30 July, 2010

because he said that,i scared la.

A'kum n ello..

it's hard,you know,learning microbiology.

it's not the hard as in repeat-paper-low-cgpa hard. it's the damn-you-want-to-eat-that-food-but-you-know-that-food-is-contaminated hard.

yesterday, i had industry microbiology class. yes, the class that have Mr Lee as the lecturer:

sorry, not a clear image.my cellphone is that canggih.

so he talked about food.

he said the kek lapis is not good. he called that food as multi-layered cake. he said the most-upper layer is the most dangerous one.

he also said that apam balik is not good. i'm not sure why. i think it's because of the Aspergillus, i think. Apergillus is a fungus. you know, fungus is kulat. kulat is like panau. oh man, now i hate apam balik. *my imagination is getting wild~~~~*

he also said that the roti canai at the UiTM cafe must not be eaten at 8.30am because the the kuah dhal is not hot yet. the kuah dhal have to be boiling hot with steam coming out of it, or else you have slurry poo.

he also said that the burger at UiTM is not good cos they used up the burger from the semester-break that no one ate(cos nobody is around at that time). 

and also others..........................

and he also told us this story about a soy sauce company (soy sauce=kicap) that owned by this one family. he said that woman sat on a chair when the pressing process happened (pressing is one of the process to make a kicap) and at some point, her sweat went to the pre-kicap product.

lucky that the company is not Tamin, cos i ate kicap Tamin. da.

when Mr Lee told us this story, we were like "WHAT? WHAT?? WHAT???" and "WE NEVER HAD THAT BEFORE!!!!" and Mr Lee called us "Suckers people like you don't think when you buy eh?"

yeah. he called us Suckers.

i still love this man. he's really a good lecturer. he is very considerate, cos he said so.HAHA.

and so, the punishment for calling us Suckers:

he was showing us the plan to go to Petaling Street...
and his teaching pose can very...amusing. 0_0

thank you, Mr Lee. 
you don't play facebook, so of course you don't read my blog. HAHA.

29 July, 2010

more money.father.and mixstyles.

A'kum n ello..

for your information, i didn't apply for ptptn.reason? because my father is rich. MY FATHER IS RICH. again, MY FATHER. not me.

and so, because my father is rich, i don't want to think about applying some loan cos my father can support me. and I,as his daughter, have to use the role as a great daughter who rely 100% on her father, for money and allowance.

however, i'm not really a spoil brat. i don't ask things easily from my father. you know those korean concerts that i went to? i didn't use his money. i used my own money. if you think my father gives everything that i want, you're totally wrong. i still don't get the blackberry that i want so much. and i have to ask for RM50 to buy the shoes that i want instead of RM80 cos i don't want to ask so much from him, especially with his income tax that he need to pay and also the walls that need to be painted with new colour and a new stairs to be replaced.

anyway, as it is nearly at the end of the month, of course my money is getting less and less cos i used up most of my money at the start of the month. and after i used up RM100(including RM50 from the money that my father gave me) during the time i went shopping for shoes last week, i only have rm11 with me.

i repeat. i only have RM11.

few hours after that, i remember about the PC Fair at UiTM. the PC fair held on the 26th till 28th of July. i went on the 29th. the main reason i went there was because i wanted to search for some hard disk. saw the hard disk's price, i went "CIS!" cos i don't have the money to buy any of the hard disk.

but then. i saw this cool headphones. a Mix-Style headphones. HOHOHOHOHO. i read NadiaSepet's tweets before this. she always talk about that headphones. i checked the price.RM18.

oh whoa. i was thinking of buying it cos i was planning on buying one before this.it just that i didn't have the money to buy it.

oh well,i ignored the headphones.walked again to other booth. saw another booth that sell another Mix-Style headphones.that booth got more colours unlike the RM18 ones. they got red headphones,my favourite.

and so......

i got this thought; ask dad for money to buy this headphones. i was planning on buying the RM25 one. i want to buy the red headphones,mate. and i think RM25 headphones maybe have a better quality.haha.


i sent this sms to my father:
"Ayah, alia nak RM30. alia nak beli barang"

oh well. he is my father after all. no way he let me buy any stupid stuff.

and so, a few seconds after that:
"Nak beli barang ape?" 

and you know, i'm a very nice daughter. i don't like to lie. and my father really hate liars. he once told me "if you lie to me, i'll flick you"

flick. you know, jentik~. my father doesn't really hit people. the most insane thing he ever done when he lose his temper was drilled my brother's WWE vcds.

and so, i answered his question, and replied
 "alia nak beli headphones"

he didn't reply.

i know my hope for a pair of headphone already gone.


