19 May, 2010

alia baik or liyana gile ?

A'kum n ello..

today,or should i say yesterday as it's already 2.40am rite now on 19th May.

oh well, on 18th May,which was yesterday, was Ah Hin's birthday.



nice one!

anyway, AhHin's family is not the kind of family who celebrate birthdays. so i planned this surprise party for AhHin. and....i will blog about the surprise party later.cos i'm just too lazy to choose the photos that need to be uploaded here. and like usual, the post about AhHin's birthday will be a long one.so i don't think i have the energy to blog enthusiastically about the birthday right now.

still, i really want to blog something. and it's about this one nice thing that happened between Liyana's email and mine.haha.

[btw,i know some foreigners that dunno Malay will come across this post,so just ignore this post cos you won't find it funny cos you don't understand Malay]

all start from.......

Liyana wanted the pictures from AhHin's birthday from my camera, and i wanted the pictures from Liyana's camera. so, we sent those pictures using our emails.

Liyana use yahoo, and yahoo got this big-email application thing in their email, so liyana can send me the pictures using email freely.

gmail,however,don't have those kind of stuff, and attach file is only limited to 25mb. and the files that i wanna send to liyana is 31mb,so i had to use mediafire to upload the file(pictures already compressed to winrar) and give liyana the file's link at mediafire.

and so,i did.

but in an e-mail form:


u see that email?

u see alia baik?
u see liyana giler?


anyway, if you click alia baik or liyana giler , you'll see a picture of Amber in a teddy bear mask. seriously cute.haha. or maybe you'll see a picture of 2 guys of Super Junior try to kiss each other.hahaha. and i love really much if you click alia baik, and it's true anyway that liyana is gila.haha.

don't think i dunno what you click ok? ;p

bye then!

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