31 August, 2007

make me restless..

a'kum n ello..

i'll tell you before..
i'm restless!


i don't think i'm anxious about my trial exam..
i think i'm a lil bit relax about it...
cos i really study..
i mean,i study bio...
and i understand about those synapse thingy..
and now i know which one is the biggest;cerebrum is bigger cerebellum..
lucky i'm understand those science words...

i think i'm anxious about the earphone..
my dad dunno about it..
but i'm sure he'll be mad if he know about it..

i'll change the topic..

last night..
i got a dream..
it was very funny..
i have to admit i was anxious about the exam..
but mostly about bm paper..(for right now)
cos i was thinking about those KEMASIN tips that pn. noraini gave the whole class..
and also the tips about how to get high score in the 'karangan berpandu' question..
she told me that we should make more than 1 skop in making that kind of essay..
and then..

i was thinking,
more than 1 skop?
pn noraini said we should combine all those 5 skops together to make a better essay..
and so..
i was thinking..
before sleeping..
and bcos before i sleep..
i was thinking about super junior cos i watched again the SUPER JUNIOR FULL HOUSE series..
and then..
i was dreaming about super junior..
i was dreaming..
"skop personal=super junior is 1 of my fav. korean boyband after dbsk n shinhwa"
"skop family=their togetherness show they all are families"
"skop community=many ppl love them"
"skop national=they make korea proud"
"skop international=the other asian countries know them"

i'm weird + crazy aite?
i dunno what the hell happen to me..
obviously i'm thinking about those tips...
and bm exam..
and super junior...
i should be studying..!

n let just say..
i'm thinking about taiki..
haven't think about him for weeks..
and some people guess he maybe 1 of the boy in my class..
and do you all think i want to say anything about it..?

i think i want to call hani after this..
  • currently listening to Tohoshinki's love in the ice
  • tiron,i'll try..!
  • emi,ah hin!i'll change my fav. in super junior..
  • i think i want to give my fangirls to donghae..
  • or maybe sungmin~~
  • ahahahahha!


a'kum n ello..

my sony ericsson earphone...

and i dunno where the hell its gone!!!!!

i'm a loser in keeping earphone...

i have to blame myself about this..
eventhough i really dunno where i lost it...


i really dunno what to feel and what to do..

i'm restless right now.........
  • the previous entry was just a scam...;p
  • and my father is not home rite now.
  • haha!

not the end.

a'kum n ello.

some notice for you.

i don't think this will become true.
mak cik azah is making my life nearly the end.

30 August, 2007

things i want to buy after spm..

a'kum n ello..

i've been thinking about life after spm..
so,i think about enjoying myself
so,i better make some list so that i can organize some cost..
  • japanese dvd:nodame constabile(concerto love),hana kimi,papa to musume na nokakan
  • anime dvd:bleach(chapters that i haven't watch yet),eyeshield21(chapters that haven't watch yet)
  • movies dvd:bring it on(1-3)
  • the clique(no.4 ++) books
that's all for now

dbsk's secrets

a'kum n ello..

again,saw something interesting related to dbsk...

Which member likes to stay in bed not wanting to get up?
Xiah: Although the youngest, but woke up the latest.
Hero: And also it's very hard to wake him up.
U-Know: It's a scary thing to wake him up.
Max: I admit it's me.
Micky: ChangMin is now at the rebellious stage.
(alia:everybody know that changmin is a sleepy-head)

Which member loves to 'seduce'?
Hero: Jun Su
Xiah: No, it's not that now.
Max: Then who is it?
Xiah: Ok, I admit it's me.
U-Know: When Jun Su covers his face with his hands and showed a shy smile, it's very cute!
(alia:junsu,u cute!)

Which member do you like to become?
Micky: Want to become Yun Ho, because he's very manly
Max: All the others are fantastic, except me who am not good, so I like to become any four of them except me.
Xiah: ChangMin is now at the rebellious stage.
(alia:i want to be changmin cos changmin is a top-scorer in his studies,and i bet my dad will love him ;p)

Most frequent website visited?
Yun Ho: Daum and Naver
JJ: Daum and Naver
Micky: Daum and music websites.
Junsu: Daum
Max: Daum
(alia:what the hell is Daum and Naver?)

