30 November, 2009

Mulan the real life.

A'kum n ello...

i watched Mulan with Aqilah today.

and i dunno what to say......................blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


this movie is good. for me anyway. i dunno about you. i really LOVE epic chinese movie like this.

Zhao Wei was brilliant as Mulan. tho i thought that she'll be jolly like her character in Red Cliff, but she's not. and i'd expect that Mulan in this movie,and the Mulan in the disney movie is similar.but nope, they're not. this Mulan is serious and bloody good in fighting. but still, Zhao Wei's Mulan is totally cool,a good thing for woman like us that loves to say "GIRLPOWER BOLEH!!".blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

but i'm a woman,of course i like MEN. of course i look out for some hotties in the movie. i know that Jackie Chan's son is in the movie, but his father is not hot, nor his son. but jaycee chan's character is really sweet in this movie that i feel like i wanna squish him.

but still, the best man is that hot hero, WEN TAI!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com his character is very2 manly and hot except the part when he ________. still,his face also hot. thanks to Chen Kun, the guy who played that Wen Tai character,cos he OWNED that face.

cool. a malay-like face. i like!

what disappoint me about this movie is that it doesn't really talk about Mulan as a woman,but more of a general.

the 1st hour of the movie is a lil bit slow.if you expect an intro like the Disney's Mulan, you're wrong then. like i said,it's different. there's no Mushu;the tiny dragon nor the stupid guys. but at the 2nd hour of the movie, you'll find that the movie is emotional and you'll be awed by the war that happen.

this movie is a lil bit like Red Cliff, but not really as specific. it's like an autobiography. it's WHOLE,not specific like the Red Cliff. it's like watching Harry Potter.


wanna watch it?

some people may dislike this movie cos it's not their type.but like i said,someone that loves epic chinese movies may like this.

rate: 3.5/5

ta then!

gone but not out

A'kum n ello.

i'm using that re-formatted laptop.



but the bad thing is, during the format, i didn't separate the local hard disk with the external hard disk.


ALL THE 1N2D's videos are ALL GONE!!!!!!!!!!!


oh sakit perut.

seriously.GONE. and where can i have another dose of 1N2D?


maybe this is a good thing.

ok now.

wanna go shower.Mulan later.hueheblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

Liverpool win.finally.

A'kum n ello...

i'll make this short.

everton 0-2 LIVERPOOL.

a win.

i nearly lose my voice when kuyt scored the 2nd goal.

it was brilliant. it's about the positive. it's about the win. it's about Mascherano kissed the Liverpool badge on his shirt.it's about Kuyt back to his form. it's about Reina-the best goalkeeper in the world. it's about Agger,being the coolest defender.it's about Carra-the person who has the weirdest english in the world.

now,the negative.

i was mad that gerrard played badly,but he was involved in the 2nd goal.so no need to be mad.
i was mad that lucas was VERY BAD in the 1st half, but he was class in the 2nd half.
i was mad that N'gog just can't take the ball away from the defender.still,he work hard.
i was mad that Rafa didn't let Aquilani play eventho we were 2-nil up.

you know, i really want to see Aquilani play. but i can understand what rafa is thinking eventho i'm quite mad at him for not letting that italian play. every match is important for Liverpool right now, and to play someone that doesn't have the match fitness is a risk for Liverpool.


i miss cool passes.luckily Mascherano made a cool one just now.


there's barca vs real madrid~

and i just heard xabi alonso's name.


ps: dear barcelona, Mascherano kissed the Liverpool badge just now.hoho.so shooh2~~

Bandung with and without

A'kum n ello..

something cool or maybe weird.

aqilah will go to Bandung with me and my family.


i feel weird tho. maybe bcos this is a family trip but there's another person with me.still, i feel quite happy.

tho a lil bit boring..
it's aqilah.


and you maybe wonder why i invite aqilah?
  • cos aqilah never been outside Malaysia except Singapore.
  • cos she's the only one that can skip the 1st day of class with me when the new semester start, and also,
  • cos haikal doesn't want to go.
you wonder why?

cos haikal said that maybe there'll be earthquake at bandung around the time when we go there, and so he wanna stay in Malaysia alone. and let us die.

i don't want to say that what he said is stupid,but it is too uneducated to think like that.

death is not a funny thing.:yes.
but to even think about it when you're plan for a happy trip is totally unacceptable. my father was very mad with haikal,but haikal still thinks that the trip is a NO NO for him.