4 hours (or so) after that.

i received this message:

my cellphone is big.
so when you see this kind of message, i think it consists about 3SMS.

so. what was the 1st thought that came in my mind after i read the message?


yeah. that was exactly what i had in my mind.haha.

RM150 at the start of the month, and in the middle of the month. so i will have more money unlike the previous month. and if i save RM50 at the end of June and December, my father will give 'free money' with the same number of my saving.


"kalau tak setuju, beritahu".
after years of complaining cos only have RM150 per month, and now i have twice the amount, you think i'll complain more about it? no way,mister.

and oh. he also said that 'personal items are not included'.

so, i thought maybe he already bank-in the RM30 for me,cos headphones are personal items. so i checked my cimb account at cimbclicks.

i checked the amount of money i have.

ceh.i still have RM11.++. he will start the new regime next month. and the RM30 is not included and a no-no for me(to buy the headphones).

oh well.

it's not like that will bother me. i still bought it, you know, that.......stuff:

and when i really want that certain things, i'll get it in whatever ways.
and you know, i have really nice nakama.


thank you, ayah. I LOVE YOU!!


*nakama=friends in japanese

hottest and delicious.ME.tq.

A'kum n ello..



from this dear microbiology friend of mine. i called her Che Sue.haha. i have to admit, i'm not that close with her cos we're in a different groups and in different labs. but yeah, blog connect us.haha. i read hers, she read mine. and if there something interesting that she said in her blog, like some guy that is color-blind, i'll ask her about it and she told me about it.haha.

this is her.
i stole the picture from her blog.

and to make things cool, she created the award, and gave one to me. so yes, i'm very honoured. and when she said the reasons she like my blog (read it here,people!!!!!!! she praised me,people!), i felt mushy and happy that people actually thinks my blog are like that. with those grammatical errors and some words that i don't even know suitable or not,she actually don't mind about it. so i'm happy,dear Sue. thank you~!

and you know what's cooler, she even gave me this:


beat that!
i'm hot hot hot.
i'm delicious too.
yeay yeay yeay.

haha.now i become AliaPrasanHotAndSedap.

oh well.

thank you,Suegar :D

ps: she have really nice boyfriend.lucky gal.

26 July, 2010

my call with her.

A'kum n ello..

i just called KPJ. KPJ is SMC, which also means Selangor Medical Centre.

so yeah.it's a hospital.

why did i call the hospital? did i call if Wonder Girls already arrive but got homesick suddenly and got into room 55501 and asked the receptionist to connect the line to their room and say "Haha.SoHee,Heechul is mine!!" something like that? or did i call bcos one of my friend is in there,and i call her just to say "weyh, you know ah, KYUHYUN GOT TWITTER!!!!!" ?

Kyuhyun: oh hee. i got twitter. follow @AliaLiverpool pls.

nope.i called the hospital just to ask for my practical training for next semester.


you know, after i called them, i don't know the real motive to even call the hospital. it's not like you are 100% sure to be selected, so why the reason?

yesterday, my conversation was like this (please remember that yesterday was Sunday):

KPJ: Hello. this KPJ Medical Centre. may i help you?
Alia: Hello. is this KPJ Medical Centre? 
KPJ: Yes.
Alia: may i asked, do you have any...................
Alia: may i talked in Malay with you?
KPJ: (laughed) yes yes.
Alia: boleh saya tanya pasal praktikal di KPJ tak?
KPJ: oh i'm sorry. you have to call tomorrow.
Alia: oh yes. ok. i'm sorry. thank you.
KPJ: you're most welcome.

man. she was really sweet.the receptionist. i mean.

and so just now. i called again.

