't sell chilli sauce,and so,this girl here put a big AMOUNT of chilli sauce on her food.

yup.this one was her food.chicken chop and a lil bit part of my leftover,i.e the beef.nice one,rite?

btw,we had dinner(iftar) at Dave's Deli.i ate Mix Grill,and i regret it.not bcos the dish was bad,the dish was good btw.but the amount of food for just 1 dish is really....MANY. beef,mutton and chicken,in ONE dish.

RM19.90 only.which is kinda cheap to tell you the truth.haha.

but i was dizzy after i ate the mutton.seriously,i'm not good with mutton.

and these 2 girls had a food loveshot!!

ok now.this was my plate.MINE.which was also said "eating,END!"

and this was aqilah's.she ate lasagne.and her plate said "eating?DON'T BE LIKE ALIA'S"

and that's all.

it was fun eventhough it was a tiring day for me.

tata then!


bbturates said...
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bbturates said...

igt nak iftar jami'ie..
tgk2..korunk dh mkn dlu..hehe..sapa la yg dtg lambat tu kan..ish3.. :P
i'm not dat banyak makan!!!
ahahah..sogan den..
after diz..diet2!
but i like ur headline for this post..haha.

Alia Liverpool said...

hahaha..awakle yg dtg lmbt tu..haha.

kitorg lpr gle,so mls nk tunggu awk.aha.
btw,ari tu mmg 1st time kt tau awk kuat makan.haha.

n hehe.thank u for liking the title.haha