What are some of the things that you've bought frequently?
YunHo: CD
JJ: Cap, accessories and pants.
Micky: Books
Junsu: CD
Max: Books
(alia:i'm saving money for ur concert and so i don't buy anything frequently ;( )

Best method to relieve stress?
Yun Ho: Take a stroll, or dancing
JaeJoong: Walk along Han River, or music composing
Micky: drive fast
Junsu: Take a stroll, or blast the volume of the music.
ChangMin: Listen to music, reading or in deep thoughts.
(alia: 'micky:drive fast',yup,that's the best thing!)

Which body part are you satisfied with?
Yun Ho: Nose and shoulder
JaeJoong: Chest
Micky: Forehead
Junsu: my third rib bone and the seventh backbone.
Max: Eyes
(alia:why didn't yunho said his boobs?)

What are your weaknesses? What are something that you are not good at it?
Yunho: troubled over my sister, I duno what to do to get along better with her.
JJ: I don't give people a good first impression all the time, I'm quite mad about that.
Max: Not able to express myself better.
(alia:ah~~changmin!u can just express urself to me!)

What are something that makes you "femine" in some ways?
Yunho: when I got something that I wanted badly, I would treasure them for a long time.
JJ: when I give all my love and when I want to care and concern the other party
Micky: I'm attractive
Junsu: I'm not woman in any way.
Max: Doing something I'm interested at, I would be cautious.
(alia:in woman point of view,u all are sweet!)

When are times you felt you were manly?
Yunho: When I'm performing on stage or expressing my views
JaeJoong: When I treat my lover with tolerance
Micky: When I go through many difficult times and overcome them.
Junsu: When I'm talking seriously
Max: When after a quarrel, not keep the matter in mind.
(alia:yes,now u macho!)

If there is one thing in your life that you would want to change, what is it?
Yunho: I don't wish to change anything, because they are all precious memories.
Jaejoong: I never regret any single thing before.
Micky: I am happy on what is like now, nothing needs to be change.
Junsu: I like my life, don't want to change.
Max: Be it now or the future, I would never do anything I regret.
(alia:don't change.u already good!be better only.)

Would you go swimming during summer?
Junsu: Chang Min is very good at swimming
ChangMin: No.
Micky: Its frog swim some more!
YunHo: Changmin can dive around 10 meters, he's hardworking!
ChangMin: No, I never dive that deep, I know a bit only (so humble)
Yun Ho: He can swim butterfly style too. Though he's the youngest, but he's the tallest.
Micky: Is butterfly style related to height?
Junsu: Hahahaha~
(alia:changmin,so sweet!!)

Only Changmin knows how to swim. What about the rest?
Junsu: though I'm not good at swimming, but I like it. Yunho is not very good at swimming too.
Yunho: You don't have to mention the last sentence
JJ: I think I would watch the sea, I'm really afraid of swimming
Junsu: He has bad experience.
Micky: In the past when filming MV in Korea, JJ drowned.
JJ: Yes
Yunho: Not in the sea, but in the hotel swimming pool.
JJ: When I fell into the pool, a large water wave was formed and I was forced to drink a lot of water, and I drowned like that
Yunho: He was drowned in the water for 10 minutes like that
JJ: from then on, I'm afraid to go near the water.
Max: But you shot a wonderful MV that time!
Junsu: That's the price for being hardworking
Micky: Actually we all love to go to the beach
Changmin: Hope we go to the beach not for job purposes but it's on a holiday to go to the beach.
(alia:i'll follow u to the beach to see ur hot bods and u-know's boobs.haha!)

nice eh?
a'kum n ello..

DBSK latest news that a must!

