31 December, 2007

a beginner in relizing a Liverpool passion

A'kum n ello...

Liverpool drew with man city last night...


i really want a win..
but still..
Liverpool played very nicely but not that brilliant..


but that's alright...
take the positive from the game..
they didn't lose..
unlike the scum who lose before that..

and after the match..
my bro said something about me supporting Liverpool..
he said this Liverpool thingy can make me angry and all..
and at that time..
i wonder..
is he being stupid here...?
even my sis realize that when a Liverpool lost a match...
i will go to my room and slam the door..
like that...

but still...
he is not a person who understand other people's feeling except himself..


30 December, 2007


A'kum n ello...

when people ask me..
when is the best time that i will drool?

it will be the time when i see xabi alonso during any Liverpool match..
and when i see shim changmin in front of me like when i saw him during the concert..
and when i see my crush;when he talk to me or when he help me in something..
and also when i read manga that have a very,very handsome guy!!

a bishounen in a manga..
the guy is not real..
but still..
the feeling is great!

i'm feeling like this right now cos i read this manga..
damn,the guy in that manga is so HOT!!!
the hottest character of all..!!
[i dunno if you feel it the same way as me,emi&hani if you ever try to read it]
but wooo~~~~~~!!
[woo~ is my fav word right now]
the guy is sooooo gooood!!!!!!!!!!

haven't feel this kind of feeling since......i dunno when..

wanna search more cute guys in manga!

A'kum n ello..

yesterday didn't blog..
cos the Internet is kinda slow with my dad download something while i was using the Internet..
and that effect the connection..


watched the 1st episode of Iryu 2 at crunchyroll..
cos i'm in a dilemma right now,about which drama to buy,Galileo or Iryu2..

so i watched the drama..
very2 fascinating..
i was too absorb with the surgery and all...
until my dad suddenly told me that he wanted to use the comp..
i told him "jap" maybe a lil bit loud cos the drama didn't even end yet and it was in the middle of something important and goood..
but my father thought i was too over..
so he suddenly lose his temper at me..
i was like "wth?"
i log off and let him use the comp..

later after that..
i informed him that i didn't want to join his dinner at Kelab Shah Alam..
and again..
he lose his temper..
i dunno what happen to him nowadays..
he always lose his temper..

though i went to Kelab Shah Alam with him..
and lucky the fish&chip was alright..
and also my sis' chicken chop..
and also mak cik azah's sandwich..
and my dad's Frankfurter..

in the end..
my day was alright..

or maybe my sudden moodiness nowadays is because i'm nearly reaching 18..?

it's not like it's a surprise that i'll be 18 for the next 3 months..
but still..
i'm grown up...

just now..
emi and i talked about when we were kids..
loving hindustan and all..
and how i can understand those hindi movies without subs..
that's a wow..

kids are genius in understanding body-language,eh?

tata now....
  • currently listening to Arashi's oh yeah..

28 December, 2007

sad,sad life~

A'kum n ello...

watched Art of Football..
the show about football stories and all..
and there this video of this stupid keeper..
who wanted to pass the ball to his mates..
but the ball hit a player that was in front of him..
and so the ball rebound...
and goal!
the ball moving into the goalpost behind him...


there also this part when this football legend talked about the importance of fans..
and then..
the show showed the power of the Liverpool fans..
they showed the fans sang the You'll Never Walk Alone song...
and then..
the show also showed a football player sing it...
and after he sang..
he said..
"it was fabulous,very2 fab"
he was talking about the Liverpool fans..
that also include me...

i know i'm famous..

that's all about Liverpool..

about my life...
nazneen asked about that work in Tesco..
she said something about sales promoter..
i'm quite confuse what is sales promoter..
but i said to her that i maybe can't work there...
cos i'm still not in the mood to work right now..
i'm more into work-in-an-office person..
if anybody wants me for this kind of work,call me!

and also nazneen..
sorry i can't reply ur messages cos i really don't have enough credits right now..

and another story that really made me sad,very2 sad...
it's about my iPod...
my dear love iPod...
the thing lost it lives..
my father gave it to me on 24th December 2005...
and then my maid found it inside my pocket(maybe my pants) that had been washed by a washing machine for 2++ hours...
and so..
the iPod is mati...
i'm very2 sad...

a stupid bright side for me..
this is better cos i won't care about another stupid earphones after this,aite?

i want to cry~~

and another thing i have to be sad about..
it's not really that sad..
it's pitiable though...
another ex-crush of mine..
couple with a person that has the same name with me...
pity me..~
i'm the pitiable alia~~

what a sad day today apart of the Liverpool thingy...
  • currently listening to Lee Seung Gi's shape of your lips...
  • ainun,is next week okay for the driving test?call me!
  • mangas are the best!

27 December, 2007

damn,shitty women in da house

A'kum n ello..

that bengong lady yelled at me today..
cos i wasn't being a 'gentle' lady...

you can't be gentle in your life if your mind full of anger and hatred,aite?

and i'm saying this because the 2 women in the house were being sengal~~
such,such sengal peeps..


i was mad by just waiting for my maid...
but that's only waste of my time cos she just doing nothing and not doing the thing that i waited for her to do..

i'll tell you what i asked her to do..
cooked the nugget for me..

i'm a lazy kid,aite..?
but if she doesn't want to do it in the 1st place..
why didn't she tell me..???
i had waited for her for like more than 10minutes(or maybe less) at the dining room..
but she just doing nothing..
and you know me..
if you want to waste my time,don't make me wait for it...

stupid and selfish woman...

then this other woman..
she said i was being insensitive cos didn't even realize that she was sick for the whole day...

why must i realize that..?
she only live and breathe in the room all alone..
and doing nothing except playing with aiman..
and i don't even want to talk with her..
why must i..?

i was being selfish and bratty..
but whatever..
i'm too angry to listen to her rubbish about life and how we must face the future and all...
it's not like i'm an idiot about that...


concert at home

A'kum n ello...

just read this very cute manga...
Tenshi Tachi..
so nice~~
the guy so cute!!!!!!!

now,i'm getting back to the drooling over bishounen..

