22 November, 2009

i hate

A'kum n ello..

you know, i'm being very2 nice nowadays.

eventhough the list of annoying people is increasing day by day.

if only i can make a list of annoying people in my life,maybe things will be easier for me.
or maybe not.

cos not ALL people accept that list anyway.

i know some people think i'm annoying and irritating and all those stuff. i heard too many things about me already. i had a friend whom told other people "she thinks she's all nice after her mother's death.she thinks she's THAT good". i had another friend who wrote my name as her answer in "who is the most hated person for you". so yeah, i'm quite ok about people hating me.

so it's already ok for me to even write my own list of annoying people rite?

but you know what, i think it's already immature or maybe in some people words,not COOL, for even think about this annoying-list-names.

i dunno whose friend is this that suddenly IMed me at facebook, and asked me "nape awak add saye?", and i replied with a teasing tone "tatau~~" and then she replied with a "awak ni bisu ke?" and you know already what kind of girl she is.

and when i ignore her, she said "helloooo" and said something annoying that i don't even care to remember.

truthfully, i don't even remember of adding her. i'm a very kind person. i approve everybody that wants to be my friend at facebook. i added those friends suggestions that people suggested to me.

and i don't even want to mention my schoolmates who loves to bash Liverpool.

err. you ignore me. and why the hell you even care of message me about Liverpool anyway? being funny are you? you know what, the first time you ignore me is the last time i even care about you.

there's another thing that i hate right now. IGNORANCE,that's it.

i did plenty of things to many people, and when that person ignore me, i'm just MAD. it's like what you did to him/her are pointless. i'm not saying that i want that people to pay me back or anything. but seriously, can't you even show that you appreciate whatever i've done to you?

you know what?

after 1.5years being with aqilah, i appreciate her more than ever after seeing you people treated me like this, cos she never ignore me after all my stupid requests. it's about being grateful. it's about karma.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We only need 1 (at least) friend :
1. to accept for what we are,
2. to appreciate us for what we have; and
3.to talk to when we are down.
So, we dont really need ppl who are not in the list of the above.

Life goes on, u'll meet more fun friends in the future..as u go along ur life!
Just dont over-think it!