08 September, 2009

f(x)'s AMBER!

A'kum n ello..


this is ANOTHER k-pop post.so, go to redtube.com (for the guys) or barbie.com(for the girls).

ok.we (k-pop world) have SNSD,Wonder Girls,2NE1,KARA and 4minutes for the girls group. the ladies (me included) will love the boy groups especially the likes of DBSK and Big Bang,cos why? we are woman,and our hormone are mostly towards the men,that's why.

and the likes of SNSD girls gedik2 to our(?) men are no-no to us.

still, i love these girls' songs. i love SNSD's gee, Wonder Girls' nobody, 2NE1's i don't care, KARA's mister, and 4minutes's hot issue. but nope, when i saw their news at allkpop,i'll be like,"ah~~~citer pasal CL lagi ke?" "erm,yuri nye kaki paling lawa? mata laki dah pelik"

seriously.i'm not into them PERSONALLY.

still, eventhough i hate SM Entertainment for making DBSK's life miserable,i'm still thankful that Lee Soo Man has the plan to debut a new girl group,and that is,f(x). sure,whatever you say. i like them. eventhough La cHA Ta is not that cool song like 2NE1's debut song, this girlgroup has cool dance,hot body and yeah,AMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

both me and emi talked about him,i mean HER. seriously, she's the best among all the girlgroups' member i know.

why? cos she's a tomboy. and fans like me,don't like gedik2 people like tiffany (no offense)(tho i really like KARA's Nicole cos she's really cute) cos we don't like that,and someone like Amber who has that tomboyish aura, is cool and blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comfor me.

still,it's awkward when you heard the fangirls SCREAMED for AMBER,a FEMALE.they screamed cos that FEMALE threw her hat.

klakar dey.

whatever, she's a tomboy,has a hot body and pretty.

no.i'm not a lesbian.
haha.i'm just a fan.

GO AMBER!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

i'm a fan of a football club,i'm a fan of a boyband,
now,i'm a fan of a girlband.


hopefully,i'll be serious in this too fan-thingy.haha.

p/s: i know,i know.i'm not a fan of f(x),i'm just a fan of amber.but whatever.


nadiasepet said...

oh yeah.. she's definitely a hot tomboy...
first, kte nmpk dia cm taegoon tau..
but, dia mmg hot!!

asya said...

mase mule2 tgk amber tu ingatkan die laki

pastu cam eh?
asal dalam group girls lak.

sesat keh?

tgk balik

oh perempuan rupenye

tp mmg hot.setuju!

Alia Liverpool said...

akhirnye.kamu2 pun fangirls amber gak eh?hahaha.

muke dia cam donghae first time nmpk.haha.tp body dia hot dey.

muke hot cam jantan ensem,sore best time rap.


pompuan korea makin gile.haha.

nadiasepet said...

leyh kate fangirl gak..
better la kn dr fangirl grup yg telebeyh ramai ahli tuh..
kte ske nicole gak.. hahhah
dia lawak ;]

Alia Liverpool said...

haha.yeah.snsd cam gedik2 sgt.haha.

nicole comel gle dlm star golden bell.dia cam bodoh2 alang camtu.haha.

skarg tgh minat gak sulli.haha. comel je dia tu.