liyana and ah hin came to my house..
ah hin wanted me to watch the Tohoshinki's 2nd concert dvd..
watched the 1st dics only..
cos not enough time..
liyana non-stop said that those dong bang boys are gay..
stupid her..~
wanna slap her many times..
(so i did)

and there this moment..
when she said..
"diorg gay.but boleh diterima sbb diorg ensem/pretty"
and i was like "nooooooo"
if handsome peeps are gay...
the only one left will be ugly and straight guys~~!!!

what happen to the world~~~!!?!??!?

and today also..
many people called to know my sis' result....
i don't want to tell you here..
cos my sis will say that i'm kecoh
ask me at y!m or just ask my sis..
cos i really not happy with her result..
she can be happy all she can..
or maybe cry a lil bit..

and also some people just say that her result was alright..
but i still think she can do better than that...
but lucky her that her future already decided..
that's a wow..~

watched Heroes season2 episode 9..
matt parkman is the coolest hero but he also an annoying fat man..
but still..
his super power is awesome..
bloody awesome..~~!!!

bye then..
wanna watch Yamada Taro and download more manga...

ps:ecchi manga=sex education

noi agree with me about this...
  • currently listening to The Killers' somebody told me...
  • jaejoong has clean arm pits...~

Liverpool misery end not nicely...but win..

A'kum n ello..

just watched the Liverpool match just now..
Derby vs Liverpool..

and what a miserable match..
but lucky Liverpool..
they won it..

credits to derby..
they played nicely in the 2nd half..
but in the end..
Liverpool still the classier team and won it eventhough they played bad...

i was a lil bit furious when Liverpool lose the ball cheaply..
eventhough i think derby also worst than Liverpool in keeping the ball..
but a Liverpool way is never that cheap..

though i'm happy that xabi alonso played in the match..
there was this one time that i squeal "ah~~~comel!!!!!" when i saw his face...
sorry,can't help it..
that's xabi alonso who haven't play for a long time..
it's not that easy to keep myself down..

in the end..
Liverpool won the match..
thanks to Gerrard's determination...
and cool Torres..
his goal was awesome..

tata then!

the siti's sis in the ym conference are saying crappy things like they usual do..
and that's why i love them...
got to catch up to them~~
  • Plain White T's hey there delilah...

26 December, 2007

aiman pic!!!

A'kum n ello...

now the usb cable is not that stupid anymore..
here is the pics that i really want to show all of you...
just these 2 pics only...

i think this is the cutest baby pic i ever seen from him...
liyana said he can be a model..

and this is the fish that i think look like sharks..
only little..
and my sis said these are baby sharks...

25 December, 2007

meet her..~

A'kum n ello....

went out with her..
and it was awesome..

tq for the shirt,the foods,and also the books...


you are sweet cos you love sweets..
and you are good..!
very2 nice!
and i like you...
cos i feel glad and comfortable with you..
i hope...
our life later will continuously become better n better..

and wow..
this is the first time i met someone that i dunno the face and the voice..
but weirdly know more about me without me knowing about her..

u know who you are..!!


meet HER~

A'kum n ello...

i read izzo's and emi's blog..
experience of the 1st timers..
very2 nice..

to emi:surau eh?~ahha..

tomorrow will meet this certain someone..
can't tell who she is cos this certain person will be very mad..
but i think most of you won't mind..
but a person who live beside me every night since my acu move out from my house dislike that person..
i don't have a choice but to keep it secret..

i hope our meeting will have a blast..
and to be honest..
this is a first time for me to meet someone from the internet..
but unlike a meeting from the internet that you know the other person's face..
this is a lil bit different cos i dunno her voice and face...
but i know her personality...
BUT also she knows many things about me..

kinda weird eh..~

becos i don't want to be left out being a just nothing and doing nothing and face the nothingness..
i made a plan with her to meet..
and she agreed with it..
and we'll meet tomorrow..

cos she's a lil bit of stranger to me.
so i asked liyana to helped me...
and so..
she'll join me tomorrow..

and this thing also will be a my aim for a new target that is to meet new people and be braver towards my super new 18 next year..~~

my dear cousins,Noi and Dila who come to Shah Alam from Batu Pahat to meet me..
(not really)
sorry that i won't be playing with you all tomorrow cos you all(especially Noi) and i have other things to do such as you will go out with my father to buy your medicine book while me go to mid valley to watch a movie and buy another story books...


hope you 2 will miss me..

talking about my cousins..
there this certain cousin of mine who is the same age like me..
is currently mad at my father and my family(maybe) cos my father was the one who picked Noi and Dila from Pudu today..
that cousin of mine was mad cos it wasn't her who will pick my cousins from BP cos that cousin of mine thinks she can drive her way to KL...

to be honest..
she's being stupid here..

the roads at KL are busier than any people think of..
and to think that a person that only has L as her licence wants to pick someone at KL is totally ____.
you know what..
my father said she's a person who love to dream but never will happen..

that's harsh but that's reality..
hope that dream won't be forever though...

and izzo..
you know her..
and don't try to be inferior..
and also don't even try to stop blogging..
and lamb stew is sup kambing aite?


  • currently listening to Mary J Blige's be without you...

23 December, 2007

places to live

A'kum n ello...

the end of year is near..
and when i think about it..
my school days already end...
something that i always wish to come..
and now i think i dread it a lil....

today is 23rd december...
nothing significant about it...
but i just feel so good and nice and a lil bit poetic but never a poet..

maybe after days gone by now i realize that i won't go to that school anymore..
my high school memories were not that memorable....

