15 May, 2010

just another badminton post.

A'kum n ello...


i am trying to resist myself from posting a Thomas Cup failure post. cos it's already 20hours after the defeat, so yeah, things like a defeat should be well-forgotten anyway.

tho apart of Lin Dan as an arrogant hot-stuff, and Koo Kien Keat&Tan Boon Heong as 2 cutie losers and Bao Chunlai as the cute player that no need to be introduced, we better forget the heartbreaks that'll make us more frustrated.



i doubt you even know him anyway. haha. Liyana and me's long time crush.hahaha. just google him if you wonder who the hell he is anyway.

anyway, a defeat is a defeat. China played very2 well, the Malaysian team can't give any excuse about it. have to say, my favourite badminton player is Wong Choong Hann. he played well last night,tho his age couldn't beat Chen Jin's youth.

oh well.

Malaysia's sport team haven't been a great team for the past 20 years anyway. Malaysia have great invidual players but not team players. We have Nicol David, Josiah Ng, and Lee Chong Wei....

as a team, we don't really achieve things greatly.


correct me later if Malaysia beat another good opponent in Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in hockey. i heard they beat India before this.


sports news over.haha.

ta then!

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Eireen Camelia said...

"2 cutie losers"? hate to admit but trueeee ;'-\