29 September, 2009

he looks like MIURA!

A'kum n ello...

this week is a busy and tiring day for me. i can't update you with anything that happen in my life right now.

there's plenty of things that i wanna blog about,and one of them is my father's birthday.his birthday was yesterday,28th September. i was too tired last night,so i slept around 10am and i didn't blog about it.hoho.

i'll blog about the birthday celebration,maybe,tomorrow.

and you know what, there was this cute guy at UiTM today. never see him before,he's alright.

anyway,as i was walking to the cafe,i looked around and saw that cute guy looked at me.obviously,i looked away,cos..i dunno him~blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.

and then,kp,aqilah and me sat at the seats near him,but not that near anyway. then,kp and qila went into the cafe and i was alone,with these 2 peeps(a male and female) and both of them talked about that guy.

now you see how good looking he is~~?blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

then i looked back at that guy,and i saw his eyes,and it reminds me of someone....

and then.
it HIT ME!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

that guy looks like HIM!!!

SERIOUSLY.that EYES~~~!! exactly the same.

i didn't glance at him after that cos it'll be too obvious that i was looking at him, so i switched on the wi-fi from my phone, and twitter-ed about it.haha.

i told aqilah about that guy (that guy left his seat when aqilah arrived) and she kinda devastated.not her chance then~haha.

seriously,that guy really looked like HIM!!!

that guy in the picture is Haruma Miura.aha.

ps: i'll be active at twitter if i'm not blogging.so follow me at twitter then~~!


asyachumel said...

sempat tak mintak no die?
nak ! hahahahahaha


Alia Liverpool said...

tak dpt dey.
kalo bdak same klas xpela gak.hahaha.

td mencari2 bdak tu kat kafe,x jmpe lak.hahaha.

Dayya said...


lmbt giler br cmnt.. hahahah..
tenet jengka LEMBAP!!

OMG!! OMG!!!
seriously same???


Alia Liverpool said...

serius wey.mata dia sebijik gle.

bkan je mata lawa,muke pun ensem.hahaha.