  • i remember the day when i saw that 'with TAR feat ME and jay-Z' dude for the 1st time...sitting at the back with a friend of mine and knowing him..
  • and how ikram eventually know who that person..
  • and also i remember eireen's short hair...
  • and the day when ckg noorhayati thought i ponteng during her class,cos to be honest i didn't even know that was called ponteng...
  • and also when pn. ong told my father that i was a very2 noisy kid who loves to talk...
  • and also when i use hani as my oral topic..
  • and also when i use michael owen as my oral topic..
  • and also when i use Liverpool as my oral topic...
  • and also how i promised amalina that i won't call her BUDAK KECIK..
  • and also when i lose a lil bit of my temper at maryam..
  • and also when i lose a lil bit of my temper at marjani cos of some stupid handball match..
  • and also when i lose a lil bit of my temper at maliha cos of some stupid handball match..
  • and also when ikram said 'i love you' playfully to me and made him shocked when i replied to him 'i love him too'
  • and now how i realized how sacred the L word is..
  • and also when that liyana aziz always talked about that boy
  • and how i asked people RM1 nearly everyday especially to Shazizan..
  • and shazizan,if you read this,change the RM1 to RM2,will you??
  • and how that ainun always try to make people's life miserable without people realizing it..
  • and when nazneen got that panties from me..and wear it and put it on her head...
  • and when i was doing my oral in front of the class and then fatin aqilah looked at me and i looked at her...and she looked at someone...and i looked at the way she looked at...and i then looked at shazizan....LORH?
  • and i really can't forget atman's face when i told about his add-math paper to ainun...
  • and my 1st time talking to najwa was something like "you have to be lucky that you got more that 0 in ur BM paper"......
  • and whenever i saw Helly,i will asked her about chocolate...and she will remember to give it to me and i will never try to give anything back to her..sorry~..i once tried though...
  • and when i refuse to acknowledge amalina and anan's relationship cos they really were not meant to be...
  • and how i always called liyana's crush as Slekeh instead of ...?(i forgot that boy's name)
  • and also that so-called pink shirt,yellow socks joshua...hahahha!!
  • and when i chose to be with my own friends than my old-bestfriend's friends....
  • and when i talked about Liverpool and people listen not-that-tentatively..except shazizan who listen to anything cos for him it's only 'masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri'
  • and when that afiq ersyad said that Liverpool is sampah and damn i'm burning right now when i remember about this..
  • and when i called aqilah the shrieking shack.......
  • and also when i got that result of my future occupation that i will be a pornstar...lorh~
  • and also when i had to sleep during physics cos i that lab is a good place to sleep..with my sleepy face facing towards najwa and aqilah...
  • and with my happy or moody mood whenever Liverpool win or lose towards my friends..
  • and when i wrote that DBSK's fanfiction during bio..
  • and also when ainun and hani were not in speaking terms cos of the same thing but just with different guys...
  • and when tiron gave me a pencil case that similar like hers..
  • and when ah hin told me about her probs and i told her mine more emotionally than her..
  • and when me and liyana went to watch Harry Potter after school..
  • and when ah hin gave me that cute chipmunks-but-now-broken that she bought for me from china..
  • and that nice glow thingy that liyana bought for me from genting..
  • and when hani talked about SS501 to me during bio..
  • and when najwa always panic when i said i mad at her..
  • and when she laughed when i lose my temper to her cos she didn't know i was mad at her..
  • and when nazneen always talked to me about bands cos other peeps mostly talk about DBSK..
  • and she informed me that michael-actor from princess diaries were Rooney's vocalist...
  • and when i always alone during recess in the classroom..........
  • ah~~~~~when they made a surprise party for ainun,emi and me..!!!!
and more and more and more..

and also when i had to sit between emilia and hani when both of them not in a good terms about C4R thingy cos emi wanted to do those gasing thingy and hani didn't want them...and in the end we made teh tarik cos that thing is fun ...


those things are memories..
makes me happy...

now i realize that i have something memorable then...

it was plain..
but i can't get better than that...

so i'm happy and totally grateful..
  • currently listening to Anfied Rap..
  • ah..so good and so nice~~


A'kum n ello...

i'm a bad person eh..?
went to a wedding..
my neighbour's wedding..
someone that i don't even know my whole life..

they already sent an invitation card to us;family....
and so..
my dad asked my sis and i,partner with mak cik azah to go to that wedding..
and so i went..
cos mak cik azah told my maid not to cook for lunch..
and if i don't go..
i don't have anything to eat...

and for me,Alia Liverpool...
eat is a must,as well as water and Liverpool..

had nasi briyani with the usual stuff with sambal sotong..
the food was great..
eat like i'm a good nice lil virgin..
and after i already ate it all..
i told mak cik azah that i wanted to go home..

i went home..


nice eh..~?
what a lovely,nice behaviour neighbour i am..
it's not like the peeps there know if i'm gone or not..
my neighbours;the only peeps i know can be count by my fingers...

nice story..~

i continue read cecelia ahern's where rainbows end when i came home..
already read it till the end..
lucky those mates of mine introduced that book to me....

that cousin of mine who mad at me cos vote her blog as 'okay-la' wants to buy The It Girl book..
and i already read that book by the way..
the 2nd book though..

back to what i want..
i dunno which book i want to buy..
cecilia ahern's books are good..
but i think i love meg cabot's more..
too many to choose..

not that i hate it..

  • currently listening to DBSK's sky...
  • my fate is not happen like i want it to be..
  • cos that person that i want to ask is not online...

22 December, 2007


A'kum n ello..

i feel boring and very boring.

apiz IMed me..
bengong that person..
talked bad things about Liverpool...
i had enough of this Liverpool lose thingy..
even a friend of mine at myspace is not confident with Liverpool..
and he is a Liverpool supporter!

and cos i had enough of this Liverpool-is-bad..
i told that so-called Liverpool supporter to just go away from Liverpool...
Liverpool don't need this kind of supporter..
a betrayal from a fan is not needed...

when Liverpool is winning..
they will say "abang aku si gerrard to score"
when Liverpool is losing..
they will say "sengal ah rafa tu"

2 words from me...

and like my long-long-time-ago post...
i didn't need any stupid remarks about Liverpool eventhough just a tiny "Alia,ape jadi ngan Liverpool?"
cos i'm a passionate Liverpool supporter..
and i don't need something like that to be said...

and so you know..
i will nearly lose a lil of temper by something like that...