KPJ: hello. KPJ Medical Centre.
Alia: hello. i'm Alia. i wanna ask about the practical training at your place.
KPJ: wait eh. 
KPJ: (lalalalala.line connecting to the practical department.....)
Woman: Hello.
Alia: Hello. i'm Alia. boleh saya tanya pasal praktikal training di KPJ?
Woman: oh. awak hantar dulu surat dekat kami. nanti kami pilih kami nak ke tak. (something like that-la,she said)
Alia: oh ok. baik.
Woman: hantarkan surat, lepas tu kami pilih.
Alia: ok.ok. baik.
Alia: so,....
Woman: (hung up already.)


ok then. have to be prepared then. i maybe will face someone like her in the future.

ok then.tata.

to-do-list: Call KPJ.done!

25 July, 2010

last week: busy,hang out,new shoes.

A'kum n ello....


last week was very very hectic. lab reports(false alarm.i thought Medics report need to be sent last Friday.but nope,it'll be this Monday.so i have free weekend cos i did the report already.haha), CV for the practical and Industry&Enviromental open book test need to be sent on the same day i.e Friday the 23rd July (HAPPY BIRTHDAY HaniyanaPrasanCullen!!!). and yeay, i did all those stuff after some difficulties.so hooray me.i'm free.

some part of my CV.

anyway, last week was pretty weird.

  • a friend of mine got scolded cos of our dear lecturer said her group waste people's money and time (you know Her), and 
  • AqilahPrasanCute (me not included cos i was hiding) got scolded by the same lecturer (yes Her) cos she parked at the Staff's parking spot (again,i was there cos i hid in the car.so i think the lecturer didn't saw me.maybe.haha), 
  • me stayed in the lab for more than 6 hours for the autoclave (meaning: to sterilize your stuff to be clean from bacteria or other microorganisms in a high pressure and temperature) and plating of agar and only went out to pee and poop...
  • and i ate CRUNCH!!! hoho!
RM1.60 only la.
cun.better than Cornetto.hoho.

  • and my dad ate plenty of stuff on Friday night, and he's not even a heavy eater (he ate more rice than usual, he ate this BIG pear,he ate 3/4 of my chocolate bar, he ate 8 pieces of drumet) and 
  • AfiqSukaSuJu sms-ed me and said "Alia,lets eat Sushi!-i'm bored-my treat!-lets!". which in Malay is kinda like this:

and so...

yesterday, me and AqilahPrasanCute went out with AfiqSukaSuJu to O.U(cos AfiqSukaSuJu never been to One Utama before being a North person who too absorbed in the book) and ...

  • we introduced him Tokyo-G (me n AqilahPrasanCute almost in tears cos we haven't ate Tokyo-G for more than 1.5 months,i think, and that Rock n' Roll Sushi is too damn good!!!) and 
  • we bought some biscuits at Marks&Spencer....
who cares about the Digestive word if the biscuit is GOOOOOOOOOD.

  • AfiqSukaSuJu bought us Baskin Robbins and 
  • he also bought this present for Shhhhhhh. lucky gal.haha.
  • i bought this Carlo Rino shoes(not wedges,or high heels,or whatever did u call it) for RM79.FINALLY!!!!! 
so you call this flat? or something else?

  • we also bought Pepero from Lotte Mart....
in a green box instead of the chocolate one like last time...

  • ate some food at Old Town White Coffee (n bcos i don't drink coffee,so i ordered Pepsi Float instead), and
  • AqilahPrasanCute bought this scarf,or whatever you call it from this Arabian guy and he was very lame cos he didn't have any sense of humour.DA~ 
  • and AqilahPrasanCute drove very fast on the way home cos her dad wanted to use the car......

so it was really unique. the hang out and also last week.haha.

oh, i was too busy last week, that i still haven't ate the McChicken that i bought last Thursday.i was THAT busy. and today is Sunday.


and i'm sorry that the post is not too detailed as before, but like i said before this, I'M REALLY BUSY.

ok now.

ta you later!

things to do: Agriculture lab report and Food Microbiology lab report. and call SMC (KPJ)

24 July, 2010

earthquake?felt the effect.

