26 June, 2011

Wedding Dash tata! Samurai Warriors 2 hola!

A'kum n ello.

3 days ago,i started playing Wedding Dash. i don't know which version i played, but it was hard.


i, like other people in the world, thought the game was easy. i was like "oh.the bride needs a chocolate cake" "oh.the groom hates berries" "oh the bride loves outdoor activities but hate oceans n seafood" oh like that.

1st tier(level) of the cake: EASY.
2nd tier: EASY
3rd tier: NOT THAT EASY.
4th tier: HARD but still can win.
5.0 - 5.8th tier: HARDER but still can win.
5.9 tier: VERY VERY HARD but still CANNOT win!

HOW HOW HOW THE HELL PEOPLE WIN THAT LEVEL??? i still can't reach the goal mark; the 24000 mark! i still can't win that game even after playing the same LEVEL(5.9) for 4 hours straight!

and so i gave up.
not really. hopefully i'll have the patience to play it. later maybe.

tho that'll be almost impossible now that i started to play my old PS2. that old PS2 is very very old. not all games can be played using that console.

fortunately, one of my favourite games is not one of them.

credits: gametab

like other KOEI games (only Dynasty Warriors series), when i start to play this game, i'll be too focus on it. i'll sleep late, and i'll hurt my fingers and nails. tho the thing that worry me most, is maybe this game will increase the electric bills.


why this time?

ta then!

ps: the next few days, the blogger will be busy with games. expect tweets about losing or winning the game. and also about how weak her 'player' is.

23 June, 2011

4 years ago, now?

A'kum n ello...

do you remember what you have blogged before this?

especially the story that you blogged was about 4 years ago?

do you ever remember?
and do you think someone will actually read that old post of yours?

apparently, someone did.



won't tell you who, but oh well. you know how to find that out anyway.haha

and suddenly, i feel like Jay Park. i didn't even remember i ever blogged that. haha.

oh well, sorry dear friend. you called my team 'sampah'. you should apologize. hahaha.

ok now.

"mende dah lepas.takyah dikenang" HAHA.

ta all.

ps: Asya, diam~~!! XD

recently,i watched dramas....

A'kum n ello..

since April, i think i already watched about.....5 dramas?

let's see....

  • Athena:Goddess of War
  • My Princess
  • Himitsu
  • Q10
  • Nagareboshi
  • Dream High
  • Chuno

General Choi's ABS.
  • Hotaru No Hikari 2
Fujiki Naohito's buta cheeks~!
  • Otomen
  • 49days
  • Love Shuffle
Tamaki Hiroshi's YAY PANDA!

more than 5.....


recommended dramas: the one with RED (my favourites), 49Days and Dream High.
non-recommended dramas: Himitsu,Q10.
others? still ok. some people maybe don't like Nagareboshi and Otomen. but both are watchable.

the only reason i watch Nagareboshi was Ueto Aya and Takenouchi Yutaka were in it. and Matsuda Shota was a plus.

everybody know that i only watched Otomen because of Masaki Okada after my hype about him in this post. after i found out that he learned kendo in that drama, i was like "YES!!!!MAN IN KIMONO!!" and immediately download the drama.

i have this weird fetish about man in kimono.i just don't know why. ever since that day when i read Clamps' Cardcaptor Sakura, and i saw Shaoran in kimono, i was like "YEAY!!!" and since then i always looking forward to see man with kimono.haha.


don't watch Himitsu, cos i already blog about it.

don't watch Q10, cos it just a waste of time even though you're a fan of Takeru Sato or AKB48. Maeda Atsuko is great as an actress, cos even her robotic voice makes me believe that she maybe talk like that in real life.

future dramas to watch: Liar Game 1&2, Midas, Jin 2, Boss 2, Babyfaced Beauty. still waiting for the complete subtitles for Midas~~ 


ps: i'm just bored.

20 June, 2011

Father's Day 2011

A'kum n ello..

i should blog about this yesterday.but oh well..

so yesterday was Father's Day.

we celebrated the day at Al-Diafah, an Arabic restaurant at Sri Petaling. Dad loves Arabic food. he loves lamb. he loves Briyani rice. he loves to make fun of the waiters at this kind of restaurants. he loves to call the waiters Muhammad even though one of the waiter wore a name-tag and has a unique name like Jojo (yes, one of the waiter is known as that).

dad told me to call the restaurant so that we could reserve a table for 6 people. as i don't like to talk with people that have weird English accent, i told my stepmum to call them. and she called them, and she told them that to reserve it under Othman Ithnin.

they asked "how to spell Othman?" and so she told them how.

and when we arrived, we saw this:

oh well.

the occasion was nice. we had some laughs and everybody in happy mood. Especially my father, who always in a bad mood nowadays, and i really don't know why. but still, he was the star of the day...

he is a very serious man...

but he also a man like this.....

 and apparently, that is in the gene....

dear Ayah, as a man, you accomplished almost all the stuff that every men dream of when they were young.

however, as a father, you always have plenty of problems while taking care of us. we are very sorry that we are the one who caused almost all the problems.

but we also very very thankful that you still alive and continue to have happiness while taking care of us. even though you only home for 2days/week, you still care to come home and ask about our well-being. 


and oh, we ate this..


14 June, 2011


A'kum n ello.

i close my eyes.
and no, i'm not singing a Justin Bieber's song.
and i think about me.
the difference in me and others. the freedom in me. my own opinion. and why people have difficulty in accepting me.

some people can't accept me.

some people will say i'm a hypocrite.
some people will say i'm the coolest person they ever met.
some people will say i'm the nicest person they ever known.
some people will say i'm the most interesting person they ever known.
some people will say i'm the most boring person to have a conversation with.
some people will say i'm the most stingy person around.

people just don't know me. though some try to talk about me.
people think i'm lame.though some try to copy me.
people think they're better than me. but they end up asking me questions about something that i know more than them.

the thing is, i'm just different. and i accept that.

but why do things have to be so difficult for people to accept me honestly?

i don't think i made things wrongly. i did my best. i just trust you to understand my way of thinking and let you face it. but you think like a common people and disappoint me after that.

i am very disappointed in you. i accept people around me. every people that make me cringe whenever they start to do some attention-seeking stuff, i accept them. cos i know people have choices.

but at the end, someone just have to be the loser in everything.


12 June, 2011

U-KISS SHOWCASE at Pavilion. AJ is HOT.

A'kum n ello...

two days ago, i went to a free concert.



this time, it was organized by some famous company instead of the government. unlike the government who tried to use KPOP to fish for vote from the youngsters for next year's national poll, the company that organized the concert (that company: Radioactive) maybe use it to be more famous.

maybe that.

and oh.

the Korean celebrity this time:

U-KISS !!!!

and wow, it was REALLY REALLY FUN!

05 June, 2011

Super Junior M at Hari Belia

A'kum n ello....

in a place that full of people, especially people like kids that don't even know what KPOP is(little kids: KPOP? is that candy??i want!), or some families that want to bring their kids to some cheap stuff instead of dinner at TGIF or CHILIS like the other modern families or teenagers that only there because...

"oh hey.LETS WATCH SUPER JUNIOR! you know,that Korean group with 13 members. free stuff. and girls will also be there. and we also can make fun of that group"

which, kinda stupid of them, cos that Korean group were Super Junior M, not Super Junior. and Super Junior M only got 8 members,not 13. tho 6 of them are actually Super Junior members. but still.



Super Junior M. performed in a FREE CONCERT. for an event for YOUTH that was organized by the government themselves.

cool eh?

it was FREE.