  • currently listening Ellegarden's mr feather...

day here dunno what cool mateo

A'kum n ello..

very2 bored.
and pening.
and i want to kick my sis' ass..

my father asked which one of us who'd like to go to the market with mak cik azah this morning..
he said he didn't want to force us to go..
but in the end..
you know who he picked..


i was very,very thrilled!!!!

went to the market...
my sis the one who had to take care of aiman...
i quietly pray at that time that aiman will make her life difficult and.............

at the market..
nothing really happen..
just the usual 'bought-the fish-then-the-chicken-then-the-veggies'
no need the beef and the meat cos the tg malim's peeps gave us a plastic full of beef and meat cos of raya haji....

time past by..
and my eyelids were becoming heavier and heavier..
and i was too sleepy i even thought to sleep at the market by leaning against the wall to wait for mak cik azah...
and obviously..
that thought will never happen...

and i saw this kind of fish..
it looks like sharks..
but smaller..
i dunno what the type it was...
just so to release my curiousity, i took a pic of it..

ah~ i forgot to ask mak cik azah what type of fish was that...

a market is place that full of science cos the place has dead-that-once-alive things...

reached home..
nothing much..
my wish to see my sis in a wrecked face cos aiman will make her life miserable didn't happen..
cos aiman was sleeping..
and i was too sleepy after seeing the sight of aiman sleeping on the sofa..
so i went to my bed...[it was sometime around 11am]
and woke up at 2pm...

that's the day for today...

and tonight..
LIVERPOOL will have a match...
and xabi alonso already alright..
100% pain-free...

bye2 torres..!
you make my life happy when xabi not around..
  • currently listening to DBSK's miss you..
  • i ignore 2 people in 2 days..
  • noi said she will come to Shah Alam this Monday with adilah..
[can't show you the pic of the fish because the comp is bengong right now]

20 December, 2007

raya haji!

A'kum n ello...

another 3minutes..
raya haji for today in Malaysia will meet it end..


for day 1 to be exact...

went to tg malim..
with my bro and sis..
argued a lil bit about when to go..
but in the end..
we went at 7++am..

arrived tg malim during the raya prayer..
and nothing much happen..
i only sleep and sleep..
and after that..
i read a book...
and then lose a lil bit of my temper to my bro cos he was late about something...

and that's all..
nothing 'raya' about it...
just a simple 'i-met-my-cousins-and-i-get-bored' meeting...


what a boring post~~~~~


i'm an ungrateful bitch who forgot to realize that some families can't celebrate this raya..
and don't even get duit raya during raya haji..

  • currently listening to Muse's starlight..
  • have to find some money to buy DBSK's shirt with naniko later..
[this post was a delay post because the blogger couldn't post it last night because her father wanted to use the computer]

19 December, 2007

very pening~~

A'kum n ello..

2 days in a row..
i feel like my head is spinning...
cos of the lack of sleep...

aiman oi aiman...
if you're not a handsome boy and also a nice boy when you're grow up later...
i'll make you have vasectomy...

too cruel..

i'll only kick you..
that's all....

chicken pox o chicken pox..
pls go away from my maid..
my lunch and dinner are not that delicious anymore without my maid to cook it..
and my life will be much better and healthier if my maid's health is not that infectious..

i hope that's the correct word..

today is Wednesday...
me and ainun were supposed to do our comp test today..
but bcos of our lack of 'studying'..
we didn't go...
  • currently listening to Shinhwa's i'll never let you go...
  • yeay,hani found my glowstick..!
  • tezuka-buchou,i lover you!!
  • fatin hashim,muffin!
  • fatin aqilah,keychain!
  • noi,my souvenire!

18 December, 2007


A'kum n ello...

that's it..

i have to feel embarrass about this...
cos me without my tudung and also with the sleepy-face..
he saw it..

i wanna hit him when i saw his evil-stupid-smiley face...
i know he will go out every morning..
maybe play some balls or something like that..
but i never thought it will be THAT early!


let me tell you the story behind these nice words from me...

this morning..
my father wanted me to carry aiman to let him say bye2 to my father before he went to work..
i brought aiman...
it was 7.++am like that...
we were in front of my house...
outside the house to be exact..
and me without my tudung...
and also my sleepy face..
with the my messy hair..

and then i saw him..
i thought it was some indonesian worker from my neighbour house...
wearing that old-black school shirt...
without his usual songkok..
i really thought he was some indon...
then i look properly cos he really look like someone i know..
and then it struck me..

how could this happen to me??

i walked slowly into the house..
just to avoid from him..
but my dad stopped me..
he asked me in a very loud voice"NAPE??"
i answered quietly"kawan alia"
my father didn't hear it..
but i looked at atman...
eventhough it was a lil bit far..
but he saw me..
he was smiling...
that hehe-i-know-you-and-i-am-evil smile..
and then i said..
"kawan alia!!alia tak pakai tudung.muke bangun tidur.haish!!"

no tudung..
and my sleepy-face...

maybe this is my punishment cos i always call him gay..



A'kum n ello..

that's it..

i read this person's blog..
and wow..
i never know he/she has this kind of side in him/her..

totally remarkably wow...

his/her latest entries were passionate,full of anger and also...

i dunno which side to be with after read it..
cos i heard something similar about it but in a different feel way...

and both of them are my good friends..


17 December, 2007


A'kum n ello...

DBSK already came to Malaysia..
and so..
my dream to meet them already come true...

i'm shining..~

but this morning..
i watched NEWS concert at megavideo..
damn,it was good..
there was this time..
koyama(the one who look like farah fauzana,ahah~) was congratulated by the fans because they thought he knew that his graduation-exam result had already out...
but koyama suddenly remembered that he didn't call his prof yet..
he called during the concert..
and everybody including the 15000 fans were watching and waiting for the news if he get the nod to graduate or not...
and while he talked to the prof...
suddenly he shout"YATTA~~~!!!"
and when you watched something like that happen..
with his nervous expression waiting for the prof's answer..
totally emotional...


and after that..
i really want NEWS to come to Malaysia..
and the possibility for them to come to Malaysia is totally low..
very,very low...
bcos not many people know who is NEWS..
they know yamapi,but they don't know NEWS..
they know farah fauzana,but they don't know koyama..
i don't know farah fauzana,but i know koyama..

i should make a petition and send to that old man Johnny...

and i also should make a petition for Liverpool to not continue their partnership with carlsberg..
so that later Liverpool will come to Malaysia..
and then i can meet xabi alonso and fernando torres...

such heaven...

koyama keichiro aka farah fauzana jepun

lose but not out,.yeah2!!

A'kum n ello..