A'kum n ello..

oh. oh. there was an earthquake just now! WHOA~~~~~~~~~~
tho nobody in the house felt it, so at first, i thought i had some physiological problem in my body. you know, i had to smell Rhodotorula (a yeast) yesterday, so i thought, maybe some of the yeast got into my nostrils and defect some of body cells and make me shake all of sudden or anything.

stupid hypothesis, i know. so i just checked twitter, and my cousin, izza, said that there was an earthquake at Sumatra, and she even felt it. she's currently at Cyberjaya. so, yeah.

i felt an earthquake, not the effect of smelling Rhodotorula,cos it will be illogical if the cells of the Rhodotorula got into my nose, cos Rhotorula got no spores.(take that as an info will you?)

oh well.

i'm blogging about this cos this is my first time feeling an earthquake.hahahaha.so yeah."feel an earthquake" will be remove from the list of "dangerous stuff that Alia Baik want to feel,but only for once,cos she wants to live for more than 50years".

i was sitting on the floor, tweeting some stuff at twitter, reading NadiaSepet's reply about that pink girl from Miss A that rumoured to be a shemale instead of shefemale, and watching a video of Arashi doing Perfume's Chocolate Love dance(total wow and cute), then i felt shaky suddenly, and i thought maybe the laptop got a problem, and the sofa behind me also shaking, and i felt weird. "maybe an earthquake" my thought said.and my inner ego responded "yeah rite.you stupid.earthquake at seksyen 9?stupid la you"

and then,i check twitter few minutes after that:

so, it was like WHOA. that really was an earthquake. and yeah, i asked Aqilah just now, and she didn't felt it. i asked the whole house, nobody felt it. and people at twitter was like "WHAT??SHAH ALAM EARTHQUAKE???" apparently some people don't understand what i tweet.and some of then even think i was delusional.

oh well.

it's not a good thing, but at least i experience it. so now....

ta then!

20 July, 2010

Fukuyama Masaharu;Ryomaden

A'kum n ello...


(go away if you don't want to read the excitement of a young innocent girl like me)

i think i like...........



oh man. i'm in love with him!

soooooooo FINE!

one of the best actor in Japan, and he also have one of the most wonderful voice....

 oh MILK TEA~~i really love that song...~~!!

i think i blog about this man before, but whatever, he is one of my favourite man in the world,so buzz off you people. haha.

i start to like him when he acted in Galileo as this.......

cool, handsome professor~~~!

or maybe i started to like him when he appeared in Music Station to promote Milk Tea. and you know what, Milk Tea is very very nice song. EVEN MICKY YOOCHUN LOVES THAT SONG AND ALSO THIS GUY!! he even tried to say "Hontoni Momoshiro~~" cos that's what Yukawa Manabu(Fukuyama Masaharu's character in Galileo)  trademark words. aha.

Hontoni Momoshiro= Very very interesting. (correct me if i'm wrong.but i don't think i'm wrong)

anyway, why i spazz about him, now,after years of no news about this man?

it's because of this:


it's a taiga drama, which also means, a Japanese historical drama. so you can expect Samurai, Katana(japanese sword), Shogun, and Kimono.....

oh well, just expect Samurai. cos this drama mostly about the life of Sakamoto Ryoma, a Japanese legend who was a low ranked samurai and became one of the legendary man in Japanese history.

oh. Sakamoto Ryoma is a REAL person. check wikipedia to know more about this great person.

back to the main thing.

as you all know, i really am a fan of Japanese history. i really am interested in samurai stuff, and when i found out that Fukuyama Masaharu acts in a taiga drama, i was like "YOU!WHAT?!?YOU!REALLY?!?!" . seriously, i was insane!

to expect Fukuyama Masaharu in an old japanese clothes......
....with katana at his side, .....showing his cool macho side, .....
no way i'll miss that.

and so i started to watch Ryoma Den yesterday, and for now, this drama has 2 seasons. currently, i'm at episode 7 in Season 1. 

and luckily, i know where my priorities lie. and thanks to Sakamoto Ryoma for that. cos this drama inspired me and make me realize, "you maybe have that fear of thinking you are wasting your time for doing that, but you must realize, what's the first reason you live for"

and yeah, i realize :)

so now, i have to sleep.

jaa ne Fukuyama Masaharu. i'll watch you later.


ps: i'm dreaming of molesting Fukuyama Masaharu.

17 July, 2010

lecturer:mr lee (i think)

A'kum n ello..

i'm bored right now.

seriously bored.

i'm not in the mood to study or anything,and twitter is not that busy in the morning like at night, so i really don't know what to do right now.

so i'm blogging here and wondering what kind of post i'm trying to make, and hopefully, the ideas will come out while i'm typing the words.....

and oh, FT Island is playing in my iTunes now..........
ERK.it's not FT Island. it's Lee Seung Gi. hahahahhahaha. how could i even mistake him with Hongki.hahaha.

