01 June, 2010

Haikal's Convo

A'kum n ello..

ok.things been too hectic last week. it was full with my 2nd bro's (Haikal) Graduation Day and also Aizam(my cousin)'s  Wedding Day. 

and for both of them, i had this plan to avoid being 'involve',you know,as in being there in UiTM Shah Alam whilst waiting for Haikal to get his Diploma, or, being a lazy cousin by ignoring all those pleas to help in Aizam's wedding such as being the 'hello-please-take-this-doorgifts-sincerely-from-us'.

and like always, my plan will fail. i did go to my brother's graduation. i did help in my cousin's wedding.

oh well.i'm a nice person after all. that Alia Baik motto is not just a whim.haha.

i don't want to describe about what really happened on that day. after all, it's a Graduation Day. and it's not even mine.

but still,summarization:

  • the earlier plan was,me; stay at home. then, i informed my father that it'll be hard to get the parking spots. so my father told me to be the driver and drop the whole family at UiTM. so they don't need to park the car and i can just stay at home,and play the internet. so it was like that,but only for awhile.
  • then, i got a call from Amin(my 1st bro). he said he was bored. and asked something else.and that's all.
  • then, i got a call from my sis. asked me if i can bring the camera charger to UiTM cos the battery in my father's DLSR camera already weak.so he need to charge the battery to snap Haikal's Day.so i said ok to my sis. and to make things easier, i joined them at UiTM (maybe i was guilty for not being there at my brother's special day.)
  • so i went to uitm with the charger. i parked the car at my faculty.haha.
  • met amin and alisa. my father was inside the Dewan Seri Budiman.my sis joined him. so i was with Amin. i took him to PTAR(you know,UiTM's library) and charged the camera's battery there. the place was quiet cos only few people were there. 
  • i online using my phone, and saw my father's tweet about Haikal's Graduation Day. instead of SMS him about the "wanna eat?" "when do you want to have ur massage?" or "the grass cutter is at home,cutting the grass.need money to pay him", i tweeted to him. he tweeted me back and said he was too hungry. so i was thinking about the cafe,and was wondering if the cafe is opened.so i checked.
  • on my way to the cafe, i saw Amin (who was wandering around cos i-forgot-what) and told him that i was on my way to the cafe. Amin was hungry at that time, so he followed me. the cafe was opened, so my bro bought a plate of Fried Rice an Egg. Apparently, he thinks the food was cheap.(microbe peeps won't agree with that).i went back to PTAR(at that time,my sis came out from the hall,and take care of the battery)
  • when the camera's battery was fully charged, i joined my bro at the cafe. and around 5.30pm,Haikal was released from the hall. and we took pictures of him and also with him. cos you know, it's his special day after all.

the siblings.

haikal is thinking about the future.
my father is showing off his cheap shades.

ayah thinks haikal is crazy after he gets his diploma.
haikal thinks our dad is crazy for wearing that shades.

family picture.
oh,you maybe wonder who snap this photo....

yes, she snap the family picture.
she is faizah,haikal's girlfriend.

that is Agong.

that is Mr. Mannequin.
i think Haikal will believe me if i told him Mannequin is a name.
his English's vocabulary is terrible.

UiTM stated that the picture is about 2 boys sleeping.
i think that picture is about Gay Men.

i don't know the real motive of this picture.

you always see flying hats after people graduate.
now you see flying people.

scary picture.
funny people.

this kind of picture is rare.

and this kind of picture will always be awesome.



Info about Graduation Day:
  • make your own gift for the graduate.the UiTM ones are not that beautiful.
  • charge your camera.
  • please hire a driver. don't ask for a taxi man.
  • lose your temper to the UiTM guards so that they will let you enter UiTM easily.
  • don't ever think that the guards won't clamp your car on graduation day.
  • the graduates can't go out from the hall after they receive the certificates.
  • anti-BN will not like the vice-chancellor's speech.
  • UiTM's vice-chancellor has ugly shoes.my dad told me that.
and that's all.



nazneen said...

ur dad funny la....haha. nie graduate course ape eh?

Alia Liverpool said...

haha.my dad is funny la.tho very serious gak.haha.

ni graduate course bussiness.kt x sure sgt sbenarnye.haha.