Liverpool lose against the scum..
i learn that word from ps,i love you...

back to the story..

they lose..
man utd totally handle torres..
some good opportunities..
and we did nothing with it..
it's not like i care too much..

but stupid that atman..
he sent 5 messages with words like

and liyana..
i dunno if she is insensitive or some sort like that...
she sent a sms to me..
"alia,takpe.chelsea lepas ni"

lucky that chelsea lose..


that woman is finally back home..
i thought she'll leaving us for good...
but nope..
nothing dramatic like that happen..
just plain scary face to make us notice her that she is a great woman and all...

really though..
this is one of the stupidest moments in my life..
and i'm only 17...!
i dunno what will happen for another 10 years...

my sis cooked for us yesterday..
the males in my family said things to me like"apela alia.bile la ko nak masak?"

just care you,the male,who will lead us later...
cos better don't mind about the female..
the female is supposedly to be born to be fed by male..
and to be treated nicely by male..

and the male...
better they care if their money is enough to make a living..
and better they care about their life if they're good enough to have a woman...

nice words from me..~

cos some men are just plain stupid with only 'woman=sex' mind....

16 December, 2007


A'kum n ello..

the internet is stupid right now...

at one time..
i can surf the net without any prob just like right now..
but later...
the net will suddenly have a prob...
and i can't surf the net..


but the weird thing is..
i can use the limewire..
but i can't use the internet to surf the web..


and not just that..
this computer also make another prob..
i can't watch any video from the cd i burned yesterday..
but yesterday..
just few second after i burned the cd..
i can watch the video..
but now..
the comp said the video has a problem...

i'm mad..~~


think of torres~~~



A'kum n ello..

something happen at home..

it was stupid really..
uninteresting things like this happen..
and if she thinks thing like this is suppose to make people notice her..
she's wrong..

what a woman..~

i wonder if i will become like that later too..??


A'kum n ello...

the internet was stupid yesterday..

i went to that driving thingy..
the KPP...
it's not that boring though...
i'm lucky that the peeps who gave the talk were not that boring...
the 2nd talk was funny...
too many dirty talks and naturally people think that dirty-jokes are no1 in joke list..

yuck and ahahah..~

met fatin hashin at the end of the thing..
ainun informed me before that she made muffins and cupcakes with fatin aqilah..
cos fatin aqilah had a sleepover at her house..
i met fatin hashim..
and said hi..
and she reminded me about the muffin..
and so..
i asked her"nape tak bawak?"
and obviously,she said"awak tak bitau awak amik kat sini"

fatin,made another 3 pieces for me!!

makcik azah made some muffin when i got home...


13 December, 2007

have ur own title~

A'kum n ello...

ainun called me today..
and informed me about the driving lesson thingy..
and so..
i have to attend a 4hours seminar from 8.30am to 4.30pm..
i'm not even bother to calculate how long the seminar will be...
but i'm sure that most of my friends are 'alive' and not dead from the boringness of the seminar..
i think a full-charge battery of my ipod is enough for me to cope with the seminar nonsense..

i started watching My Name is Sam Soon today..
i love that woman!
her character is just too good!!

and other thing..
i watched this video..
and i saw torres talked in english..
it's only a thank you..
but he looks so cute!!

please appear before that hot-torres takeover ur place from my heart..


  • currently listening to Shinhwa's the snowy night...

12 December, 2007

ah~i'm happy!

A'kum n ello..

i heard nazneen get paid cos taking care of kiddies..
i wanna ask...
is that place require any more workers?
if taking care of kids will get me more money..
sign me up..
cos currently..
i'm taking care of aiman for FREE..


my maid got chicken pox..
maybe mak cik azah's chicken pox attracted to her..
and went to her and attack her..
and let my maid sick..
and then let me and my siblings taking care of aiman...
not that it's a bother...
cos i have to admit,it is...
cos aiman is having his baby rebellious stage..
i.e becoming more active day by day...
and today is the day he shows his true self as an 8month-going-to-be-1year boy...

lucky him..
cos he is only a baby and
also bcos i love him...


i didn't have enough sleep today courtesy of the Liverpool match this morning...
and i slept after my subuh prayer..
and then...
my father took aiman and put him beside me and he told me..
"jaga aiman"
i only slept for about 40minutes,and this is what i deserve...

and that boy~
the adult still sleeping but he still awake..
he pulled my hair and do everything he can for me and my sis to play with him..

my sis played with him(i think)
but later she put him beside me again..
and there..
i stuck with him..
while he still active and full of energy..
and didn't have any spot of tiredness..

and ok..
he pulled my hair to grab my attention...
lucky though..
this lil kid got bored..
and he fell asleep..

many things happen just for today...
and i have to take care of him for another more days...
i'm thinking twice about getting married early...

another thing..
cos the whole family didn't want aiman to get chicken pox..
my maid can't touch him..
and so..
the person who have to wash his BUTT is ME!

lucky you..
is that stupid nose of urs are becoming better right now???

and aiman..
lucky you that Liverpool won the match..
my mood really good today..

  • currently listening to Anyband's daydream..

Liverpool through!!!!

A'kum n ello..



and qualified to the last16...
i was a nervous wrecked before the match started..
that was a MUST-WIN game for Liverpool...
and after gerrard scored the penalty just 4minutes of the match...
and then torres-the-hotstuff scored..
all those nervousness disappear instantly...

and then kuyt scored..
then when the match nearly meet in end..
babel scored....

and Liverpool confirm to the last16...


i'm happy...
very2 happy!!!
i'm too elated to sleep back right now..
cos this thing is too good!!!!



Marseille 0-4 Liverpool

11 December, 2007


A'kum n ello...

my head is dizzy right now..
tired cos went out with emi n aqilah...
and the rain didn't stop since this morning..

went to sg wang..
took some pictures from the photobooth..
very2 cute ah~

more later...

09 December, 2007


A'kum n ello....

i went to that cd shop..
and asked kong if there really a job vacancy for his shop..
[stupid,yeah cos he already put up the sign for the thingy]
he said i should think more about it than just go forward to take that job cos the job is a full-time job and maybe later you'll feel embarrass later cos you'll meet some of your friends and all..
and when he explained all of it..
he said he trust me and all if i work there cos he knows me and all..

and so..
my choice?
i don't think i can work there...
i don't want to give high hopes to the owner..
and it's not because i'm not a dedicated worker cos thinking something like being embarrass and all...
and believe me..
i'm a very responsible person..
if you choose me to be your leader..
i'll be very strict to you and all..
my life is unpredictable..
and the job just gave me 1 day off-work...
this is something hard for me..
i don't know when will i start my driving license and all..
i should know about it..
i have no other choice..
maybe i will asked him again after i finish my driving thingy..
if that really will happen in this mean time..

my father asked me to apply for secret recipe..
i apply..
the peeps there asked if i can work saturday and sunday..
i said to them "rasanye boleh"
stupid reply..
cos they made fun of me after that..
i should asked aina about the drive thingy..
cos i really want to make sure..

my father wants me to work for secret recipe cos he can buy cheap cakes..
and my bro also wants me to work there..
cos he said secret recipe give high salary...
and mak cik azah said i should try work at a clinic..

dunno what to do...
  • currently listening to Big Bang's last farewell...
  • another weird dream..
  • ceh~

lose & work

A'kum n ello..

