01 July, 2010

a note from a sister.

A'kum n ello..

this is a random post. i'll talk what i want and almost all of them are about random stuff that i don't even know what cos i'm not sure what the future hold me.

oh yeah........

i don't understand anything that i just typed.harhar.

as you people know, especially the followers of my twitter, you may know that my sis is now studying Business at UiTM Jengka.

alas, i put a nice picture of her.
she have to be proud of me and say thanks later.

and so.......an obvious change happen in my household. 

no "PU**"
no "BA**!"

i really hate Malay curse words. they curse your mother and also the animal, but not you. tho English curse words are the same, but English curse words are too long anyway.i rarely use the long ones.haha.

but still, the house really is quiet without her. all her whiny and shrieking and shouting are gone now. my brothers miss that. i,on the other hand, love it VERY VERY MUCH! 

yeah yeah. call me a bad sister. i don't care. i'm being honest here. i'm more relax now cos my room is cleaner without her dirty clothes scattering everywhere on the floor, and her smelly shirts on the bed that made me lose my focus whenever i do my prayer, and also no disrespectful shouting reply to me anymore.

still, i'm her sister anyway. of course i'll miss her. i'm the one who sleep beside her. so of course her non-presence will exist beside me cos i slept beside her all night since i was .......7-y.o (i think). so seeing nobody beside me when i am sleeping really is something.

and that's why, i sleep at the middle of the bed.


ok now Alisa. study well at Jengka. always pray 5 times a day. i like you more at Jengka cos you always pray there. if Jengka make you a better person, i won't feel sad that you're not in Shah Alam anymore. please study well and never give up if anything happen cos that will always make you a better person.

i know i'm not a good sister. but you face bigger problems before, so i think you can do things better yourself.

i will only help when you face a problem that you don't know how to solve. 

i know you'll do well.


bye bye!

ps: i know i should this before she went to Jengka. i blog this now cos i don't want her to read it.haha.

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