NO NO for him,but not for us.

so you know what's that means. he's a selfish person that only thinks about himself.

if we die, we die.

but really tho,noi been living there for 3 years, and she only felt 2 earthquakes,and both of them were very light.

and bandung is one of the places in Indonesia that has the least earthquake.

but never mind. he wants to be safe, so we can't do anything.

i wonder how could someone feel that scared. i know that earthquake is very scary,but it's a lil bit illogical when you're looking at the earthquake's history in bandung. and we even asked the person that already live in Bandung for 3 years about it.

and you know what my brother said when we told him all of this stuff? he said "takpela ayah.ayah beli LCD.takyah pegi Bandung. kalo nk jalan2 pun, pi UK la.situ selamat skit"



still, please pray for my safety.thank you~!

29 November, 2009

i realize

A'kum n ello..

i'm 19.
and will be 20 later.

just thinking about it, i realize too many things.

i realize that i like that person too much but i don't really love him. i just think it just that;with no effort. i just think i'm still immature to be with someone. i still think i'm not ready to give my heart or to let someone have my heart.

i realize that i mature drastically cos i help people to move on. by being in that one state that do nothing, nothing really happen. but if you do something, something will happen. stuck in a room and thinking about the dead does not change anything. out from the room and do something to forget it will just change something. the dead won't come alive. but the dead will be happy to see that you're even alive (by doing something).

i realize that when you're being alone, nothing really change bcos nobody see it. you just have to be with someone so you can see that something really change. it's about being alive. it's about accepting someone's existence or someone to accept ur existence. someone said "she's alive" thus, you're alive.

i realize that life has many things to offer. thinking about death is necessary,but to die now, is not necessary. you're still healthy,still young and plenty things that you haven't done. why die now and dwell about things that already a past tense?

i realize plenty of things just in 2 hours of chatting with aqilah. i realize that i haven't talk too much since hani's father's death. i realize that i haven't been myself for the past few days. i realize that the anger that i'd been trying to keep ,slowly influence my soul with negative energy. i realize that i need to just ignore. i realize that i need to put more effort.

i realize that somebody need me,after all.



A'kum n ello..

went out with syefah to go to aqilah's house just now.

1 word: crazy!

and another thing: i realize that both me and syefah have a different sense of humour.

it's like this:

  • syefah thinks My Lovely Samsoon is bad. i think SamSoon is the best korean drama ever.
  • syefah thinks Coffee Prince is good+ cool. i think Coffee Prince is ok2.

SamSoon is the best,ok? THAT is the only drama that i can laugh purely and also watched more than 5times.

Coffee Prince is a lil boring. i don't like that tomboy's character.hahaha.ok,maybe the storyline kinda ok.but still, not the best drama.

and u know,i always buy Japanese dramas instead of Korean dramas. so when i recommends J-dramas to syefah,she'll be like "TANAK.NAK CTE KOREA!"


and she said to me "awak jepun.kite korea"


i just shut up. she already beat me in the "karipap ikea tu sdap gle" which i don't even know about it.

ta then~

28 November, 2009


A'kum n ello...

i was massaged by this nice lady this morning.

it was :
  • nice.
  • tickle.

at first, i know that maybe i'd feel pain around my feet,cos i'm still training for my high-heels, but for this massage, i ask for a FULL BODY MASSAGE.

which also means: FULL BODY; half-naked, head&shoulders,buttocks,hands &legs,stomach.

about being half-naked, i already expect that. i tried to be ok with it, and just think of it as a preparation for the onsen at japan or the bath house at korea. tho my sis tried to catch a glimpse of my naked body eventho she already tried to spy on it when she was a child.hahaha.

alisa,ur body is hotter than me.check urself,can't u?

anyway, the lady who massage me is really nice. she always smile(a friendly one,ok~) and always laugh when i moaned the word "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!SAKIT!!!!!!!!".blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

and there was this part that i never expect to be painful.

my shoulders.

the massager massaged my neck,shoulders and head, and i yelled "SAKITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!" the loudest when she massaged these parts. it's not like she used too many force on those parts, it just that my urat (veins) at that part are too tegang(tension). cos of the lack of sleep, the lack of exercise and that stupid mattress.


after the massage, instead of feeling blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com, i felt blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

still, it was good. i'm feeling healthy right now. my stomach is not as painful as before,so i'm ok with it.

ok now.


ps: if you check theStar today, you'll see that there are many topic about massage.

