07 November, 2009

relationship MAYBE creep me out

A'kum n ello..

i read Noi's blog,and i was like "oh oh!!"

then it reminds me of this unique sentence that i heard from KP.

"aku tak sabar nak tau laki yang kawin ngan alia karang"


and i also remembered this stuff.

my first love was a good friend of mine when i was 11.when i like someone,it'll be more than 2years. and after that,i suddenly will like someone else.

still,now that i'm 19-going-to-20 (blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com), i had this thought and think "how the hell i LIKE HIM???"
so i'm guessing, if you ask me this one question why i start liking someone, please refrain from asking that WHY. cos it'll decrease that feeling of 'like'.

seriously,people been talking about relationship too often now. a friend of mine (i'm not that close with her tho.we never had a word with each other anyway) will get married at the end of november. and my family kinda shocked when they saw the wedding card and said "KAWAN ALIA NAK KAWIN??"

erm.yeah.MY FRIEND,whom i never talk to.
still,she invites me.

like i said,this relationship stuff weird me out.i dunno the benefit of this stuff,FOR NOW.maybe later,but not now. what i've seen freak me out. KP still fighting with her boyfriend,i think.she didn't look well nowadays.she's not the same KP.she didn't know that i was being funny when i teased her when she wore that swine flu mask. God,please give me the real KP-the mellow one. and a friend of mine blogged about her ex,and it's ugly. and my another friend still can't stop thinking about her ex. and ya-da ya-da ya-da.

it's not that i scared. i'm just thinking "my head just can't fill with all this stuff rite now.i have plenty of things to think about and the sort of activities and problems with a boyfriend are not something that i want rite now"

yeah.that's what i think for now.

seriously,i'm really traditional when it start to this stuff.

bye then.

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