23 September, 2009

Haniyana's father passed away.

A'kum n ello..

something bad happen.like,really really BAD.

my best friend,Haniyana, just lost her father.

LOST as in PASSED AWAY.her father passed away just now.i dunno the exact time,but she told me few minutes ago.

so,the people who know her,please attend her house for the funeral.she's still in Johor.and i dunno when will she arrive Shah Alam,but maybe later at night.

this is a VERY VERY SUDDEN AND SAD NEWS.so,please,recite some Al-Fatehah for her.


p/s: she's not in shah alam,but i'll wait her at aqilah's house.


@r zh@r said...


dal said...

hi alia, after reading this, i cant stop crying.
it is so sad for what had happened,

sangat sangat sudden :(. i went to pay a visit juts now, i'm glad that the eldest (my bestie, hiisma) cope well with it.

i just hope i can do something to make them feel better you know :'(. Haih, sedih sangat tengok mak dia nangis tadi.

- k.dal (idk if you remember me, i'm iza's friend. and we used to hang out once. Hmp)

Alia Liverpool said...

yeah.i remember u.saw u at her house last night. didn't tegur u cos cam "tau muke,but tatau name".

nway,yeah.very sudden. i cried when i called hani after i heard the news.seriously,the family kinda strong,especially with the sudden news like this.and yeah,hiisma was the strongest among them,i saw her cried twice but not as hard as the others.

just hope them well.heard hani couldn't sleep during the night cos of this.