30 March, 2008

FT Island fan-meeting

A'kum n ello...

BEWARE!LONG POST AHEAD!but very worth reading!hoho

went to the ft island fan meeting with emi,hani,aqilah,najwa,marjani and mimi...me,mimi and marjani are not ft island's fans...just hang out with them cos i'm alone at home and also cos i want to see cute guys...hoho~...cute guys are a must see!!...hoho...tho i have to memorize their faces before they arrive...

they were late though...they were suppose to come at 2pm..but min hwan(a member from ft island)was a lil bit sick,so they have to postpone it at 4pm..lorh~...and when 4pm arrive...heard the girls screamed..~~~~~~~~~~~~~...so i ran to the place that have the screaming voices...and so,saw them,the FT ISLAND boys...they had to change their path to the stage tho...cos of the mad fangirls chased after that them...and i saw this boy with a hat(that's JaeJin) suddenly ran like he was playing 'runaway fans'...and then the day started.....~

HONG GI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MIN HWAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JONG HUN!!!!!!!!!!JAE JIN!!WON BIN!!!!!...that's the name of the ft island boys by the way...loud,loud and loud...and like a normal human being,i don't want to avoid the fun...and after the press session,the boys went backstage to get ready for the autograph session....i went to the backstage..and suddenly jaejin went out from the backstage with the bodyguards around him...i thought he went home cos of sickness but that was suppose to be min hwan..and then mimi came to me...and we were thinking about where jaejin went...the backstage was crowded with the mad fangirls...(btw,emi,aqilah,hani and najwa were inside this 'section' that specially for the people who wants their autograph.so they're not with me and mimi and marjani.n fyi,only the people that bought the album can ask for an autograph)...me and mimi were like farther than the backstage cos we were thinking about snapping picture from far,just to get ready for the next person who'll come out from the backstage...and suddenly,mimi shouted "alia,alia,alia,JAEJIN!!"(kot)...so i looked at my back..and saw jaejin with the bodyguards came from behind...and we were like crazy stalker or maybe reporters...both me and mimi were humiliating ourselves cos when jaejin saw us,he was like shocked!..(fyi,the madgirls didn't notice him as fast as me and mimi)...and he was like smiling shyly maybe cos of our behaviour...and when he went back in,both me and mimi realized that we were humiliating ourselves in front of ft island.....hahahahha!...

and btw,me and mimi thought he went to the toilet...haha...cos that's the best possible reason...haha!..and i think that's an embarrassed smile,not the shy smile....

and so we got the better of the people who shook hand with the ft island boys cos they got the smile from them,but we got the humiliation....ahaha....~...

and i nearly died cos of stampede..!...the mad fangirls were like chasing after them after the fan meeting end...they were chasing..and i was like filming the FT Island...and then suddenly,a wave of fangirls attacked me...i nearly fell...the girls were pushing me,and i nearly fall to won bin ....hoho...and then suddenly,i got scared cos i think that was the 1st time i had experience a near-death..i was like very scared...and i was alone....so i tried to get away from the mad fans...and so i went to this balcony...and watched the vid i recorded..suddenly,many people came again,another wave~!!..i got scared again...i was alone and i cried when i saw my friends..i was sooo relieved..~~!!...now i understand how scared about getting killed..~...wow~

and also,cos of emi's angel hairband(??),she was chosen to be on the stage(not with the ft island tho.they didn't arrive yet)...and the person who was chosen will get 2 free tickets to the concert,and cos emi already bought it,she gave the ticket to mimi and ME~~~!!..hoho,me!!...ahahaha!...so i'll go with them tomorrow...hoho...cool eh?...i'm lucky!!....

anyway,to make things simple,watched this vid...u can understand things better between me and jaejin...and why the hell this guy is younger than me?..haish~..ahah!...

and this vid is the madness of fangirls~

and some pics from my nikon!..hoho!

honggi slurping some ice coffee..malaysia is hot,can't help it..

HAHAHAHA...that smile of his is like a smile of 'OMG!!U AGAIN!?!?'

jonghun...ahah...i think he's the most good-looking among them

honggi and min hwan...cute loh mini train like that...

the introduction...~

i was TOO near to won bin's shoulder...and i saw his BCG(ye la tu kot)

emi said won bin always made a 'pak cik' pose...always put up his hand like an old man...haha...!

that's all then!

1 of the longest posts i ever did

and really tho..i took all of these like i'm their no1 fan!..lorh~...whatever then!
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yana liyana said...

alia!!! terlupe nk komen kat cni XDD
t klo kte jumpe cte taw..taw2..

1st kpop love tu,,hongki =p
best2 alia punye blog hehe ^^

Alia Liverpool said...

haha.kalo bace blog ni,always comment k.baru rse appreciated.haha.

time ft island dtg tu,x minat pun fti.time tu tgh bnci gle hongki sbb ade rumours yg dia kutuk dbsk.

last2 after this thing,baru start minat fti.hahaha.