10 September, 2009

SULLI and my sister's keeper

A'kum n ello..

this post contains k-pop stuff and also some bits of My Sister's Keeper. if you hate k-pop or story books, you may leave.

start: f(x)
maybe i won't like the other 3 cos the 3 of them are like the square root of SNSD.(dunno if you get it or not. but let just say,that SNSD have 9members and i 'm not really fond of the other 3 members of f(x). ;p)

after amber,i like SULLI!!!! comel2!!!

hopefully,this group won't be gedik2 like you know who.haha.

ta then!

p/s: done my genetics lab report. and i almost finished Jodi Picoult's my sister's keeper. seriously,i'm like 'why the hell alec baldwin as Campbell Alexander??' it should be someone hot,not OLD~~~! da. oh, i LOVE LOVE LOVE BRIAN !! haha.


Dayya said...

mane aci awk da abes bce..
kte kene start blk..
sbb x ingat last bace pg bpe T__T

Alia Liverpool said...

it's not about aci or not.hahaha. baru je abis td. n yes2,best gle.bacela.haha