23 June, 2011

recently,i watched dramas....

A'kum n ello..

since April, i think i already watched about.....5 dramas?

let's see....

  • Athena:Goddess of War
  • My Princess
  • Himitsu
  • Q10
  • Nagareboshi
  • Dream High
  • Chuno

General Choi's ABS.
  • Hotaru No Hikari 2
Fujiki Naohito's buta cheeks~!
  • Otomen
  • 49days
  • Love Shuffle
Tamaki Hiroshi's YAY PANDA!

more than 5.....


recommended dramas: the one with RED (my favourites), 49Days and Dream High.
non-recommended dramas: Himitsu,Q10.
others? still ok. some people maybe don't like Nagareboshi and Otomen. but both are watchable.

the only reason i watch Nagareboshi was Ueto Aya and Takenouchi Yutaka were in it. and Matsuda Shota was a plus.

everybody know that i only watched Otomen because of Masaki Okada after my hype about him in this post. after i found out that he learned kendo in that drama, i was like "YES!!!!MAN IN KIMONO!!" and immediately download the drama.

i have this weird fetish about man in kimono.i just don't know why. ever since that day when i read Clamps' Cardcaptor Sakura, and i saw Shaoran in kimono, i was like "YEAY!!!" and since then i always looking forward to see man with kimono.haha.


don't watch Himitsu, cos i already blog about it.

don't watch Q10, cos it just a waste of time even though you're a fan of Takeru Sato or AKB48. Maeda Atsuko is great as an actress, cos even her robotic voice makes me believe that she maybe talk like that in real life.

future dramas to watch: Liar Game 1&2, Midas, Jin 2, Boss 2, Babyfaced Beauty. still waiting for the complete subtitles for Midas~~ 


ps: i'm just bored.

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