30 September, 2009

oh.no need for you read this.some life blogging

A'kum n ello...

i'm just blogging here.so don't mind me.

i'm wondering about things nowadays.

about living,about future and nature.

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as i saw hani's family crying at the grave, i was thinking "why hani?why not someone else?why them?" as i was wondering, i realized that i'm creating my own sin. why must i think like that? if it isn't hani, who else do i think should be in that position?

and i realized, God tests us in every aspect. every aspects,as in ALL OF THEM.

there'll be this time,when you look at someone else's life.and it's very2 sad and painful. and there'll be this thought that you'll say "no way something like that will happen to me"

sorry dear.things won't go your own way like you want it to be.things will never be as easy as that.

that's why,when something bad happen,you just have to be positive.you just have to think about possibilities.you must not get pissed off easily.you must not think that you're the only one suffering.

life,for me,is about choice.and for all i know,every choice that you choose,is never bad.

maybe it starts badly,but in the end,you'll learn why you choose that.

btw, i'm a naive kind of person. i tried to act innocent,not bcos i think it's cute.it's bcos i think life is just interesting that way.it's like you're learning new things.


thanks for reading.

some useless post for you,but i'm blogging rite now cos i feel like doing it.ta~!

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