DBSK Sings Theme Song For Upcoming Drama "Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi" (a.k.a. Legend)

DBSK will sing the theme song "Chun Nyun Yun Ga" (A thousand years love song) for the upcoming MBC drama "Legend" starring Bae Yong Joon, which will premier on September 10th.
The song was composed by Joe Hisaishi who made the songs for "Futureboy Conan" and "Howl's Moving Castle" by Hayao Miyazaki.
It is a ballad song which expresses fate and heartbreaking love, and there is speculation that there will be a Japanese version.
Kim Jong Hak PD added, "The value and musicality of DBSK's music matched with the production".
Meanwhile DBSK revealed, "We are very honored. It's being made into a song that will stand up to the drama's magnificence", and that it will be included in the OST to be released at the end of the year in Japan.

[credits: Naver + jajaja@soompi]

(credit: pwenzi@soompi)
(thanks to TVfXQ LJ)

the song is good!

ipod update!

a'kum n ello..


i'm happy!

i know the solution for my ipod's prob..

my ipod couldn't be updated before cos some stupid sync prob..
one day,my bro told me that i have to log off whenever i attach a pandrive to the comp..
cos the comp can be a lil bit bengong...

i tried to do the same thing to my ipod..
the ipod can be sync to the comp!!


what i need now is a pair of earphone...................



a'kum n ello..

skip school..
cos,i thought my father will be back TODAY,so..
i skip school cos i want to join my bro picking him up at klia..
but the plan change....
my father's flight at Jeddah is tonight;
and the plane will arrive tomorrow...


lucky the internet is becoming boring right now..
i can study..

tonight,the whole bunch of tg malim's peeps will stay at acu's house...
just to get ready for melaka..
the whole lot of them want to go to some vacation there...
to tell you the truth...
i don't really like melaka..
cos my mother passed away when i went to a school-trip to melaka..
that's why i hate melaka..

but when i think about it,
why did i choose melaka as my 2nd choice in my matrik's option?
better i don't think too much about it...

k..that's all...
dunno what to say..

eat and study NEXT!

best quote i read in some mag.
if chelsea are naive and pure,i'm little Red Riding Hood
-Rafa Benitez

  • currently listening to Sum 41's we're all to blame..
  • Tohoshinki's summer dream single is 3rd in the oricon monthly chart...
  • YEAY!!!!
  • LIVERPOOL won over toulouse 4-0!
  • i used rm4 of my saving for DBSK's concert to buy HOT mag.
  • DAMN~~~

28 August, 2007

happy birthday to LIVERPOOL!

a'kum n ello..

hear this..

and to know that i don't even know when is the birthday of shah alam..~~
i'm such a scouser-wannabe...

skip school today..
yesterday was mostly about revision..
and so..
i think i better stay at home...
do some revision or something..
and huhu..
i really do it!

i'm good~~
and change...
that's good~

dunno what to say..

  • currently listening to Park Myung Soo's prince of sea..
  • hoho,najwa's princess of sea.......~~~~~~
  • torres is hot......!!!!!!!
  • LIVERPOOL vs toulouse later~
  • ayah this thursday...
  • can't online like usual..
they don't look like nerds,in my opinion..
they just look like;
a group of people who don't have suitable specs..
something like that..

xabi alonso,

27 August, 2007

today again.

a'kum n ello..

today is Malam Nisfu Sya'aban..
it means..
it's the day for our new 'diary'..
the old book will be replace by the new book..
another meaning=
it's the time for you to be good..

and this day also means..
birthday was 4 days ago!!
according to the Muslim chart anyway...
my birthday was 11th Sya'aban..
Happy Belated Birthday to ME~!

today at school...
quite okay..
cos i was studying..
but hani stopped me from studying after that..
cos she told me something about SS501 that i didn't want to miss...

it's not like I'm a new fan of SS501..
but the story was funny..
i mean..
it's not really that often you heard a story about how people wake up..
cos waking up is the sweetest thing a person do without thinking..

a carrot definitely not a ham.....~~~
(only hani understand this ;p)
and i don't like carrot....
  • currently listening to The Click 5's jenny..
  • makcik azah nag but i didn't even listen the hell she was talking..
  • nag early in the morning is totally out~~!(say it like a snob)
  • najwa,i'm happy that i didn't see you today..
  • choo~~!

Teppei Koike to star in Otsuichi adaptation

a'kum n ello..
something that makes me very2 happy..