27 November, 2009

Raya Aidil Adha.not so jolly.

A'kum n ello...



and it's only 11.56am,and my brothers and father are sleeping. my sis went to her friends house. and the only living creature that not sleeping in my house is me and my maid.

and we have plenty of food right now.

how nice.

i dunno what's the difference between today and the other days. maybe bcos we only celebrate it at home,not at tg malim or batu pahat, so the raya doesn't really feel jolly~.

and it's kinda funny that eventhough the reason we decide to celebrate raya at shah alam is becos of my sis's spm, but she's the one enjoying herself the most in this Holy Day(got this term from izza's blog).

man, we should just celebrate raya at Pak Yang's house (at tg malim) if my sis going to be like this. there's no difference anyway.

so i'm bored right now.

oh. i'm going to have my holiday at bandung at the end of this year. the day when the microbe peeps start their class, i'll be at bandung,visiting Noi and shopping some cheap stuff.


seriously, i'm bored. i dunno what to do right now.


new playlist :D

A'kum n ello..

new blog playlist:
  • Zainal Abidin's Kau Di Hatiku
  • Siti Nurhaliza's Percayalah
  • Amy Mastura's Bintang Hati
  • Adibah Noor's Terlalu Istimewa
  • Glenn's Januari
  • Anuar Zain's Keabadian Cinta
  • Sheila Majid's Ku Mohon
  • Ning Baizura's Selagi Ada Cinta
oh yeah.
mostly BALLAD and R&B.

nice right? i know among all of them, Adibah Noor's is like the recent song among the songs,but seriously, i have a hard time searching for the Malay ballads cos i mostly forget their song title and also cos i haven't listen to any of them for about 3++ years.

anyway, this time,you can actually understand the songs that are playing at my blog right now.haha.

ta then~!

ps: my favourite Malay singer is Ziana Zain. blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

26 November, 2009


A'kum n ello..

the singing is professional.
they are passionate,like always.
this is DBSK.they always show the best performance among all the performers.


i just feel there's something wrong. i dunno the right word to explain it,but their 'togetherness as 5' seems FAKE.

i hate it. it makes me cry. i'm scared seeing them like this.
i watched many DBSK's performances before, but this performance doesn't have that real feeling. it just FAKE!

the song already makes me cry.seeing them like this makes me cry harderblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

credits: mememoco@youtube

out with ah hin

A'kum n ello..

went out with ah hin this evening.

oh,the place that we hang out is not that far.seriously, only shah alam mall.hoho

ah hin said she wanna treat(as in BELANJA) me cos i helped her print her resume for her practical. so cos i'm not in the state to go somewhere far(cos no money) so we hang out at shah alam mall.

at shah alam mall, ah hin said she haven't lunch yet.so:

alia: ko dah makan tgh ari ke?
ah hin: lum lg.
alia: ok.ko pilih la kat ner ko nak makan.aku dah makan kat umah dah.
ah hin: ko la pilih.aku belanja ko.
alia: tatau.ko yang blum.
ah hin: pilih je.
alia: prosperity burger?
ah hin and alia: ahahahhaha
alia: then?(walked towards KFC)
ah hin: kalo nak pizza, ari tu aku dah makan pizza dah.
alia: pizza????
ah hin: (pandang alia~~)
alia: farahin~~~~~~~~~~~~
ah hin: ari tu aku makan pizza ngan classmate aku.time raya dulu.
alia: elokla tu.esok raya.
ah hin:.......hahahahah...
ah hin: ok2.

we ate at pizza hut.

seriously,it was fun. .i can talk with her about anime and manga excitedly,cos she knows who and who and what and what i'm talking about.

and then,we talked about me.

ah hin said i'm a person that makes people said YES easily. people just can't say NO to me. she said people surrender to me easily.

so i was like "oh.aqilah told me this before" and then i looked at the pizza in front of me,and then i said "AH HIN!! SORRY!!!" hahahahhaha.

oh.after that we went to liyana's house.

then sent ah hin home,and then i arrived home.


ps: i can only be myself in front of my friends.not my family. why? i have my reason
ps2: akmali, ah hin said she miss you~.haha.

so the Morning Crew talked about Liverpool..

