07 June, 2010

Aizam's wedding!

A'kum n ello...

i know i haven't blog as usual like before, but i'm really not in the mood to blog. cos seriously, i did plenty of stuff, that i should put it up at the blog but i know if i blog it,i'll blog it in a very thorough details and it'll take more than 1 hour to type all those stuff.....

and i know some of you really like that,especially the peeps that love 'more words than pictures' post, but the post about this is really really tiring and it's not even my special moment, so i'll just make it like this:




what happened on this couple wedding:
  • my dad and i went to pick up my cousin, Nani. she told us to pick her up at Puncak Alam. and so i thought, "easy.not that far". so we picked her up,and told her to come down, and then she said "erm.Nani kat PUNCAK ALAM" and i told her 'i know!' but then i looked at the gate, and it was PUNCAK PERDANA! my dad and i were shocked, and then my father remember, Puncak Alam is way ahead of us and so thes scary words: "PUNCAK ALAM TU JAUH,ALIA!" and bcos i'm not good with location and all, i told Nani how long we'll reach Puncak Alam from Puncak Perdana,then she said 20minutes. at that time, i saw the sign "UiTM Puncak Alam:15km" oh nice.
  • the wedding held at this community hall at TTDI, the one near One Utama, not the one near Giant Seksyen 13. eventhough i'm one of the bride's cousin, i was like the guest for the wedding. nice one.
  • but then, as I AM the bride's cousin, i had to be the AJK for the wedding. you know,something like 'giving the gift for the guests'. you know in a wedding, where people gave you gifts like some souvenirs and all? in that wedding, i was one of the people the gave the gifts from table to table. and whoa, i got muscle-ache after that. things really were hard. 
  • but the thing about being that helper, you have to smile ALL THE TIME. and then, you maybe meet some relatives that KNOW you but YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW them. yeah, that's what happened. and when they said "ah,YOU! oh my,you all grown up now.you remember me??? oh,that's my daughter. and that's my last daughter. wow,you all grown up. you remember them??" and obviously i couldn't say No, so i was just being polite, i told her "oh i don't remember your name, but i know your face." that really makes them happier.
like this family.
truthfully, my mind were kinda hazy when they talked to me.
  • oh. one thing that you must do at a wedding is, YOU MUST TRY TO SIT AT THE PELAMIN (thrones). and so, i did!
and i know the 1st one of us that'll get married first will be the 1st one at the left.she told me she'll get married next year.
  • and you must also try to snap the picture of the person who hold this thing:

  • another thing that happened, my brothers and sister and cousins karaoke-d. i was praying at that time, but i couldn't really focus after that cos i was trying to force myself not to laugh. oh, Haikal the one who sang the most, and you know how horrible his voice can be.

so that's all then. i really don't remember what happened after that. i just remember something like: Slept in the car, took plenty of Wedding food, and Three Brothers.

ta then!

be happy!

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