Hongki and LeeSeungGi?

anyway, class already started. it's already the second week. and labs already start and all the lectures already happen.


this semester is not as good as the previous ones. i don't know why. maybe i don't have that much fun as much i expected. or maybe because i'm not that busy like last time tho. have to say, this semester have less class, and labs are not that tiring cos i always do the light works.haha.

oh. i got a Chinese lecturer with me. a male. a very tall man who wears specs and loves to use as relationship example to make students understand his teaching. like this time:

Friend: sir, what is this 4 things?
Mr Lee: you have to choose 1 from this 4 things to do your fermentation.
Friend: like how?
Mr Lee: Aiyo. you don't know-la? it's like you have 4 boyfriends, but you can't have 4 of them, so you have to choose one la. so this is like that la.

yeah. that lecturer is like that. and you know what, i'm not even sure if his name is Mr Lee.hahahha.

and last time, he talked about bowling. and he said "the reason men love to play bowling is because of the woman's butt"

seriously tho. he is crazy as a lecturer. he even asked "you know what is intercourse right? not that sexual intercourse ok?"


anyway, he is a very punctual guy. the class start at 5.10pm, but he came at 5pm, and he already start the class in that instant. the bad part about his class, if you miss 5minutes of his class, you maybe won't understand anything.

so enough about this lecturer.

and that's all i think.

i suddenly gone blank. maybe i need to have lunch right now.tata~~

15 July, 2010

Despicable me.

A'kum n ello..

world cup already over.

class already start.

another person to hate.

my life is getting better. the same thing happen. maybe after watching Lion King, all the things that i thought already end, started to come back. so it's true then,it's the Circle of Life.

oh well.i don't want to care much about the bad stuff that is happening to me right now. i know what happened right now really is important, but if the important stuff is bad, i just have to ignore it and view it as something that never exist before. why must i bother much when every people around me thinks she's the coolest person on earth?

Sneijder: Alia, you're pitiful.
Alia: shut up, baldy.

ok. i should make a brighter post right now.

brighter like him....



Despicable Me.

No,i'm not talking about how despicable i am.

YOU.MUST.WATCH.IT! Despicable Me is a movie.

the movie is in 3D, so the ticket will be expensive. but still, the money is worth it. the start of the movie is a little bit boring, but after 20minutes or so, the movie is totally AWESOME. Disney doesn't really promote the movie as heavily like Toys Story 3, so not many people know about it. but still, the movie is really really good.

i was hitting the empty chair beside me plenty of times cos the movie makes me laugh and laugh. and really loves this little yellow creature:

they talked real funny.

and so, dear people, please WATCH THIS MOVIE! the fact that Pharrell Williams did the music arrangement for this movie really is cool.

so now, tata~~!

12 July, 2010

Reina,Torres,LIVERPOOL scarf!

A'kum n ello.




i should have blog this morning about this news. but i wasn't that happy when Spain won. blame Torres injury for that.

ok, maybe i slightly support Holland, cos of Kuyt who always start for Holland and also cos he said he will not leave Liverpool for next season. and i was mad at Torres cos he didn't come out and just give 1 minute of his time to email to the Liverpool staff that he will stay at Liverpool. he could just sms the word "i'm staying" to Roy Hodgson and go concentrate on his Spain commitment but he didn't.

i WAS mad cos he was too focused on Spain and he didn't even play well for that team (tho he made a good contribution in the final).

obviously, i was too immature to think about something like that.

i'm sorry Torres for even thinking like that. i know you love Liverpool more than people actually thought you are.

and so,thank you for wearing this Liverpool scarf:



ps: damn, he will be injured for 6 weeks.but still, that's a good thing, cos he can't join other club with his injury.yeay!!!!