1 tips i want to give when you watch football..
if that match is a midnight match..
better you have some sleep...
you will feel very grumpy about what will be in front of you..


i felt like a sickie..
i watched the match while yelling at the players like i was there..
the passes were damn bad...
and some other things that i prefer not to say....

i feel like i'm having my period right now cos feeling grumpy and all..
and the match..
like usual..
when i feel grumpy when i watch the match..
all of sudden..
like God gave a sign and all..
Liverpool also look like they're grumpy..
and THAT effect the game..
and THAT result a bad result...
3-1 to reading..

i woke up very early this morning...
it's not something i like..
bcos i slept after the match..
around 3am like that..
and liyana's sms woke me up at 9.27am..
asking me if i need a work..
and i said yeah,where?
she said at that cd shop at mall..
the one that mr Kong own...

i dunno if i want it there or not...
nobody want to send me at 11.30am cos all of them are sleeping...

a nice start of da day...

i can't even work...
damn i need a car...

08 December, 2007

stupid2 bro..

A'kum n ello..

i called my 2nd bro,da stupid haikal,
i called him that..
and i told anan about it..
and he said..

what a response..

that bro of mine is a jerk..
enuff said..
he prefer to send a 1sen sms to his girlfren instead of 10sen to my father..
and really though...
how could he choose his friends over my father..?
change a lil bit..

even my father the one who bought his girlfriend the nasi lemak for breakfast..
my bro didn't even know what to give her for breakfast..

love just show the true character of people..
that is..


ngeng that stupid bro...

and ngeng that stupid yahoo messenger.....~~
  • currently listening to Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles
  • no nasi minyak to eat today~~~~~~~~

today is not friday but~

A'kum n ello..

or should i say hours ago...
cos right now is 3.08am...
my father,sis,bro and i went to klcc..
or to be more exact...
went to kl convention centre...
[i hope that's what the place call]

the place currently having a pc fair...
it was cool..
too many people and all..
but i'm more than happy..
cos i have my own pendrive..!
and also 50 cd-r for me to waste for many videos that i want to burn later..

also went to kinokuniya...
bought 2 books..
and yahoo~~!!
finally bought where rainbow's end..
and there this other book....
i forgot what the title..
but it is an award winning book...
and i love award winning book..
cos mostly..
this kind of book is inspirational and all...
and later..
i found out...
that the book is for 8-12 years old.....

the other book is a woman book...
and the other one is a kiddies book...


and ainun......
shut up~

i think i can't go to halimah's bro's wedding...
just can't..
cos something happen...
a lil pissed...
but what to do...
family comes first...

just found out that my father will move to JB maybe sometime around august or october next year..
and i thought he'll move at this end of the year..
i already told izza da cousin about it..
and she already said about introduce me to his boo and all..
kinda quilty...
and my stupid sister said something stupid to her...

like lee sung jin said..
"it's not true!!!!"

  • Green Day's holiday...
  • shinhwa!!yeay!new mv!min woo hot!kim dongwan??what happen???

06 December, 2007


A'kum n ello..

i had a dream last night..
it's all-about-dbsk-when-i-meet-him..


the dream started like this..
they live in this hotel..
my family that were having a holiday at that time..
live in the same hotel with dbsk..

i,who 100% fangirls them..
knew nothing about it...
and so..
i was thrilled like i was the luckiest girl in the world..
cos without no warning and notice..
and just knowing nothing..
i was in the same place as dbsk..

same hotel..
same floor..
our rooms were not really that far apart..
[reminder:it's a dream]

i tried to have their autograph..
i didn't think a piece of paper is enough to have their autograph..
i took a box..
and cut it to form a big card..
and then..
went out from my room..
and suddenly..
micky and junsu were in front of me..
walking without looking i was there..

and so..
i stopped them...
[man,this really remind me of my courage to stop paul moss from walking away cos i wanted his autograph]
i told them..
that i want their autograph..
i gave them the card..
and i told them..
that they should sign the autograph..
and asked the others to sign it..
and give it to me later on..
and they agreed..

and believe me..
celebs were not that nice..
[again,reminder:this is a dream]
cos i never got back the card..
oh!i introduce myself before i gave them the card...

when my family already had their time at the hotel..
and we already packed and want to go home..
my father asked me to bring the luggage to the lobby..
where is that bellboy when you need them..~
and so..
i went to the lift..
and saw...
dbsk and the manager..
if you know me..
and understand me well..
you will know what my reaction after i saw them...


and really..
in that dream..
jaejoong was shocked..
micky was guilty..
junsu was smirking...
yunho was shocked and guilty..
changmin~i think you look at me like i'm weird suddenly shouted like that...

after my burst..
i asked them..
where am i?
the dbsk manager was there,i realize..
he said "at the lift"
and i said..
and then..
my father called..
telling me..
don't use the lift..
cos there are many GIRLS in front of the lift at the lobby..
and so..
i looked at those dong bang boys..
they looked at me..
and i know..
i'm dead...~~

that's all..
after that..
i woke up from my sleep..
and my sis asked me why i smiled after my sleep..
i told her"alia mimpi dong bang shin ki".......

  • currently listening to Green Day's Wake Me Up When September Ends ..

after-school life

A'kum n ello...

i finally found the list that i made about life after school..
i did it around january..
26th january according to this blog..

here it is..

