26 November, 2009

out with ah hin

A'kum n ello..

went out with ah hin this evening.

oh,the place that we hang out is not that far.seriously, only shah alam mall.hoho

ah hin said she wanna treat(as in BELANJA) me cos i helped her print her resume for her practical. so cos i'm not in the state to go somewhere far(cos no money) so we hang out at shah alam mall.

at shah alam mall, ah hin said she haven't lunch yet.so:

alia: ko dah makan tgh ari ke?
ah hin: lum lg.
alia: ok.ko pilih la kat ner ko nak makan.aku dah makan kat umah dah.
ah hin: ko la pilih.aku belanja ko.
alia: tatau.ko yang blum.
ah hin: pilih je.
alia: prosperity burger?
ah hin and alia: ahahahhaha
alia: then?(walked towards KFC)
ah hin: kalo nak pizza, ari tu aku dah makan pizza dah.
alia: pizza????
ah hin: (pandang alia~~)
alia: farahin~~~~~~~~~~~~
ah hin: ari tu aku makan pizza ngan classmate aku.time raya dulu.
alia: elokla tu.esok raya.
ah hin:.......hahahahah...
ah hin: ok2.

we ate at pizza hut.

seriously,it was fun. .i can talk with her about anime and manga excitedly,cos she knows who and who and what and what i'm talking about.

and then,we talked about me.

ah hin said i'm a person that makes people said YES easily. people just can't say NO to me. she said people surrender to me easily.

so i was like "oh.aqilah told me this before" and then i looked at the pizza in front of me,and then i said "AH HIN!! SORRY!!!" hahahahhaha.

oh.after that we went to liyana's house.

then sent ah hin home,and then i arrived home.


ps: i can only be myself in front of my friends.not my family. why? i have my reason
ps2: akmali, ah hin said she miss you~.haha.

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