24 September, 2009


A'kum n ello..

i remember this time when she intro-ed her father to Halimah:

Ni bapak kite yg ensem!mrgreen

and now,her handsome dad is not here anymore.

you know,i'm not good with fathers.i'm good with mothers. the only father that i'm good with is Liyana's father. but still,i know Haniyana's father alright.

  • he came all the way to the Korean class cos Hani forgot to off the van's headlamps,which made the van's battery died.
  • he was the one who told hani to be nice to her brother.

truthfully, i don't know her father THAT well. but he always there alright.

when hani sent the message that her father passed away, my mind was blank. all i think about is "HANI,HANI,HANI.BAPAK DIA MENINGGAL.HANI.HANI. HANI."

i was on my way to one utama to watch UP with aqilah and my sis,and after 1minute in the car,i got the message from hani,and aqilah immediately went back to my house,and i changed my clothes to baju kurung and went to hani's house immediately. nobody was around. so i called her and she said she still in Johor.

TRUTHFULLY,when i found out that she was in Johor, i felt like telling Aqilah "QILAH,JOM PI BATU PAHAT!!"

still, i went to aqilah's house to wait for hani to arrive.

sorry that i only told YOU all at facebook and at this blog.

anyway, around 9pm,aqilah and i went to Seksyen21 cos she said her father will be buried there.so both of us,who know nothing about that graveyard went to search for it. i felt like i'm chasing after SS501 at KLIA. seriously, i want to see my bestfriend that badly.

so we arrived after a dark journey inside the pathway of the graveyard, and nobody was there except the TUDM peeps (hani's father was a TUDM member) who helped her family for this funeral. i asked him if the funeral already finished,he said "blum lagi". so both me and aqilah waited for her family to arrive at the graveyard. it was wow that we were the 1st peeps to be there.

so they arrived,and i hugged hani when i saw her. she coped better than i expected. i looked at the ceremony and it reminded me of my mother's burial. tears were in my eyes at that time,but i tried not to cry. aqilah was there and reminded me that we must not cry cos we have to be there for hani.

after the ceremony end, hani thanked us. i'm not really good in saying sweet stuff to a friend. all i said to her "hani,kuat tau. You'll Never Walk Alone~"

yeah.typical me. tho that' made her smile. i told her that eventhough i'm not as good as her in this sentimental stuff, but i' was there with her.

she thanked both of us again for being there, and i told her "time mak kite meninggal, awak ade. skarg kt lak try ade" something like that.

so i looked at her father's grave. it's like the grave wants me to say "bye2 pak cik. selamat jalan. Selamat Hari Raya" it gave that kind of feeling. a sad but farewell feeling.

i just hope the family will be in a good state after this.



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