28 June, 2010

BEAST in MY:the entrance

A'kum n ello...

i'll try to blog as enthusiastic as i could. mind you, the last 24 hours were not that great for me,it slowly made me forget the BEAST's showcase.

so, before that, i want to say sorry to Aqilah cos when she told me all those stuff about the meet&greet session with Beast, i should be shrieking together with her,just to join her enthusiasm. but you know, i was kinda busy at that time, and the tv was showing Gerrard's frustrated face, so i wasn't really in the mood to hear your shriek and to hear any good talk about anything that not related to football.again,sorry. and then, i want to say sorry to Ahhin and Noi cos i dragged them to go to that showcase,and they end up being pushed by those crazy fangirls and fanboys. and i want to say sorry to Emilia cos i told her to come to the venue by herself.


apologizing moment end.

so start-o!


we(alia,aqilah,ahhin) arrived at KL Live at 3pm. the parking rate at KL Live is rm3/hour. expensive eh?and the showcase end at 11pm.

yeah.calculate if you please. and aqilah,i'll pay later.

anyway, at 3pm, we arrived. and the place kinda crowded. plenty of people but not that many. maybe around 100 something at that time. people were waiting for their turn for the Lucky Draw.

and i know some of you know nothing about the Lucky Draw or even Beast, so i better explain what's the benefit of winning the Lucky Draw: you can meet&greet BEAST members,which also means, take pictures with them,and see them up-close.

among us, Emi was the first one who entered the lucky draw. she need to pull out the orange ball among the white balls. she got the white ball. aqilah was next. she got orange! and i was excited for her, so i looked back and wanna tell Ahhin, but that girl was nowhere behind me. then it was my turn, and i got white.....

oh Thank You. being a person that was in a period mode, my luck never good. Liverpool always lose whenever my period come.da~~

oh well. so among us, only Aqilah got the orange box. and lucky she got plenty of friends to go with for the meet&greet. i was worried if she'd go there alone.

anyway, the stomach was hungry. but the people already que in front of the gate. Emi and Ahhin went to the nearby KFC whilst me,Aqilah and Noi waited for them at that KL Live. oh, Hani also there with her friend, Bai.

oh. Bai is really tall. there was this time, when i was talking to her, that i suddenly got annoyed and shouted at her "WHY ARE YOU SO TALL?????MY NECK IS HURTING COS I HAVE TO LOOK UP WHENEVER I TALK TO YOU!!" and Bai laughed at my shout, and she was kinda cool,cos she tried to be short for me,but fail.


oh. i also met my ex-KMPP mate, Azla. at KMPP, she was my neighbour. her room was in front of mine. anyway, she was nice. we talked a lot. and laugh and laugh.

oh. there was this time when i was talking with Bai, and then a girl suddenly talked to me. and so i talked to her. and we laughed together talking about the Kpop stuff. and so i asked her where does she live,and where is she studying,and she said she's studying at UiTM Penang. my mind was "oh,Ahhin study there too"

and when Ahhin arrived from KFC with Emi(she went to Starbucks~~), Ahhin gave her drink to that Penang girl. and i asked her "why did you give her that???" and wow oh wow, that Penang girl is a friend of Ahhin.

so i was like 'WHOA THERE!!'

then, tick tock tick tock, the time was 4pm. still no announcement. i was kinda guilty about taking Noi,cos she need to study and all, but she end up doing nothing and just wait for 4hours for a kpop band that she didn't even know for. so i asked her, "Noi,you don't mind waiting for all this stuff?" then she said "nope. i've been standing at the ward before."

so she didn't mind, at first.

i snapped this using Emi's camera cos Emi was nowhere to be found.

so tick tock tick tock, it was 5pm. i asked Noi,"which one better, standing at the ward or here(KL Live)?" she finally said "EVEN WARD IS INTERESTING!"



again, TICK TOCK TICK TOCK,it was 6PM.

the gate suppose to be open by now. but nope, nothing like that happen. people were anxious.people were mad. then, fans suddenly scream with excitement. lucky that me, Emi, Aqilah and Bai were at a good spot. we were near the stairs, and cameramen from plenty of media and blogs appeared. one of them was from Seoulfm, and other sorts. every camera that pointed at us, we posed for them with smiling faces (hoho)....

and guess what, our faces appeared on this blog:

you see me??? and thanks to Bai's placard, our faces was the main aim for the photographer.haha.
(thanks for Nadia Zailan for telling me about that blog)
(credit image: mynjayz.com )



it was 7PM.

why are we still outside?

people were mad. some people shout "WE WANT BEAST!" "T-SHIRTS FIRST!" "BOO~~" "SO BEAST!!" and "SAYA TERKEJUT...HEY!"

the gate still not opened.




many people fainted. maybe cos those people sacrifice their lunch and maybe breakfast just to be in the front. and people were pushing and pushing cos they were too excited and too anxious to meet BEAST. the bodyguards were bad. they told people not to faint, which is so not proper, cos how could people control themselves form fainting anyway? and the waiting really make me tired, i even slept for 3minutes on Emi's shoulder cos i really was tired and hungry and upset. i was so disappointed with Universal Music Malaysia. i was too upset, i even shouted "ARE THEY HAVING THEIR MAGHRIB PRAYER NOW??" the chinese in front of me were laughing. i shouldn't say something religious like that. i'm sorry.

and then, the gate opened. the bodyguards even let the fans with no official shirts in. by the way, behind me were Korean fans. i know cos i heard them talked in Korean. and... damn you, KOREAN FANGIRLS! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SO STRONG???? DON'T DO ALL THOSE PUSHING IN MALAYSIA, CAN YOU???? 

seriously guys. these Korean girls look sweet and thin like SNSD, but nope, they're strong like Jang Miran,the Korean weightlifter.

and i'm sorry if i said some racist remarks. i'm just too upset. it's not the first time Korean fans did that to me.

and so... i finally in.

i was searching for Noi and Ahhin cos i was worried about them cos they didn't even like Beast, but they had to face the push push from the fans. they really were far from me. and while i was searching, i suddenly saw someone waving at me. haha. it was Asya! (it's you,rite???i hope it's you.)

again, i was in.

and ok ok, i'll make a Part 2. (a good thing that i didn't even go to the Autograph session)

ta then.....!

credit images: Emilia's facebook


asya yaacob said...

hahaaha lawak gile ok.mcm alia ni doojoon kte kat bawah lambai
macam tu la situasi nye

mcm artis kot

Alia Liverpool said...

hahahahahhaha.so betulla tu Asya kan.hahaha.

lawak gle tgh cari2, then nmpk asya.hahahahah. gle time tu mmg rse cam artis la tu.

cam"woohoo,mrk di bwh adelah peminat saya" hahaha.

nana bp ;P said...

best giler post pasal beast nih..haha..lawak r ko alia..haha :D