30 June, 2010

Park Yong Ha T-T

A'kum n ello..

Do you watch Winter Sonata?

Do you watch On Air?

if you watch both dramas, you obviously know this guy:

my oh my oh my.

he's dead.

apparently he commit suicide.


I LOVE THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!

seriously i love this guy! i love him more than Bae Yong Joon in Winter Sonata!! i watched On Air cos of HIM! I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO WATCH HIS NEW DRAMA!

and now...he's.... dead.

he's dead.

i'm very sad. very very sad. this is sadder than the time when i found out Heath Ledger died.

when i saw the title [NEWS]Park Yong Ha died at Omono's LJ, i thought maybe his character in a drama died. they when i read the whole thing, i was like "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!SUICIDE??NO!!!!!!IT'S REAL!!"

mind you, this is way shocking than Michael Jackson's death.

he really an actor that i like. he must be through plenty of problems that he decided to commit suicide. nobody expect him to hang himself, but he was an actor anyway. that's the toughest part of being one. people don't know the real you.

my condolences to his family :(

You'll Never Walk Alone, Park Yong Ha~

i'll remember you in these 2 dramas:


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