02 November, 2009

Oasis of The Seas

A'kum n ello...

ever heard about Oasis of The Seas?

Oasis of the Seas is a ship; a cruiser. and it's not just a cruiser,it's bigger than TITANIC.haha,2 times bigger ,i think. correct me if i'm wrong anyway.

you see that tiny lil ship at the side of the CRUISE? not the moving one,the nearest one at the CRUISE. that tiny ship,my friend,is as big as that ferry that you take to Langkawi.yeah,that one.

i heard about this OASIS AT THE SEAS(why can't they choose a shorter name??) at Liyana's blog.but i thought she was talking about that Oasis band,not this SHIP.

still,i have a brother that is very knowledgeable about this general stuff,so he told me about this.

seriously,if that BBC website in great condition,maybe i would have known about this.da~

anyway, THAT IS A VERY VERY BIG SHIP.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

don't think i'll travel in that ship tho.i'm a person that get bored easily. to be in a plane for 1hour is already a boredom to me,and you think i want to be in a ship for 7days? ahaha.na-ah.

and also cos i never cruise in that StarCruise at Port Klang.

tho i pity this Oasis of The Seas.people's comment about the ship aren't that good.mostly bcos of Titanic's story.

more boats for this ship.
no 3rd class man fall to 1st class woman.
and no movie about the ship.

sometimes,that kind of humour makes people laugh but also make the creators cry.

ta then!

credit image: crazyengineers' forum

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