26 June, 2011

Wedding Dash tata! Samurai Warriors 2 hola!

A'kum n ello.

3 days ago,i started playing Wedding Dash. i don't know which version i played, but it was hard.


i, like other people in the world, thought the game was easy. i was like "oh.the bride needs a chocolate cake" "oh.the groom hates berries" "oh the bride loves outdoor activities but hate oceans n seafood" oh like that.

1st tier(level) of the cake: EASY.
2nd tier: EASY
3rd tier: NOT THAT EASY.
4th tier: HARD but still can win.
5.0 - 5.8th tier: HARDER but still can win.
5.9 tier: VERY VERY HARD but still CANNOT win!

HOW HOW HOW THE HELL PEOPLE WIN THAT LEVEL??? i still can't reach the goal mark; the 24000 mark! i still can't win that game even after playing the same LEVEL(5.9) for 4 hours straight!

and so i gave up.
not really. hopefully i'll have the patience to play it. later maybe.

tho that'll be almost impossible now that i started to play my old PS2. that old PS2 is very very old. not all games can be played using that console.

fortunately, one of my favourite games is not one of them.

credits: gametab

like other KOEI games (only Dynasty Warriors series), when i start to play this game, i'll be too focus on it. i'll sleep late, and i'll hurt my fingers and nails. tho the thing that worry me most, is maybe this game will increase the electric bills.


why this time?

ta then!

ps: the next few days, the blogger will be busy with games. expect tweets about losing or winning the game. and also about how weak her 'player' is.

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