Sun, August 26, 2007 (6:11pm EDT)

Teppei Koike of pop duo WaT has been chosen to star in Tatsuya Hagishima's movie "KIDS," based on the short story "Kiz/Kids" by Otsuichi. Hagishima previously directed "Kimi ni Shika Kikoenai," also based on a story by the same author.

"KIDS" revolves around a young man named Asato, who has the power to transfer other people's wounds to his own body. The story focuses on his friendship with another young man named Takeo (played by Hiroshi Tamaki). Chiaki Kuriyama also has a part in the cast.

Filming began on the 14th of this month. The movie is scheduled to open in February.

damn happy!
i miss teppei so much!
that nodame guy will be in it too..


26 August, 2007

tg malim.

a'kum n ello..

back from tg malim...

i didn't tell you i went to tg malim,eh?..


i'm back from tg malim..~~~

[fyi,i want to be like koyama keiichiro cos i love the way he blog]
i don't mind kissing people....
and i don't mind hugging too..
last week,i hugged najwa twice(i think) cos she sang "alia,i love you~~~~"
love it like i'm in heaven..

i'm insane..

anyway..back from tg malim...
met some cousins of mine...
we went there yesterday morning..
some weird thing happen but not really weird..
i want to pee just minutes before we arrive at our destination..
i was like...
[I told u,i'm insane]
further information,..
just asked me..
i want to see who the tak malu peeps who wants to know about a person's situation who want to pee..

we arrive..
and then,my acu asked me..
"bawak baju?"...
i was thinking,it's about the kenduri,aite?
but i have to..
after my acu already searched plenty of clothes for me to wear to the kenduri..

[haha,she even showed me this colourful dress that only oldies wear.and i said "HA-HA"]
meaning=no way!

i went to the kenduri..
with this nice baju kurung that is owned by MakCik Jas..
and the baju kurung was big..
but lucky it was white..
cos if it black,the baju kurung will become baju kelawar...

on the night..
i went to my pak yang's house..
to watch a football match..
bear in mind..
i went there with my big bro and..
the owner of the house was not home..
except for his son...
who stay there alone..

but for the sake of liverpool..
i went to his house even without the boss of the house cos i want to watch my beloved Liverpool..
but something happen..
cos of my clumsiness and easy-to-forget habit..
we were lost..
[just being dramatic]

i called my cousin who lived there..
[my cousin=the daughter of my pak yang]
she gave the address and gave the no. of her house..
lucky for us..
we were on the same road according to the address..
but i dunno which one is pak yang's house..

when we saw the house..
i went into the house,like it's mine..
and pak yang's son opened the door after my frequent knocks..
and i went it and immediately change the channel to 81(it was 54,i think)..
and the score was 0-0 at that time...
and at the end..
it was 2-0...
seconds after the win..
we said bye bye to my cousin..
and went home to my atuk's house..

some guest~~~~~

at midnight..
my bro was attacked by asthma..
at 2am or so,i think..
he woke me up..
and ask"alia,jom pi klinik"..
i was thinking..
klinik?2am?i don't think so..
there's no clinic that open around that time..
but i couldn't have a nice sleep after that..
but after i saw my bro who looks alright(it seems..) while he was lying on the sofa..
i relaxed and went to sleep..
but he told me after that..
he couldn't sleep..

but he was alright..
so,i'm glad..

tata then..
somebody..bring ur add math's folio tomorrow..
i want to copy and say thank you..

i'm bad!

chow now..
lunch and akaun next~!

24 August, 2007


a'kum n ello..


if najwa was MAD...
i think this friend of mine will be..

when she sees me...
she will yell very loud(to me)..
and like a shrieking shack..

erm..am i mistaken these words as najwa's or hers?
i just know she'll be mad..