A'kum n ello..

just got back from the market.

this is the 1st time that i drove to Pasar Klang on a weekday. so,i already expect the amount of cars that i would see this morning at the highway.

and yeah.PLENTY.

not as plenty as the amount of cars at the market's parking place.it was unbelievably many.lucky me that i saw a free spot from the first round.huhu.

as i was in the car, the Morning Crew(JJ and Ean) talked about football,which is mainly about Liverpool.

and you know, i'm not really a listener of the radio except the time when i go to the class,cos aqilah's car has a radio.

anyway, as i was listening, they talked about "do you want rafa out or not?" and asked the listeners to call to give their opinion.

then there was this caller. the time when the caller said "Rafa should go" i change my focus to the old man behind my car(that old man really clueless about his surrounding.he looks like 'biniku,takyah la beli byk sgt barang, bukannye cucu2 balik pun.abis duit aku'.) i heard a lil bit about robbie fowler,and something about rajagopal after that, then i shifted my focus back to the radio.

then another caller. JJ asked the same question, and the caller said "it's not about Rafa.it's about the 2 American Idiots".

i said it again,i don't really listen to the radio. i know the previous Morning Crew member,Rudy is a Liverpool fan,but i dunno about Ean. so i was surprised when Ean said "what?Liverpool is owned by Americans???"

so i can imagine what the caller and JJ's expressions. maybe something like blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.

and then the caller said "don't tell others that you are a Liverpool fan" cos that caller is obviously a Liverpool fan and then JJ said that Ean is learning about football right now,and he's trying to be a Liverpool fan(or that's what i heard anyway.i was driving,so i don't know if i heard it correctly)

that's.......a good thing.
i think.

ta then~
too dizzy and sleepy.

ps: i saw a picture of xabi alonso celebrated his birthday inside the real madrid stadium. seriously, aquilani need to play so that i can have another favourite Liverpool player. ok2,torres and gerrard are awersome and all, but seriously, I MISS XABI's PASS! i need a beautiful PASS,NOW!

25 November, 2009


A'kum n ello...

you know.

now i know why Najwa said "kita balik kampung esok"
now i know why my father said "ayah balik selasa ni (delayed to this evening)"

seriously, how could i forget.

IT'S RAYA HAJI THIS FRIDAY!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


i was planning on watching Mulan with aqilah,and we forgot about Raya Haji. haha. seriously, how could i forget that??

maybe bcos i'll celebrate it at shah alam, and i know that nobody will give me duit raya for this raya, so ....


never mind then.

ps: izza,i'm inviting you to come to my house. no open house, but better i invite you.we'll have rendang ayam and nasi impit and maybe mee bandung,and ur house will only have nasi putih.so come2~~~! tho some people will be a lil bit uncomfortable eventho i know you'll bring ur boyfriend.aha.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.combut still yeay!

talk about woman.

A'kum n ello...

what do you think about make-up?

do you think make-up is important? do you think it's necessary?

you know, i was fighting with my brother(haikal ;si prasan ensem yg ingat sme perempuan nak dia tu~blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com), about woman with make-up and no make-up.


let me just say my own point of view.

make-up is a necessity. i use make up, but i use it just to make my face looks neater and ok looking, not the kind when people look at me and said "oh my.how sweaty she can get" or "HIDEOUS!"

eye-shadow and those other stuff sometimes are too over make-up for me, but still if it's look nice, no need to care about being over or not.i just think you have to wear eye-shadow at the right place and the right time,that's all.

make-up for me,is about looking good, not over-good or "hai darl.wanna piece of me?"

but still, i told my brother about this friend of mine that once said "you no need to change ur face by make up.you already look good enough"

and my brother said "alia, laki sbenarnya nak perempuan nampak lawa. sape nak pompuan buruk.even ade laki, bile malam pertama ngan bini dia, dia suro bini dia pakai make-up sebab dia tanak tengok muka hodoh bini dia"

oh yeah.
what happen to the inner beauty?

what happen to that wife(a.k.a BINI) when she become old? you want her to put more botox then? you want all those stuff,bcos you don't want to see you ugly wife face?

i'm sorry.
let me just say this.

woman is not a trophy. it's something that you have to protect.


i don't want to talk more about this. things will become too extreme later.


