30 November, 2009

Mulan the real life.

A'kum n ello...

i watched Mulan with Aqilah today.

and i dunno what to say......................blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


this movie is good. for me anyway. i dunno about you. i really LOVE epic chinese movie like this.

Zhao Wei was brilliant as Mulan. tho i thought that she'll be jolly like her character in Red Cliff, but she's not. and i'd expect that Mulan in this movie,and the Mulan in the disney movie is similar.but nope, they're not. this Mulan is serious and bloody good in fighting. but still, Zhao Wei's Mulan is totally cool,a good thing for woman like us that loves to say "GIRLPOWER BOLEH!!".blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

but i'm a woman,of course i like MEN. of course i look out for some hotties in the movie. i know that Jackie Chan's son is in the movie, but his father is not hot, nor his son. but jaycee chan's character is really sweet in this movie that i feel like i wanna squish him.

but still, the best man is that hot hero, WEN TAI!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com his character is very2 manly and hot except the part when he ________. still,his face also hot. thanks to Chen Kun, the guy who played that Wen Tai character,cos he OWNED that face.

cool. a malay-like face. i like!

what disappoint me about this movie is that it doesn't really talk about Mulan as a woman,but more of a general.

the 1st hour of the movie is a lil bit slow.if you expect an intro like the Disney's Mulan, you're wrong then. like i said,it's different. there's no Mushu;the tiny dragon nor the stupid guys. but at the 2nd hour of the movie, you'll find that the movie is emotional and you'll be awed by the war that happen.

this movie is a lil bit like Red Cliff, but not really as specific. it's like an autobiography. it's WHOLE,not specific like the Red Cliff. it's like watching Harry Potter.


wanna watch it?

some people may dislike this movie cos it's not their type.but like i said,someone that loves epic chinese movies may like this.

rate: 3.5/5

ta then!

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