01 November, 2009

mobile blog

A'kum n ello.

i'm using my phone rite now.dunno if it'll reach the blog,but i better try it.my father is near the comp,n as u know,this is exam season,so i can't be near the comp,or i'll get nag by da big boss.

seriously,i'm wreck rite now.
Brb,ayah panggil.......
That man is diabetic,but he already addicted with coke lite.ai.yeah rite,coke lite=sugarless coke.na-ah.

I'm kinda in a wreck rite now.maybe cos i got a bad dream.i dreamed of me being cruel-est person in da world.not that i'm shocked,cos i sometimes can be cruel,but whoa,i'm very2 cruel in dat dream.

still,life is life.rice is rice.so i ignore that dream n study for tomorrow's exam.i read nothing bout CTU211.aha.


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