Liverpool outto~

A'kum n ello...

wanna know something?

Liverpool is out from the eufa champions league.

as in "bye bye na no na da" like mimi loves to say.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

it also means, we won't be european champions,eventhough Liverpool is ranked no.1 in the uefa ranking.
it also means that Liverpool will join the likes of hamburg(afiq ersyad betrayed arsenal and support this low team) in an european competition called Europa League,which is like a 2nd division team,only that there'll be no big teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid.

however, barcelona and real madrid are not confirmed to the next round of CL.but who cares about them.

and so,Liverpool is the favourite to win the Europe League.

oh thank you Astro for adding another channel of astro supersport,cos i know you'll show more Liverpool in europa league at your new channel after this.


ps: why my mind said Liverpool vs Hamburg later?

24 November, 2009


A'kum n ello..


the word FREE is the killer point.

so i end up going to that gathering.

cool eh?? both me and aqilah sent the emails to the people in charge, and after 1 sec, we got the confirmation email.

sadly, emi couldn't go with us cos she's going somewhere.she's not in KL on that day.

so there'll be me and aqilah then. haha.
both of us. AGAIN.
i'm getting bored of her already. blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


still, there'll be FREE FOOD and other stuff, so things will be cool then.

anybody wanna join? PLEASE!!! DON'T LET ME BE ALONE WITH AQILAH!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


ps: i love adoration words.hahaha!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

23 November, 2009

Do You Come Here Often?

A'kum n ello..

so i finish reading this book:

the start was bad,the end was sweet.haha.

YES for:
  • Rhian and Clive!
  • Jack and barbie stuff.
  • the bartender.
  • Sonny, the sweet old man.

NO cos:

  • Jimi Malik is fake Muslim.
  • the author doesn't even know what Muslim is about.
  • i don't understand the joke between Grace and Jimi.
  • marriage is not important is a total no-no.
  • Manchester.

overall, this book is cute,sweet and funny. at the end of the book, i can understand the real motive of the story;it's not about Love is the most important of all, it's about searching for the Mr Right, therefore you'll find that true meaning of Love. if there's love but the person you love is not really the One, then that TRUE HAPPINESS will not last FOREVER.

it's about being forever, not just 5minutes.

that's what i think when i read the book.

Clive is the sweetest man~! he respects woman and he knows how to please them without being flirty. and Rhian is totally yeay!!

now i dunno what book to read after this. maybe my father's Romance of the Three Kingdom.

ok, that will be hard. maybe i should just buy Dynasty Warrior 6 and play with the PS2.

ta then!

ps: i know some people don't believe on Mr Right, still, it's book anyway.


A'kum n ello...

i received this email:

click the image to enlarge it

ok i should have read it at facebook's inbox,but i never really care about that inbox button anyway.

lucky that all messages went to my email's inbox.hoho.

anyway,back to the main thing:


seriously, i want to go.

tho i doubt it.

i just dunno why i think i can't go to this gathering. i think things will be better than last time,but i dunno why i feel i can't go to this gathering.

i think it maybe bcos my sis already end her exam,and maybe my father will suddenly plan of celebrating my sister's end of exam and also to cherish the starting moment of no need to waste money on school uniform anymore on the same day of this gathering,i.e 12/12/2009.

tho i doubt that will happen anyway.

you know what makes me want to this gathering? it's the word :
MY-TVXQ! FC Members – Free of Charge

cool eh?blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
i'm a member,and it's free,FOR ME!

tho the bad part is,limited to 100peeps only. how limited is that?

i know aqilah will say,"JOM!!!"
and emi will say "kite tak kisah pasal kene bayar rm30 tu"

what's not to say NO for this event rite? it's FREE!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

ta then.

22 November, 2009

Weird after-Liverpool night.