  • Shopping!!..when my age increase,my money also increase.
ahah.when you were young,you thought this thing will happen.money increase?kiddies thinking.
  • HOLIDAY!!..no school,so more time..hopefully outside malaysia
ah~say it like it's the easiest thing in the world.my parents asked where to go.but nothing happen.
  • Paintball~...i don't really like paintball..but it's better to try..
k..where is my friends when i need THIS!
  • LIVERPOOL!!!..go There and live there!..
k.if i can't live there,maybe i can GO there.XABI ALONSO,HERE I COME!!!!
  • Learn how to cook...obviously,i have to..cos i'm sux in all the things that involve kitchen..
still lazy to do it....
  • bake cakes...(from above) except these...
maybe this wouldn't be a problem if i know where is my late-mother's recipe book..
  • more jdoramas!!!...japanese dramas are just good!
my sister bought some of it.so,this already out from the list!
  • driving license..i don't have the mood to drive right now..but honestly,driving is really important if u want to be alone!
this is a NOT a joke..~~
  • upgrade my iMac...that's a must though...i luv my comp apple...eventhough the ram is just 128mb only..
where is that memory then...?

honestly,why after spm's life is not that good as i imagine..??
  • currently listening to Avril Lavigne's girlfriend...


A'kum n ello...

i've been thinking after i woke up from my sleep this morning..
why i'm a lazy bum..?
doing nothing and just watching the tv and control the net for like,
the whole 24/7...?

i made a list from my head what my friends are doing right now...
  • hani-playing with her cousins,and currently having those driving thingy..
  • liyana-worked at dani dana
  • ah hin-worked at dani dana..
  • amalina-dunno what she's doing but i think maybe learning how to cook..
  • najwa-this girl still 1 year younger.she can't drive.she can work,but why bother bout that..
  • emilia-new house...very2 nice house!!
  • ainun-doing something such as housekeeping~
  • marjani-maybe thinking a plan to skip plkn..
  • nazneen-maybe try to understand more about internet and myspace..
  • aqilah-a golden and only child.thinking about micky that never think about her..
from the list..
i think i'm a 'buta'..

lucky there is Hana Kimi.......
  • ikuta toma,you kawaii~~~~!!!!!
  • hamzah watched my boss my hero...
  • ahah~
  • noi will be back 16th december..
  • shinhwa's new song!!!!!

05 December, 2007

dbsk etc

A'kum n ello..

dbsk and sm townie lover..
read this

cos i found this thing from my Google alert..
and this really a proof about SM entertainment doing those kind of things.

but whatever..
those dong bang boys look happy..
and i'm happy...

and other thing..
many of my friends already start their own driving thingy..
going to some seminar and so on..
and some of them also have their own job and all...


and again.
i'm the pig..~

i thought..
having a car will make my life easier[spot on~]
get a license..
maybe some class..
and work if i really want to..

doing some stuff during this spm is a good thing...

coolio like hell~

04 December, 2007

some comments and other stuff

A'kum n ello...

i will talk about football..
and after that..
i will talk about something else that maybe good for me or something like that..

about football.
i read some comments about who will win the league..
and by the way i see..
those arsenal,man utd and chelsea's fans are just too annoying..
they just think on THEIR OWN point of view..
and only think about the might,than other thing...

a Liverpool fan who gave the comment,however,gave a very relevant comment..
he said that the league right now is becoming more dangerous...
and we still can't say who will win the league..
it is not certain yet cos other lower teams are only few points difference that the leader....
to think that their own team can win the league without thinking what the opponent is doing is stupid..
it's like,making a decision without thinking about the cons of it..
the scums,the ugly and the gooners are stupid..

about life.
i went out today..
bought a purse..
and something else..
at last..~
a shopping for me..
something happen after that..
but i think it's a waste of time if i think too much about it..

and today also i chat with atman and ainun..
that atman..
he went from gay to g.s...
and he didn't know what g.s is..

bought 2 books today..
cecilia ahern's ps:i love you and [someone]'s queen b..
many people love ps:i love you..
i want to try it..
i want to read when rainbow's end though..
but i saw none of it..

about dbsk.
saw the new pv,together...
i'm a lil bit disappointed..
cos i thought maybe they can make the pv something like baloons pv..
but nope,it's not..
some anime-like pv..
but the song kinda catch me up though..
at 1st i don't like it..
but later on i like it..

tata then..~
  • currently listening to Madina Lake's again and again...
  • that little cousin of mine,syara,played with my lip pot and that thing become a mess!
  • let's get together~~~


A'kum n ello..

if the cbox is bengong when you surf to this site..
inform me will you..?
ting tong me at my ym or msn or myspace..
telling me about that stupid cbox..
inform me immediately..
cos maybe i will change it IMMEDIATELY..
just after you saw that bengong cbox..

ym: stepteen_lfc
msn: alia_liverpool11@hotmail.com
myspace: www.myspace.com/stepteen

  • currently listening to ARASHI's a-ra-shi...
  • just send offline message..
  • i don't mind..
  • and message me at myspace..
[i change it immediately.but you can continue asking me about those driving and minyak thingy adn rebut kereta thingy.XD]

just appear bored..

A'kum n ello..

haven't make a list for a long2 time..

a remake for the what-i-want-to-do-before-i-die list
  1. meet my 1st love and confess to him and if things go well,marry him..
  2. and if things really2 go well,have 2 children with 1 daughter and 1 son..no need too many kids..
  3. before that,meet xabi alonso or shim changmin face to face just to try my luck if i have any chance with them..
  4. write my own story book...
  5. write a script for anybody who willing to have it as their movie script..
  6. watch a Liverpool match..
  7. have a tour to Mekah,Liverpool,Niagara Falls,Lake Toba and Great Wall..
  8. i don't think i can buy a lamborghini except if i marry an entrepreneur..so i should try to TOUCH one...
  9. buy a citroen just to remind myself of my late-mother..
  10. a holiday to Maldives.........
  11. go to that winter sonata place..
that's all i think..
i think i'm matured now i'm nearly 18..
  • currently listening to DBSK's On & On

willing or not

A'kum n ello..

emi's application to that sm audition already received by those smtown peeps..
and from what i read..
they need to see sing/dance/act/??..
i dunno what the other one..
but whatever..

really though..
the audition don't even started yet..
she already thinks about miniskirt..

i felt bored and lazy and totally like dumbass..
sitting in front the comp like i'm a stupid pig..
and i don't even bath for one whole day!
i'm becoming a pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lucky there is no mud..
or later maybe i will become that stupid creature..

i thought of some plans..
i searched at the internet about the japanese class..
found 2 teachers..
but the teachers haven't log in to the net for about more than a year..
so i think it will be a complete waste of time to contact them..

i think about getting that driving licence..
but still..
i don't know when my heart will say yes about it..
if i wait when i want it..
my beard will grow..

i dunno which one i want..
and i dunno if hani already decide to go to that halimah's bro's wedding...
cos if she go..
i'll go..
cos she's the only person i can go with..

and in this one night..
i chat with my many people..
haven't been that way for a long time..
and aqilah still a beginner is this chatting thingy..
anan kinda weird cos he slept early..
ainun;she nearly convert herself in fangirling dbsk..
emilia;nothing new..
atman;nothing new also cos he only being gay and asked what time man utd will play later..
how the heck should i know?!
k..the game : 3.55am...
i really know everything..
and naniko(WaT forum's admin) being nice cos informed to me WaT's new single..