11 July, 2010

MyB2UTY's YoonLeader Birthday party

A'kum n ello...

you know,i really want to blog about MyB2uty's gathering. but don't you think it was a long long time ago?

hahaha.why must i even care about what you people think. this is my blog la. aiyo. now i feel like those bloggers who cares what people think other than their own self.


so the MyB2UTY's gathering. hehe hoho huhu.

it was last week, on the 4th of July, a gathering was held at Secret Recipe in SACC.

the real plan: take the BEAST t-shirts that i bought and eat some cakes and go home.

but the thing that actually happened:

i went there with Aqilah. at first, i didn't think i would go. i told Aqilah that maybe she have to go there alone and help me take the shirts. but then, i had a nice sleep, and didn't feel that tired, i eventually went there with Aqilah.

i thought NadiaSepet and AsyaPrasanComel will be there too cos NadiaSepet said it'll be awesome if i go. but then, i asked AsyaPrasanComel at GoogleTalk and she said she couldn't go. so i was like "lor~~still no chance to see this AsyaPrasanComel eh?"

and so i went there with Aqilah. like i said, the plan was: take the shirt and eat cakes.

but then, when we entered the Secret Recipe, we saw 4 girls in a long table, sitting quietly and talked among each other. both me and aqilah ignored them. but then, we look around and see nobody that have the sign 'MYB2UTY GATHERING' with them. and so we went to the girls at the long table,and the conversation was like:

Alia: ermmmmmmmmmmm..............
Girl: are you from MyB2UTY forum?
Alia: YES, I'M A BEAUTY! *sat there immediately*

wow. announcing myself as a Beauty really is nice. maybe i should go to a 2PM gathering after this. i'll say "Yes,i'm HOT! if not the HOTTEST!" hohoho.

and so we sat there. and they said 2 admins from the forum were not around cos they were changing their clothes. so ok then.

we sat there.

and the 2 admins arrived.

and so they asked about us, and introduced themselves. from what i remember, there were Wawa,KC,Buzzer and (DAMN), I FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON among them! i forgot  her name, but my mind only remember her as DooJoon's wife cos she really loves DooJoon.(this is bad~~~!)

anyway, they asked us our favourite member. JC and Wawa said they love Junhyung. haha. and oh! 3 innocent girls came (and found out,they are my juniors at SMKS9) and one of them really loves DongWoon. and then Aqilah said she loves Yoseob, and that DooJoon's wifey said "yeay!nobody loves DooJoon among u people!" and so i immediately said "NO NO!! ME ME! I LOVE DOOJOON!".....

(oh.thanks to AqilahPrasanCute, the Doojoon's wife's name is Hani. oh,not my friend Hani btw)

....and then, the 2 Junhyung's fans said "aaaa..Doojoon fans need to pay for the cake today!" and when i heard that, i immediately said "NO NO,I'M A DONGWOON FAN!"

got a nice laugh from a disloyal statement like that.haha.

anyway, Kak Hani paid for the cake,and she ATE THE CAKE ONLY. she didn't order or eat anything except that Cake. and she's an avid Doojoon's fan. i like her! she said this,"the handsome men: Doojoon, Jiyong(Beast's manager,not G-Dragon) and Beast"..

HAHA.it's like she was saying Doojoon and Beast,not BEAST's Doojoon.haha.

by the way, the gathering was also to celebrate Yoon Doo Joon's birthday.that's why the admins joked that i need to pay for the cake cos i'm a DooJoon's fan.

oh.this is the cake.
i forgot the name of the cake...
(Chocolate Indulgence.thanks NadiaSepet for teling)

not many people, but still,FUN!!

oh.at that time, there was this project to make YoonLeader as the trending topic at twitter. so the admins there were tweeting YoonLeader non-stop. and at some point, DooJoon also tweet something. i didn't have my laptop with me, but Hani said Doojoon upload a picture of him with a black man. and she said that Doojoon was hanging out with that man. However, when i went home, and read the tweet, i was shocked that Doojoon didn't really hang out with that black man, but instead, Doojoon MET a very famous black man in football world:

ok.Cisse maybe not the most famous footballer, but he WAS A LIVERPOOL PLAYER!!!!!
(i wonder what club Doojoon support??haha)

and wow,that Hani-unni should learn more about football before she said "Doojoon hang out with a negro~~" haha.