A'kum n ello...

i slept at 4.30am last night.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

pretty much bcos i was reading a story book at that time,that is, Alexandra Potter's Do You Come Here Often?

not the best book i ever read.quite ok t not that enjoyable. the way it was written is not something that i like. but still, if not bcos i want to know what happen between Grace and Jimi,and also bcos i already spent RM35.90 for this book, maybe i already stop reading it.

i should have bought that Time Traveler's Wife. even though what kind of ending it'll give me,at least i can say "wow".


last night was a pretty moody night for me. i still can't accept the Liverpool's result(i have to admit that),so when i saw afiq ersyad's comment about Liverpool at facebook, i was like "damn you!!!" but lucky shazizan was there and comment back and said "arsenal kalah tak kecoh pun"

so my mood was kinda ok after that.hahaha. at least shazizan is a kind guy unlike that shite~.

the internet wasn't interesting last night. so i off the computer around 1.30am. i wasn't sleepy at that time,so i read that Do You Come Here Often? book.

and around 2.30am, my phone was ringing. amier's name came out from the phone, so i was like "why is he calling me?" and so i answered. and someone with a weird voice talked to me:"halo,ni cik alia???" and i was trying hard not to laugh. and if i'm not mistaken he asked me if i'm ok or not. and i said i'm not. and he asked me why and i told him:"sebab Liverpool seri"

and then suddenly,amier was on the phone, and apologized that it was his friend just now,just fooling around. and then he asked me about Liverpool. and he noticed i was kinda depressed about the result, and he said "takpe2.seri.ok la tu kan" and i said"yup.ok la tu"

and he asked me what i was doing and i said i was reading a story book, and he said"ok,pi sambung bace" and then chow.

and then i was like "weird night i have"

and i continue reading the book. and around 3am,my brother just got back, and he started to open his laptop, and then Glory2 Man United was singing from the laptop,and i went to my room.

good. nice day to end my night.

ta then!

i hate

A'kum n ello..

you know, i'm being very2 nice nowadays.

eventhough the list of annoying people is increasing day by day.

if only i can make a list of annoying people in my life,maybe things will be easier for me.
or maybe not.

cos not ALL people accept that list anyway.

i know some people think i'm annoying and irritating and all those stuff. i heard too many things about me already. i had a friend whom told other people "she thinks she's all nice after her mother's death.she thinks she's THAT good". i had another friend who wrote my name as her answer in "who is the most hated person for you". so yeah, i'm quite ok about people hating me.

so it's already ok for me to even write my own list of annoying people rite?

but you know what, i think it's already immature or maybe in some people words,not COOL, for even think about this annoying-list-names.

i dunno whose friend is this that suddenly IMed me at facebook, and asked me "nape awak add saye?", and i replied with a teasing tone "tatau~~" and then she replied with a "awak ni bisu ke?" and you know already what kind of girl she is.

and when i ignore her, she said "helloooo" and said something annoying that i don't even care to remember.

truthfully, i don't even remember of adding her. i'm a very kind person. i approve everybody that wants to be my friend at facebook. i added those friends suggestions that people suggested to me.

and i don't even want to mention my schoolmates who loves to bash Liverpool.

err. you ignore me. and why the hell you even care of message me about Liverpool anyway? being funny are you? you know what, the first time you ignore me is the last time i even care about you.

there's another thing that i hate right now. IGNORANCE,that's it.

i did plenty of things to many people, and when that person ignore me, i'm just MAD. it's like what you did to him/her are pointless. i'm not saying that i want that people to pay me back or anything. but seriously, can't you even show that you appreciate whatever i've done to you?

you know what?

after 1.5years being with aqilah, i appreciate her more than ever after seeing you people treated me like this, cos she never ignore me after all my stupid requests. it's about being grateful. it's about karma.


a draw and DBSK.

A'kum n ello..


1stly, Liverpool drew with man city.

2ndly, i watched Mnet Asian Music Award before that match.

1st point first:

i pity Rafa Benitez. he is a brilliant manager. the only thingS that makes him a bad manager is the Liverpool owners and also the so-called Liverpool fans.

his players still recovering from injury. 11 of them were injured. and they are slowly recovering. but in today's match, Liverpool had another 2 injuries just after 13minutes.

and with Gerrard not in his best form, and Kuyt didn't play like last season, Liverpool were quite brilliant to even drew with that super-rich team of Manchester City.

still, the players played better than before. even the results are improving after those defeats.

rite now,i'm just trying to be positive. i don't to care about the negative.

being positive.
that's what i need when i watched M.A.M.A.

