28 May, 2010


A'kum n ello..

don't really have anything to blog.

i want to blog about my bro's graduation day,but the pictures are in another computer. so,i guess,i can't blog about it then.

pictures are important, ok? especially pictures that involve my whole family.especially the one that involve my father,something like this:

btw, i really want to shop some clothes. i need new ones! and if things are good, i want to buy something worthwhile and expensive,cos i plan to not buy any new clothes for the next 3 months. 

so i went to Jusco Bukit Raja last week, and i bought this cardigan that cost RM10. 

and that's all. and cardigan is not the one that i want. i only bought it cos it's TOO CHEAP.

what's more, i spent my money MOSTLY ON FOOD,again! i spent RM20 at that place.

and then i spent another RM10 for junkfood...........

and last time,i spent around RM50 just for Pepero,Cinnabon,Hello Panda and Tokyo-G.



and so my money is becoming less and less, and my fat is getting thicker and thicker.damn.

anyway, i asked my dad to take me to Mid Valley cos i wanna buy some clothes. but then he said he wanna take me to Sunway Pyramid. and so we were on our way,before my dad stop by at this electronic shop.and when he was done with all his business at that shop,it was 4pm.and my dad had to meet his friends around 5pm.............

so,instead of Sunway Pyramid, he said "Nandos"

i was quiet


lucky it's not my money this time.

[thicker fat.......]

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