23 November, 2009

Do You Come Here Often?

A'kum n ello..

so i finish reading this book:

the start was bad,the end was sweet.haha.

YES for:
  • Rhian and Clive!
  • Jack and barbie stuff.
  • the bartender.
  • Sonny, the sweet old man.

NO cos:

  • Jimi Malik is fake Muslim.
  • the author doesn't even know what Muslim is about.
  • i don't understand the joke between Grace and Jimi.
  • marriage is not important is a total no-no.
  • Manchester.

overall, this book is cute,sweet and funny. at the end of the book, i can understand the real motive of the story;it's not about Love is the most important of all, it's about searching for the Mr Right, therefore you'll find that true meaning of Love. if there's love but the person you love is not really the One, then that TRUE HAPPINESS will not last FOREVER.

it's about being forever, not just 5minutes.

that's what i think when i read the book.

Clive is the sweetest man~! he respects woman and he knows how to please them without being flirty. and Rhian is totally yeay!!

now i dunno what book to read after this. maybe my father's Romance of the Three Kingdom.

ok, that will be hard. maybe i should just buy Dynasty Warrior 6 and play with the PS2.

ta then!

ps: i know some people don't believe on Mr Right, still, it's book anyway.

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