Mnet ASIAN Music Award is not even Asian. more like Korean Music Award,except that there are too many idols instead of true singers.

the only reason i watched this show is bcos i wanna see 2NE1,eventhough i'm not even a fan of them. oh,and also the so-called appearance from DBSK that consist of 3 people;Jaejoong,Micky and Junsu.

as i was getting ready to watch the Liverpool vs ManCity match, suddenly the show showed footage of DBSK. then suddenly, those trio appeared. and seriously, i nearly cry. i MISS DBSK VERY MUCH! hoho to that. with all those dramas about the lawsuit, i was glad to see the boys in happy(not really) state.

ok now.


suddenly, i don't have any mood to blog.

20 November, 2009

New Moon? don't want~

A'kum n ello..

people already know that i don't like Twilight.

but some people already know that i MIGHT like New Moon.

btw, i don't like Robert Pattinson. he ruined my image of Edward Cullen.


the review said New Moon isn't good;overrated. just like Matrix Revolution,where people said "i was loooooooking forward to it,but it was BAD!"

and like i said before, i don't like Twilight. my opinion before i watch that movie was bad. and after i watched the movie,it became WORSE

so what will you expect if i watch New Moon?

you already know,rite?

i was looking forward of Dakota Fanning tho. and that vampire leader from True Blood.

ta then~!

vampire diaries

A'kum n ello...

so i watched Vampire Diaries. currently episode 2.

nice show.but i'm not addict to it yet. and about the 2 hotties that people are talking about, they are quite ok.

i realize that vampires have thick eyebrows.

still, Damon is hot but his eyes freak me out. haha. i dunno why i'm scared of blue,grey or green eyes. it just,weird. last time i saw a grey-eyed boy, and i was like "wow,but blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com"

and seriously, i dunno what to blog.

i have to blog cos i don't want to forget anything.



the Zahir

A'kum n ello...

remember the book that i bought months ago?
Paulo Coelho's The Zahir?

don't think you remember tho. but i just finish reading that book.

and you know what, this book is different that what i ever read.

i read romance, action, mystery, religious books.

but this book is different.

i have to say, after reading this book, i think i'll have a different view in life after this. i can't explain what i learn from reading this book, but it just different.

ok,maybe some parts are weird cos totally different that Islamic view, but still, the author is not a Muslim, so you have to be mature when reading this kind of book. Paulo Coelho is not like Dan Brown. Dan Brown maybe use the Jewish/Christian (i'm neither of them,so i dunno) as the subject of his books, but Paulo Coelho use love as the subject and also the 'religion' for his book.

it's like he's saying "you don't need to be Muslim, Christian or Buddhist. you just need to have Love for your religion"

THAT is not true.
but still, i bear in mind that i'm a reader.and i'm mature enough to think.and again, i'm just a reader.i'm not a human that use a fictional book to be the next Al-Quran.

still, like i said before, this book change my perspective in life. i love the way when the main character search for his wife. i love the way when he waited the right moment to search for his wife. i love the way when his wife trust her husband to come to her at the end. i love the way the author use the history to describe the passion between the abandoned husband and the runaway wife.

maybe the 1st time when i read it, i was a lil bit annoyed by the way the story flow. why the wife want to runaway from all the good things she have? why she was being ungrateful? she has a rich husband that loves her. she change that bastard husband to a caring one, and then she left him. while i was reading that part, i was thinking "you're being an idiot and ungrateful bitch"

but as the story flow, i found the real meaning of life. why people need to change. why people suffer. why beggars look happy. why people just have to be obsessed.

and that's why life is called zahir. it just there.it just suppose to be like that.

and it's ur life to decide, the real reason why zahir is there.

i'm not good in explaining but maybe you get the idea.
or maybe you don't.

ta then~!

19 November, 2009

for now~

A'kum n ello..

something good for my life that longing for men after xabi alonso.


still,the temporary guy rite now are this guy here:

and this one here:

oh sorry.the last guy is PERMANENT.