-drumroll~~!!!(u can imagine it if you want)-

(ainun,nazneen,u dunno him,rite?)

bless them..~~~
those smiles..ooh ;p
lucky u,aqilah..
shin jung hwan has a better smile than PMS...


changmin:why 'i am micky'?
alia:cos aqilah mistook him as micky
kimDongWan:aqilah n the chicken-man!

current feeling:bored n excited

phone call

a'kum n ello..

last night..i was very bored...
i called hani and halimah...
but both of them were not home..

i dunno why..
i called ....
mrs. park herself!

it was a long talk...
mainly funny talks cos we talked about xman,loveletter and my 1st time watching ghost story at the cinema...
and also the OTHER THING..
about her being park myung soo's love-mate..

alia:she was surprise to know her husband is a Chicken CEO
changmin:bad wife!


anyway..she really wants me to delete the pic..
but like heck i want to....
i'm lazy to delete it..
and i asked her what was her reaction when she 1st knew it..

she told me that hani called her to look at my blog..
cos there was something about her...
and so..
she surf at my blog..
and surprise,surprise..
she WAS SO SHOCKED she even made a surprise shout..
she said her sister asked what had happen(cos of her shouting suddenly)...
and she told her sister it was nothing..

but she told me she was laughing too hard..
she nearly had stomachache...

very2 funny..

and i told emi about it..
she said i'm cruel..
she didn't say it in a bad way..
but she said i bullied najwa too much..
and i replied haha to her...
and emi also haha..
hehe,i know she'll support me in doing this kind of thing..

and now...
i have a brilliant idea..
i wamt to make another PICTURE!!!
aqilah and shin jung hwan...
damn it will good..
cos i dunno why..
both of them are kinda similar..
especially the smile..
a big smile with a big D!

hee! ;D

  • finished watching himitsu no hanazono..
  • ah~~~~~~so cute!!!..
  • k,alia..
  • back to study!!!
  • baby,don't cry!!

DBSK jokes

a'kum n ello..

found this from somewhere...

What happens when fans finds DBSK's apt?


Fan: is this DBSK's apt??

JJ: oh no. this isn't, you have the wrong place

Fan: Really? this isn't DBSK's Apt?

JJ: No, it really isn't

Fan: Oh that's too bad. Yunho left his sweater at my place last night I was hoping to give it back to him

JJ *really pissed, but holding it in*: no, sorry. this isn't DBSK's apt

Fan leaves


Let us all pray for Yunho....



Fan: "Is this DBSK's Apt?"

Changmin : " oh no, this isn't"

Fan: " no? Kim Junsu ordered a pizza though"

Changmin: " OOO.. Junsu hyung, what toppings did you get?"

Fan: ......................


Fan: " is this DBSK's apt?"

Micky " no, it's not"

Fan: " ooo. are you micky yoochun?"

Micky: " no no I'm not"

Fan: " you are micky yoochun. right?"

Micky: " no I'm really not"

Fan: " oh I know! You're micky myungsoo!~~~" (note, comedian park myung soo portrait himself as micky in one of the banjun dramas)

Micky " Yah! I'm micky yoochun!"

credits: I like jelly@soompi forums

23 August, 2007

changmin x alia

a'kum n ello..

emi gave me this..

Grunge Hearts For Couples at Wishafriend.com


full house

a'kum n ello..

dear peeps,
i'm bored..
it's 2.58am..
but i can't sleep..
but i have to stop aite?
cos my bro want to use it..

and he still want to surf..
not really surprising..

just finish watching super junior full house...
episodes 12 and 13..
13;the farewell of Anya and Eva..
kinda sad to see them go..
and sad to see those goofballs of super juniors to end...

i'm very bored..

i even don't have the mood to watch xman,dbsk vids,read manga and so on..
where is entertainment when you want it?!?!

changmin:you already finished watching full house..

  • already read chemistry
  • just found out that helly has a blog
  • and luis garcia's letter to the fans is awesome!

22 August, 2007

najwa's response...

a'kum n ello..

i told you i was bored..
and i never thought she will look at it just minutes after i made it!

it's like she had a call or something like that..+..
i put her response here..
(she respond it at myspace)

HOW COULD U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SO MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DA PIC LOOKED HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I HATE PARK MYUNG SOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DAT IZ LIKE SOOOO MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
XCUSE MOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TGKLA ALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'LL GET U IN SKOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ANYWAYZ, PMS AWK NYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:( :( :( Sad Face :( :( :(



park myung soo is yours...
if you getting madder at me..
ask him to give u chicken for free...


park myung soo=prince of sea
najwa=princess of sea


alia:i'm getting evil....
changmin:u are.........
xabiAlonso:¡debes estar avergonzado!
kimDongWan:dun mind,Alia!i'm with you!

waste my time..

a'kum n ello..

dear pals of mine..

a moment ago..
i didn't have the mood to study..
i have this splendid idea..

will make a buddy of mine....

i edit a picture of her..

