13 May, 2010

it's a kpop thing.

A'kum n ello..

i'm bored.

so i want to blog about Kpop stuff.


1st: KIM C's DEPARTURE FROM 1N2D.[not even a kpop thing]

when 1n2d's fansub blog about the a certain someone that will leave the show(at that time,it was called as rumours), i was like "oh yeah.RUMOURS ONLY" but then, the rumour become a non-rumour and it become official that Kim C will leave the show.

obviously, i'm devastated. Kim C is my favourite member among the 7 men,so like i said, i'm devastated. i really like him. he's not the funniest 1N2D, but he is the smartest one among them. and i still remember the time when Kang Ho Dong asked him if he has a chance to go back to be a child, what will he do? and KimC's answer was nice,he said "i'll study math harder." and Ho Dong asked back,"why?" and he said"in this world, only math has the definite answer.1+1 is 2.and it won't change".

ok.that might sound too serious in a variety show, but i know in an instant how deep his view in life is.

[extra info: when Kang Ho Dong asked Jiwon what will he do when go back to become a child, Eun Jiwon said "i'll marry Wonder Girls"]

and another thing why i love this guy is, he supports Liverpool.so, enough said~

[however,he tweeted to Pete Teo,which club he support.and Pete Teo answered West Ham. and Pete Teo asked Kim C the same question. and Kim C answered "i support stupid Liverpool".lucky this Kim C guy is leaving 1N2D.harhar]

[and Alia Liverpool doesn't really know who is Pete Teo.he's a Malaysian musician tho,not the filmmaker]

and so,thank you Kim C for all the things that he gives us on tv. i'll definitely miss his abs after this. :(

2nd: AMBER!!!!!!!!!


obviously, i'm an Amber fan.hahaha.

and this just make my life happier. she reminds me of Osaki Nana in that manga Nana. and i don't really know why.haha. maybe cos of her boyish personality. and dear people, i'm not a lesbo. i really think SM Entertainment is a genius for using Amber as as their artist. they know how much Manhwa(korean manga) influence the Kpop world.

ok. if you're a manga reader like me, you'll understand what i mean by Manhwa. pretty boys and handsome girls.

yeay yeay!!

much to more liking now cos i already bored with the cute sexy women that every kpop singers have nowadays.


Bonamana is still in the twitter trending topics for more than 3 days. a good thing cos Super Junior is not Justin Bieber....

[by that, she's referring to Justin Bieber as the trending topic almost everyday]

and Bonamana is not as addictive as Sorry Sorry, but it still alright for me. i'm loving it. i have to play that song almost everyhourday.

and AND!!! KYUHYUN!!!!!!!!!! he is fine.............................!


ta then.

fangirling end!

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