16 May, 2010


A'kum n ello...

been watching this certain drama called JIN. and i have another 2 episodes to finish it.harhar.

i'll talk about that drama AFTER i finish watching it, which by then, i'll be very2 sad cos Minakata Jin is really cool as that modern doctor in Edo era even though he loves to cry so much. and Ayase Haruka is very very cute!!!!!

still, in all dramas that she act, i only love her in Mr Brain and JIN. she looks nice in both dramas.haha.


oh well.....

i was thinking of blogging about this French movie that i watched last Friday called Amelie, but i talked too much about JIN that it'll be inappropriate of me to convert the Japanese to French.

so yeah~~~ i'll talk about JIN. hahahaha.

it's about a modern day doctor goes back to the Edo period. 

and i know some of you only know about Bujang Lapok and Princess Hours, so i'll tell you what is Edo period. Edo period is the time before Tokyo was formed. Edo is the old name of Tokyo. get it? and to add to your knowledge, Edo period is also called Tokugawa period. Tokugawa is the shogun(kinda like the emperor) that lead Japan at that time.

to make it easier, it's the era where Samurai X exist(which maybe not entirely true cos that anime cross around Meiji period(period after Edo) but you get the drill then. Samurai, Katana, Geisha, The Last Samurai)

before that, i wanna remind you that Edo period is around 1603-1868.

anyway, back to the synopsis.

the modern day doctor is called Minakata Jin. cos of some incidents, he suddenly goes back to the Edo period. bcos the medical technology at that time is not that advance, people kinda shocked when he treat patients with sugery and all. so when people around that time saw him drilled someone's skull, people were like "YOU WANT TO KILL MY SON!!!!!!!" or when he treat someone's stomach and he had to cut it to see their inside,people will shout "YOU WANT TO PERFORM HARAKIRI ON HIM!!!"

so people were kinda clueless at that time.

and because this Minakata Jin performed this kind of procedure, he kinda change the history. cos most of the medical skills that he performed were not exist at that time.

and that's all.

this is the kind of review you'll get if i haven't finish that reviewed drama.haha.

for your info, i love Japanese and Chinese history. i don't really care much about the Malay history. i have my reasons on that, and you don't need to know it. but i love my Malay tradition,so don't you worry or call me "KACANG LUPAKAN KULIT" or "TAK BERHATI PERUT PUNYA MELAYU"

and oh, this drama also show the life of prostitutes during that period. it was kinda interesting. i love that the prostitutes also have their own rank. that shows women are respected even though they already sell themselves.weird,i know,but sometimes, high class prostitutes are respected more than the man's own wife,don't you think?

this image is not a character from JIN.

so now. that's all.

Japanese tradition lesson, Shūryō!

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