01 September, 2009

kenape buno lipas?

A'kum n ello.

this conversation happened when i found out that MAX still alive,but always M.I.A.

i was very2 relief that the cat still alive. i thought he's dead already cos my maid already cut his nails,and there are many cats that want to fight him.

and without the nails,he'll lose against the other cats cos of his 'newly manicured' nails, and eventually,he maybe DIE!

so,lucky that my maid said "time kakak nak masak ntuk sahur tadi,kucing tu ade"


so i told my sis:

cam dasat gile bile tau mende kecik yang bukan manusia cam kucing ni bleh ade nyawa. baru tau nyawa ni penting gile walopon bkan kat manusia"

(not exactly the same,but something like that)

then, my bro said to me:

abis tu? name buno lipas?


p/s: found out that SS501 will have a fanmeeting at O.U. don't think i'll come tho. too bz ~


asyachumel said...

ye kenape bunuh lipas?
sbb lipas sgt menggelikan

Alia Liverpool said...

bkan kah sbb lipas itu laju?