14 September, 2009

plumbers for a day.

A'kum n ello..

see THIS?


this was my hose pipe (the one for my toilet,not my garden).
it was already wrecked and i replaced it with a new one.

hoho.me,NUR ALIA bt Othman, fixed the pipe without the help of others.hoho.

ok,aqilah helped me at the side like telling me "btul ke camtu,alia?" "kenapa awak gune spanar tu?" "alia,kene pusing anticlockwise la alia" "alia,pusing belah kanan" and that that that. she's like a manual bookblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.

we were the plumbers of the day.we fixed the hose pipe by replaced it with a new one;a new hose pipe that i chose randomly and also the one that match with my toilet's color.

thanks to Cikgu Norhayati who once taught me Kemahiran Hidup,cos without her teaching and also that subject, i wouldn't know how to use the spanar and also how to be a plumber.

in the end,the result was out.

i succesfully replaced the old hose with a new one.hoho.

and after we done our 'mission', both of us(me and aqilah) took a picture together to show our accomplishment.

aqilah held the wrecked hose,while i held the new hose.

ah~i'm a proud woman.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

ta then!

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my faveret lak, dulu alonso, skang hamilton...