(ainun,nazneen,u never saw his face aite?)

and so..
the intro..



the editing kinda cheap..
cos blurry,blurry and all..
but that's what i got if i edit by photostudio..
and no photoshop.. ;c
oh well~~
at least you can see park myung soo's and najwa's face..

may God Bless You~~~!

park myung soo,4ever yours!

alia:high 5,anybody?
kimDongWan:-high5 alia-

21 August, 2007

cuti 1

a'kum n ello..

this holiday,i had waste my time...~~~..

I've been thinking about my add maths project..
but i don't have any idea how to do it..
especially now that we have to do it in English rather than Malay...

3 years of making folios in Jr. high school in Malay language..
and now i have to change my fingers to English...

a lil bit awkward and uneasiness...~~~

anyway,najwa finally got the disease...
the disease of DBSK..!!
she even put a picture of dbsk at her myspace profile and for the caption,

who was the first in telling me that changmin's nose is big?????
and all of them(dbsk members) look ugly and all...??

the person who said all of the above is currently a person who love *PROUD and *ONE..

NAJWA ABD GHAFAR(don't correct me if i'm wrong),i want to kick you!

however,welcome to the DBSK fanatics of 5SC1 and nice meeting you from me,ALIA LIVERPOOL aka ALIA BAIK aka 'RIZAL' aka 1ofTheAuthors of _____(hrm?)??

ney EMI,why the hell our story book don't have any title..???

erm....another thing,i finally downloaded turbo's black cat!!!!...hoho...kim jong gook's voice kinda weird in that song....but maybe,it's always like that....and i also downloaded park myung soo's prince of the sea.............................................

i wonder how could that guy made 4 albums?????

  • currently listening to The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' The Acoustic Song..
  • torres HOT HOT!
  • i still love you, xabi!!
  • just found out that Tohoshinki will have another single that will come out this september26..(credits: official Tohoshinki Japanese website)
  • Tohoshinki's 13th Single “SHINE/Ride on”
  • man,they really buzy.......
  • they already went to Korea for their 2st Asia tour..
  • and now they have to go back to japan to promote the new single...
*DBSK's songs


a'kum n ello..

some info about rob styles..

the British FA said they will remove him for the next weekend's match...whatever match he refereeing then...THIS is bcos that ROB STYLES RECOGNIZED and APOLOGIZED for his MISTAKE!!!!....

i'm mad...
but well,he apologized..

cos i am the baik and Liverpool also like that...
so...i accept..

but he cost us 2 points!!!!!!!!!!
and LIVERPOOL WILL BE IN THE TOP 4 just for 6 points in 2 matches...!!


move on then....

20 August, 2007


a'kum n ello..

i'm still mad eventho it's 1.39am in the morning...

i saw this nice petition from a liverpool fan...
that totally nice in viewing the future of football..so..he create this petition...

Remove Rob Styles as a referee


got to that link and sign it..i don't want some stupid mistakes from this man
to be seen again...

gerrard said...

a'kum n ello..

the lfc.tv just put it in the web..


"Whether it was because the Chelsea players were talking I don't know, but in the end he's cracked and made a bad decision. It wasn't a penalty and I hope he comes out and says sorry now. We have to apologise as players if we make mistakes so I hope he does the same."-steven gerrard
yup,cracked...the ref,not just crack,but also crap...the moment i saw that rob styles will be the referee,the 1st thing appeared in my mind was "CHANGE THE REF WILL YA????"

yes liyana,i am terribly mad....

anyway,torres scored the goal and liverpool played very2 well and chelsea was crap and man utd lose and arsenal drew 1-1....



a'kum n ello..

this weekend and also today is weird...unbelievably weird...luck didn't put it eyes on me...THAT is the truth!

