20 June, 2011

Father's Day 2011

A'kum n ello..

i should blog about this yesterday.but oh well..

so yesterday was Father's Day.

we celebrated the day at Al-Diafah, an Arabic restaurant at Sri Petaling. Dad loves Arabic food. he loves lamb. he loves Briyani rice. he loves to make fun of the waiters at this kind of restaurants. he loves to call the waiters Muhammad even though one of the waiter wore a name-tag and has a unique name like Jojo (yes, one of the waiter is known as that).

dad told me to call the restaurant so that we could reserve a table for 6 people. as i don't like to talk with people that have weird English accent, i told my stepmum to call them. and she called them, and she told them that to reserve it under Othman Ithnin.

they asked "how to spell Othman?" and so she told them how.

and when we arrived, we saw this:

oh well.

the occasion was nice. we had some laughs and everybody in happy mood. Especially my father, who always in a bad mood nowadays, and i really don't know why. but still, he was the star of the day...

he is a very serious man...

but he also a man like this.....

 and apparently, that is in the gene....

dear Ayah, as a man, you accomplished almost all the stuff that every men dream of when they were young.

however, as a father, you always have plenty of problems while taking care of us. we are very sorry that we are the one who caused almost all the problems.

but we also very very thankful that you still alive and continue to have happiness while taking care of us. even though you only home for 2days/week, you still care to come home and ask about our well-being. 


and oh, we ate this..


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nurazlan said...

OSHMAN is wrong, is a OTHMAN!