(btw, i'm not using any racist remark here.)

so after the eating, we had this game. by that time, NadiaSepet sms-ed me that she could come to the gathering cos she was at UiTM, settling some college stuff. cool~~i suddenly remember AsyaPrasanComel.she said she couldn't come cos she is too shy without NadiaSepet.haha.

and whilst waiting for NadiaSepet, we played this game. it was more like a quiz. the questions mostly consist of Doojoon's related questions cos it was DooJoon's birthday. me and aqilah was like "oh my. we only know DBSK's info, not BEAST

(as much as i love being a BEAUTY, i'm more of a Cassiopeia.sorry B2UTY~~)

and so,the question started.

oh, for the people that answer the each question correctly, there's a prize for each of the questions.

and oh. I GOT 3 QUESTIONS CORRECTLY! haha. i have to say, maybe i'm a true B2UTY after all even though i don't even watch BEASTalmighty or their Documentary.aha.

so the questions that i answered correctly were:

Q: in DooJoon's twitter, how many pictures he already upload, and what was the last picture (before 4th July)?
theREALanswer: 24 pictures,and a picture of Dongwoon.
MYanswer: 18 pictures and a picture of Dongwoon.

cool weyh. i'm the person that has the closest answer.hahaha. so i got my 1st prize.haha.

and then, there were some questions. and i didn't answer most of them. oh well.

Aqilah always shouted "please give some question about Yoseob!! please give some question about BEASTalmighty!!!" there were some questions about BEASTalmighty, but Aqilah still lose.haha.

and then NadiaSepet arrived. hoho. she also joined the quiz. and wow,she knew many answers but Hani didn't choose her. haha. i didn't even know about Doojoon's habit or his favourite stuff. i didn't even know Doojoon loves to touch his hair or even loves his fedora hat. lorh.

and then, there was this question. it isn't related to Doojoon, but related to the MyB2UTY's forum. the question was:

A: the other admin that wasn't there in the gathering, Narsha(i think) has her own favourite BEAST member. who is that member?

many people have the same answers,which were Dongwoon and Junhyung (i think they said that) and when Hani pointed at me and wanted my answer "the name that nobody said: AJ a.k.a GiKwang"...

and Hani said "CORRECT!"

i was like, "WHAT WHAT???? CORRECT????"

so i got my 2nd gift.hohohohohohooho. 

and then, the last question:

A: state the music show, the name of the song and the colour of their clothes when BEAST had their debut.

hoho. i was the first one to raise my hand.haha. tell you before this, i love BEAST cos of their songs,not because of their handsome face or anything.haha. of course i know about their debut,i always talk about Bad Girl at twitter when they first debut.

and so, i answered: MUSIC BANK, BAD GIRL, WHITE.

Hani said : CORRECT!

who the Beauty now??


so i got 3 questions correct. haha. sorry to Aqilah cos i didn't give you one of my gift that have Yoseob's face on it.haha.

and then, the gathering was almost at it end.

so we snap pictures together at the entrance of SACC, which was really really funny cos in all my life as the resident at Shah Alam, i never once had my picture taken at the entrance of SACC.haha.

the people that came to the gathering.
tho some of them already went home.

me and Hani.
both Doojoon's fans.
tho Hani said she is Doojoon's wife,and i am Doojoon's mistress.hahaha!

this is the Yoseop's fans.

and this is the Junhyung's fans.

and this is Kigwang's fans......
which is not entirely true.......

and the day end.haha.

it was pure FUN! seriously. i have to say, this is better than MyTVXQ's gathering. aha. things really were fun.

so there you are. finally i BLOG and post about this.

next post: Najwa's SURPRISE/Nightmare birthday!

ta then! :)

ps: edited some stuff. i changed KC to JC, KiGwang to GiKwang. 

10 July, 2010

you have to wait.....

A'kum n ello..

i have plenty of things to blog about......

something like:

MyB2UTY's Yoon Doo Joon's Birthday Party.
[MyB2UTY is Malaysia's BEAST forum; a forum that Alia joined but never active as a member]

Holland through to the final!
and hahahaha,no chance for Forlan to break my heart.hoho.

another Liverpool players in the final of World Cup!

the SURPRISE birthday of the Fugly Najwa..
(and also the birth of modern pontianak)

.......and also aboutour(aqilah and alia) hang out with Mimi last Wednesday (sorry no picture.you haven't post any of the picture to me,dear Mango-chan!)

i'll try to blog about all of this stuff, tho i don't think i'll blog about Holland and Spain's advancement to the final cos maybe by the time i'll blog about it, the final may already happen and maybe you have to expect a Holland/Spain Champion post.

class already start, so i don't think i can blog as frequently as before. this semester is an important semester for me, that's why i'll be more of a serious person instead of some blogger that always talk about some crazy activity that she do in real life (which not really crazy,but who cares.).

anyway, just expect 1post/month later.tho that obviously won't happen.haha.

and let see...which team must i support for this final?

the guy that cut his hair and nearly lose his starting place? 
and still doesn't say that he is committed to Liverpool?

