09 September, 2009


A'kum n ello...

i'm kinda dizzy rite now.but i better blog,cos i think that's my everyday routine.aha.

so.today.what did i do?blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
  • we started writing for the term paper or 'thesis'-as some people call it.it's not even more than 1000words,but people already call it thesis.seriously.
  • lecturers already know that most of the students will go home(not include me,cos i always home blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com) and so,everything that'll happen next will be cancel,including the suppose Analytical Chemistry test. however,the test will be on WEDNESDAY, totally AFTER RAYA. so, no chance for me to even have a trip to singapore for more than 3 days cos of that test.
  • by the way,WHEN IS RAYA?is it Sunday or Monday?
  • Analytical Chemistry lab already end. we did 3 experiments today. and so,for the next next week,we can go home early on wednesday.yeay!and we have to send the lab reports 2 weeks after raya. cool~~!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
anyway,tomorrow will be very2 busy. genetic class at 11.30am,Immunology lab at 2pm,and Bacteriology lab at 8pm. ai~~~.

oh.i got my Analytical chemistry paper. you know, i thought i got 3/30.cos seriously,i sucked that paper.i forgot to calculate the Qthingy and all those moles things.

then,when i got my paper,my mark was 11.5/30. not a good mark,i know.but it's better than i expect cos i study last minute,like around 1.5hours before the test.but seriously,i was YEAY!!!!!!!!!!!! bloody happy. i know some people will feel "ala,skitnye aku punye markah ni" eventhough they got 15/30.but sorry dear mateys, you skip ur morning class,just to study the test,and you end up have the same mark as me.

I,got more knowledge than you.
while YOU got less knowledge than me.

and yes,i know.your mark is better than me,but at the end,it's the knowledge that matters.


oh.may i know, what's ur favourite kuih raya? i just want to know.haha.

ta then!

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