Saturday,18th Aug.07-i was feeling happy for a moment...and naturally,something good might happen...then,i found out...the Malaysian badminton men-doubles lose in the semi final of the world badminton championship...i was like-where's the happy mo?

Sunday,19th Aug.07-i was feeling happy cos I'll be seeing my dear kak diah...then later,the plan was not completed cos we couldn't find kak diah's house(her boss' house)..so..i was down,very very down...then...mak cik azah brought us to mid valley...i suppose i should be happy cos we're at mid valley...i suppose i should be happy cos i had claypot..but i totally not in the mood to waste my time at mid valley..and mak cik azah knew that everybody totally not in the mood for shopping or something like that,went home and just that...

oh,and also...Liverpool played really well against chelsea...and Torres made a terrific goal and again,luck wasn't upon Liverpool and also me cos that stupid ref gave a penalty to chelsea...a penalty, cos of NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!...oooooooh~~~i was mad,very2 mad..!!!!!!...and instead of Liverpool getting the 3 points,Liverpool only got 1 point cos chelsea is totally happy with a penalty that not suppose to be a penalty...

and you want to know who the most ugliest thing in the world?
not a rare kind of species.he just HUMAN..
but ugly in the most ugliest way...
he is soo ugly,and i never thought i would feel this disgusted..
and more disgusting,he is ugly cos he is THAT way..
not bcos he is a chelsea-scum.....

however,torres' goal was the most beautiful thing...eventho his hair and eyes were hot,but his goal way hotter!...

sad the ref just dunno the way of fouling and giving penalty..

i want auntie anne's roti........
i want to see kak diah....
  • currently listening to Greeen's aiuta..
  • i told aiman,don't be a nagger like his petmom when he's older....

19 August, 2007

another plkn victim

a'kum and ello..

just wanna inform another victim of the plkn...
after liyana,atman and marjani...another friend of mine got the plkn...hehe..


ATHIRAH RAMZI aka tiron got plkn..


now i know how much u luv our country...haha...

18 August, 2007

today is OK!

a'kum n ello..

this week was the most happiest week i ever felt...!!!!!!!!

huhu..i'm glad and happy..
thanks for those dreams...i can easily live my life to the fullest...
study2 then watch some funny videos...

Funny Videos:the best medicine after study...

thank God and Technology for it..

anyway...i think i'll skip the akaun tuition for today cos i already went to the Sunday's tuition last time...if i'm not mistaken,the saturday's peep will learn the same thing that i learned last week..so..i think i want to study for today..and anyway,pn rokiah even said to me don't come on saturday the next week cos i must pay more if i come...kk then...

i read somewhere about SMAP...to tell you the truth,i don't like SMAP...i know the group consists of takuya kimura and also they had try hard to become like they are right now...but their songs just OK2 and totally below my interest...arigatou,arigatou they want..but i'm not interested...
weird~~i think i'm a lil bit mad with heySay7 cos they beat dbsk in the oricon...
i can't help it..i'm a dbsk fans right now.hoho.

oooh~~~~!!..right now,i'm in love with tohoshinki's love in the ice...that song is damn goooood!!!...when i listened to it,i will feel some blues in me...haha...it's not like i'm thinking about love or anything..but the song just make it that way...i think maybe cos the whole Tohoshinki members express it whole-heartedly...huhu..BLOODY GOOD..!

marjani didn't come to school yesterday...and she didn't reply my sms..and the whole class already know it...and ainun already announce it at her blog....so..without her permission or anything...i just say it out loud here...


liyana & atman,don't worry..somebody like you two will join you....haha...

some news,i completed my fast already....maybe cos i drank less water during my fasting,i bleed my lips...my lips were very dry cos of it...dehydration,you can call it that..huhu...and i asked mak cik azah what must i do with a dry lips..she said put some butter..and now,my lips are luscious cos butter..HAHHAHAHA!!


kk..want to watch some jihwaza...tata!
  • currently listening to DBSK's tonight..
  • loving Greeen's Aiuta...
  • Liverpool vs Chelsea tomorrow..
  • tomorrow will meet Kak Diah...YEAY!!!
  • there will be a Hana Yori Dango movie..same casts...
  • there will a Prince Of Tennis live-action drama but it's in chinese...
  • maybe cos of Beijing's Olympic...