...or the guy that work very very hard for his team and praised as one of the greats in football world cos his ethics? and also said he wants to stay at Liverpool?

you know me too well...........

ta then!

You'll Never Walk Alone!

03 July, 2010

the good about today:Knight,friends,KUYT.

A'kum n ello..

today (or more exact,yesterday~) is kinda nice.

i'll make it short,so i'll just show some pictures.hoho.

1stly, i watched Knight & Day. ok,i won't say this is the best movie in 2010, but i still love this movie. funny and sweet and cool. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz together are just....HOT! maybe Tom Cruise sometimes look like a menopause man, but he still has the look of a good looking guy, and Cameron Diaz is so pretty with her beautiful blonde hair.

so yeah. if you like talking funny stuff than doing the funny stuff, you might love this movie.

2ndly, i met my old friends. 

  • oh, Shazizan will study CAT at UiTM Shah Alam,so i'll meet him more later at PTAR.haha.
  • and Atman told him that it won't be easy to study with me cos i will talk and talk and won't let him study.haha. 
  • and haha, i met Anan!!
  • i didn't talk much with Fatin Aqilah and Ainun. 
  • oh oh, Hakim is balding.i told him to meet Nazneen's dad.haha.(is that rude of me to say that?)

3rd, HOLLAND WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brazil is good, but they never really convince me to be the champion of the latest World Cup. yeah, they played well just now with a fast flowing ball, but still, they have to keep their head together. Kaka nearly lose his head whenever the referee blew the whistle to a player. and Robinho is just like his selfish self. 


he has a weird name and it's hard to pronounce, but his name is easy to type, and let us capital his name together, 

such a hardworking player. i really hope Holland play well and InsyaAllah win the cup. all because i respect Kuyt's determination. he never gives up and he's an inspirational to every people in the world. and also, HE'S A LIVERPOOL PLAYER!

and he's also a very tough guy.haha.

Thanks God. thank you.

and i don't have to go to the market tomorrow.hoho.

ta then.

thanks for reading :)

may you have a nice day.

tho i doubt Brazilians will have a good night tho. oh well.

01 July, 2010

a note from a sister.

A'kum n ello..

this is a random post. i'll talk what i want and almost all of them are about random stuff that i don't even know what cos i'm not sure what the future hold me.

oh yeah........

i don't understand anything that i just typed.harhar.

as you people know, especially the followers of my twitter, you may know that my sis is now studying Business at UiTM Jengka.

alas, i put a nice picture of her.
she have to be proud of me and say thanks later.

and so.......an obvious change happen in my household. 

no "PU**"
no "BA**!"

i really hate Malay curse words. they curse your mother and also the animal, but not you. tho English curse words are the same, but English curse words are too long anyway.i rarely use the long ones.haha.

but still, the house really is quiet without her. all her whiny and shrieking and shouting are gone now. my brothers miss that. i,on the other hand, love it VERY VERY MUCH! 

yeah yeah. call me a bad sister. i don't care. i'm being honest here. i'm more relax now cos my room is cleaner without her dirty clothes scattering everywhere on the floor, and her smelly shirts on the bed that made me lose my focus whenever i do my prayer, and also no disrespectful shouting reply to me anymore.

still, i'm her sister anyway. of course i'll miss her. i'm the one who sleep beside her. so of course her non-presence will exist beside me cos i slept beside her all night since i was .......7-y.o (i think). so seeing nobody beside me when i am sleeping really is something.

and that's why, i sleep at the middle of the bed.


ok now Alisa. study well at Jengka. always pray 5 times a day. i like you more at Jengka cos you always pray there. if Jengka make you a better person, i won't feel sad that you're not in Shah Alam anymore. please study well and never give up if anything happen cos that will always make you a better person.

i know i'm not a good sister. but you face bigger problems before, so i think you can do things better yourself.

i will only help when you face a problem that you don't know how to solve. 

i know you'll do well.


bye bye!

ps: i know i should this before she went to Jengka. i blog this now cos i don't want her to read it.haha.