  • currently listening to Yamashita Tomohisa's colorful...
  • xabi will sing!
  • the best midfield in the world!!!!~~~~~

03 December, 2007


A'kum n ello...

LIVERPOOL 4-1 bolton..

i'm happy!

nice bolton..
the way they played make liverpool disguise as a boring team..


LIVERPOOL 4-1 bolton
  • currently listening to The Gospellers' towa ni

02 December, 2007

life of today?

A'kum n ello..

today went to shah alam mall..
at 1st wanna buy those bring it on dvds...
but i saw none of it..
instead i saw that ouran host club anime..
i bought it...!

i don't think THAT is a complete waste of time cos ouran is the best!!!

saw coffee prince dvd also..
but don't want to buy the thing yet..
no money..
wanna buy concerto love..
but i think i better asked my father about it..
cos he said he'll buy any cd for me after exam..

bye then..
  • download manga H3..
  • wanna search for that japanese class later..
  • burn ugly betty season 2 from eps.1-6..
  • later 7..
  • hoho...

after spm...

A'kum n ello...

many people asked me what i want to do after spm..
mak cik azah asked me..
izzah da cousin asked me also..
if i'm not mistaken,my dad also asked me..
what will i do..?

i looked back at the list of WHAT-TO-DO-AFTER-SPM thingy..
this was the list..
  • japanese dvd:nodame constabile(concerto love),hana kimi,papa to musume na nokakan
  • anime dvd:bleach(chapters that i haven't watch yet),eyeshield21(chapters that haven't watch yet)
  • movies dvd:bring it on(1-3)
  • the clique(no.4 ++) books
and this WAS the list to buy.....~~~~~~

that WAS the list...
my sis already bought hana kimi and papa to musume nanokakan..
i need to buy the animes,concerto love,bring it on dvds and the clique...
i think i don't want to buy the clique anymore..
cos i know half the story of the current books from wikipedia...
[wikipedia is the best source of spoiler]
and today at one utama..
i saw Tohoshinki's five in the black's concert dvd..
i really want to buy that thing..
no money,no-thing....

what i want to do after spm?
mak cik azah told me to get my driving license..
and last afternoon..
my dad showed me something in his computer..
that said he will have a driver when he move to JB later this end of year..
i asked myself..


01 December, 2007


A'kum n ello..

got it..
i don't care if this layout is good or not..
i just mind thatthis is the best without any prob..

i'll edit a lil bit..
but don't mind that..

went to one utama..
we were suppose to visit pak uda at kepong..
but aizam informed us that pak uda wasn't home..
he was sick but he was being like a totally active person without thinking about his condition..
and aizam said his old man is sooo stubborn..

and so..
there we were..
at one utama..
mind you..
i even brought the mph coupon..
but in the end..
nothing we bought..
except something that isn't worth the importance..
and biscuits that i searched for some years and cost for about RM9..
and also 4 plates of teppanyaki each...

nicely eaten...~~~

except me who doesn't know how to use the chopsticks..
and my father told me that i'm a person who doesn't know how to eat teppanyaki..
as long as i think my way of eating is alright..
that's all matters..

i practice to use the chopstick just after i finished my food..
i tried it in front of my sis..
who tried to teach me..
the vietnamese cook who cooked the teppanyaki for us came to us..
and suddenly showed us how to use it..
i was like EH???
but i'm kind..
so i reply a nice thanks to him..

just now..
emi informed me that she applied for the SM Global Audition..
and before she informed to me..
i said bad things about the audition..
but if she thinks it's a good thing..
i don't mind..

she only wants to see kang ta only~~~

saw the news..
shinhwa already back..
and i saw their new pic..
can't wait~!

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i dunno which one are you before..
but when i found out..

i don't want

A'kum n ello...

please don't look at me bcos i will like you more..
please don't look at me quietly bcos i will sense it and will like you more..
please don't tease me cos i will like you more..
please don't say something nice about me cos i will like you more..
please don't smile at me cos i will like you more..
please don't make a weird face bcos i will like you more..
please don't make yourself special cos i will like you more..
please don't treat me like i'm a special girl cos i will like you more..
please don't make me secure bcos i will like you more...
please don't sleep in front of me bcos i will like you more..

that's all..

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A'kum n ello..

i'm trying to search a nice layout for my blog..
but currently..
all i got were some bunch of bad code layouts and just nice layout with ugly fonts..

more later..

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quiz dbsk

A'kum n ello..

these are some dbsk's quizzes that i took from emi's blog..

hope you don't mind...

My “Vacation” with DBSK [Fic] by msxmasuda
Favorite Song
Ultimate Vacation Spot
We went on the bus as I held hands w/ best friend
They all fought to sit with me so I sat next to
There was room so I sat there gettin squished by
Ocean! So we ran to the water as I was carried by
Gettin a tan I shut my eyes feeling soft pecks fr
I played it off like it was nothing & went to hug
OMG suddenly I got pinched in the wrong place by
Mad I sat right down but got lovingly comforted by
Chances that I'd go on another vacation with them

Who in TVXQ would you most likely date?

Choikang Changmin
real name : Shim Changmin
dob : Febuary 18, 1988
zodiac : Aquarius/Pisces
blood type : B
height : 6'1" (186cm)
weight : 134lbs (61kg)
hobbies : video games, singing, listening to music, reading
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i know i'm a person who will get cozy with changmin..