20 May, 2010


A'kum n ello..

ok now..

it's the post about AhHin's surprise birthday party. hoho.


if you want to surprise someone, you have to make white lie first. therefore,i asked Ah Hin if she'd be free on her own birthday cos i want to celebrate her birthday.but, by saying that, there is no suprise,rite?

but as i said before, to surprise someone,you need to make a white lie first. when AhHin said that she'd be free on Tuesday the 18th May. so,something like this happened:

Alia: AhHin, nak tak buat cake time birthday ko karang kat umah liyana?
AhHin: OK!!!
Alia:(hoho.she's excited)
Alia: ok then.but sian ko.birthday ko plak tu. tapi ko kene buat kek sendiri.sian gile.
Ahhin: (maybe too happy cos nobody celebrate her bday) takpe,aku tak kisah.asalkan korang celebrate befday aku pun takpela.
Alia: (hehe)


on her birthday, liyana and i went to Baker's Cottage and bought the cake. Syefah said she couldn't join us, but she bought some drinks for the party.


i didn't inform you something. the plan was:

lie to Ahhin and told her we didn't have anything special to do for her and just make her more depress(didn't really happen.she just happy that somebody actually want to celebrate her birthday) and just bake a simplechocolate cake that she has from her UiTM's recipe file and yada yada. the main thing is: we don't want her to expect anything special. which is pretty common for a surprise party, that's why we call it surprise party anyway.

and so....

we bought the party stuff like the balloons and the cone hats.

and i told Ahhin that i'll pick her up at her house.reason?

fake reason: cos it's her special day.so i'll pick her up to go to Liyana's house.
real reason: so that we know when will AhHin arrive at Liyana's house.it's be scary if Ahhin suddenly come whilst we were preparing her birthday.aha.

so, after prepared all the stuff, liyana and i already ready to fetch Ahhin.

get ready,AHHIN! 

oh.by the way, i told AhHin that i'll buy the ingredients for the so-called cake. and i told her that i was at Tesco,and i was on her way to pick her up.[THIS WAS A LIE]

oh yeah, baby. she believed me.haha.

and to make the lie more convincing, i took liyana's tesco plastic bag,and put anything inside it,such as the peanut butter jam, breads and breads that i saw in Liyana's refridgerator just so to show off that i really was shopping for that ingredient. [heck no, she didn't even read the recipe that Ahhin gave her for the chocolate cake]

and so, we off(to Ahhin's house)!

so,we picked her up. and i told my sis(who was at liyana's house) to get ready cos we already pick Ahhin's up and we almost arrive.

so the plan to surprise Ahhin was suppose to be like this:

when we arrive Liyana's house, Ahhin have to open the door of liyana's house. and when the door already open, my sis and liyana's maid will be there with the cake and the candles already lit. when Ahhin saw that she'll cry cos she's too happy and she'll say "ALIA!!! I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!! I DON'T EXPECT THIS!!YOU SURPRISE ME!!"

yes.that's what i thought.

tho the real thing happened a lil bit differently:

when we arrived Liyana's house,the one who opened the door was Liyana. what the heck rite? but still, Liyana opened the door, and Ahhin was behind her, and voila~ cake and candles on fire held by my sis with both her and the maid sang Happy Birthday for Ahhin.

sounds pretty common,rite?

oh well.

Ahhin was 100% surprise. she really didn't expect that. she was giggling from start to the end. she only said hahahahhahahahhahahahhahhahahahaha non-stop in a small voice and stop only to blow the cake, and continue to giggle hahahahhahahahahhaahhahahaha maybe cos she really didn't expect that.

hahahahahhaahahhahahahhaha again.


and when Ahhin stopped her giggling, we ate the food.

the food is not that many. just some......

drumets that not exist in Russia.... ;p

shepherd pie that my sis really love...

mee goreng that look a lil bit weird from this view...
delicious still.

and of course, the Birthday cake!

it was kinda wow that ALL the food were gone after that.haha. and fyi, i ate the mee goreng most, cos i know those friends and sis of mine love the pie and drumets more than mee goreng, and so ate that cos liyana's maid work hard to cook the mee goreng for us, and she warned "FINISH THAT MEE GORENG!!" and so,i ate that mee goreng the most....

and tup tap tup tap after that, there were only 3 pieces of drumets left. ceh~~~~

anyway, after all the eating...we kinda became crazy a lil. maybe cos of the food.haha. and so.......

we kinda high of being too full.....

after that, we played games.

1st: we played this Don't-Say-That-Number(2,5,9) game that i took from 1N2D. and it was PURE FUN! haha. we laughed and screamed cos a lot mistakes happened all the time.haha. 

and then...

2nd: we played Charade. we used movies as the theme. and nobody a winner.haha. and it was kinda hilarious. and you know, i had to make Ahhin guess. and i got Jurassic Park with me. and so i motioned her some dinosaur move by showing the short hand of dinosaur and it tail, but Ahhin guessed: "HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON!"...........


and after that, we played that Don't-Say-That-Number(2,5,9) game again,and we got very exhausted and that's all.


Birthday Party, END!

so here on, i wanna wish Ahhin (eventho belated) HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY and hopefully, her life will get better and people will appreciate her more and more. be mature,lady!

so now,lets hope our friendship will last forever.AMIN~~!

credits images: liyana sulaiman

edit: some images were removed


asya yaacob said...

my birthday nak dekat ni.nak cake jugak

Alia Liverpool said...


maap.saya lupe befday anda.haha.

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