15 November, 2009

da seoul trip

A'kum n ello..

i should be active,rite?

haha. but nope.

1stly, about the korean trip.

safety first,mateys~~ so aqilah and i decided to 'postpone' the trip to another time,and we think it's better if we join a tourist group instead of going alone,cos it's korea after all;a country that not many people know english.

so,good then that both of us are mature people. imagine we become immature brats. if we decide to go without thinking thoroughly,the only happy thing that we can enjoy at korea are the time when we're in the plane,thinking "AQILAH!!KITORANG PI KOREA!!".and when we arrive at korea,problems appear out of nowhere,and nobody can help us.

so.1st timers should go with adults or tour guides.better that~

still,i want to go to korea~~~~!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

that's all i think. i don't really have much thing to say.


p/s: i'll change the blog layout after this. maybe today or tomorrow.similar like the current one with 3 columns,but different colour.hoho

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