16 August, 2007


a'kum n ello..

hoho...i'm crazy rite now..!!...hoho...

anyway..today was fun...the day started by singing some patriotic songs for the national day..it was when i shove the flag at ainun's,aqilah's and najwa's tudung..hoho...and then i point it into emi's body..haha...unlike other peeps who just gave me words like"ALIA!!!!!"...emi came to me after that and did some hit-hit..

i'm lazy to explain more..

anyway...English period was nice...pn nurul hana talked about her love life when she was in u.s....it was kinda interesting cos she rejected most of the men who confessed to her...and she told us some good tips,and one of them is:

never try to fall in love with an Arabic...
yup.that is..

cos an Arabic is mostly a meat-eater ie something like, love to eat meat,beef and their belly become fatter..yup..that is meat-eater in my opinion..haha..!!!!!!!

and in math,that's where the best fun started...we played CATCH THE MOUSE...and it was so funny looking at najwa's face when she saw hani sat beside her...haha...it was CLASS~~~!...huhu...

and I'm still have CHAN-MARI syndrome..
and also a loser in that 'my-finger-shows-1-but-i-said-2' game..da..~~

mostly..I'm happy today..

i already done registered my name for the matriks...i chose melaka,negeri sembilan and johor...i really which one to choose..but i want to be where my mates want to be..so i just choose where they want...i don't really mind which one...

and another thing..i found out that the minimum results required for matriks are all of the subject are c...so..i'm a lil bit relieve but just thinking about my add maths now then...

tata then!!
  • currently listening to Super Junior's twins(knock out)
  • but astro didn't show the match..
  • stupid~~
  • marjani~~~,good luck! ;p

changmin,i love you~~~~~~~
i did this myself...
but too simple..
i think emi can do better than this..
but i'm still trying..
you can do it!

15 August, 2007

skip the school,again

a'kum n ello..

skip the school rite now...those things about datin seriah's retirement celebration and just few learnings(i think) will waste a lil bit of my time to revise for the SPM...i'm not like some peeps who knows already what they learned in form4...but me,i was a player last year and just a bunch of stupid kids who never understand what the heck the teacher is saying cos i was sleeping in the class all the time in form4...

so..maybe this is my wake up call...

and yeah,this sudden seriousness got me cos of two reasons...
  1. i got this dream in the middle of the night which told me to STUDY and i was too scared about it and woke up and couldn't sleep after that.later after that,i slept back(yeah,yeah,i didn't study after that)
  2. and i suddenly remember of my ustazah aminah who passed away when i was 9-year-old...i dunno why...it's like a total wake up call when she appeared suddenly in my mind and i remember her angry words towards me when i had to recite the al-Quran with her..
but i want to study smart than study hard..so i manage 1 subjects each and don't ask further question how i want to take care of 11 subjects especially all the form4 topics in 3 months now...

don't forget,i was a smart student before....

and cos i will study smart and not study hard cos it will make my mind tired...i will continue playing CATCH THE MOUSE with my friends!yeaay~~CHABATTA!

i'm happy eventhough i'm insanely excited towards liverpool and my mind still thinking about DBSK's concert and also that DBSK's cute t-shirt...but i am more than happy that nobody around me is nagging me..

and i really hope my father who will be back for forever this 30th august won't start nagging at me when he saw me surfing the comp and i hope he will start the nag by just saying,"Alia,jangan main komputer lama"...cos i'll definitely stop after that...(yup,tips for you, Dad)

and i suddenly remember of my old friend Afiqah who currently live in Kedah...i heard her dad passed away last year..and since that, i didn't sms her...(that's not the only reason,she also use maxis)...i wonder how she is right now?i wonder if she got chosen for the PLKN?i wonder if she still remember me?i wonder if she still recognize me?i wonder if she ever think about me?i wonder will she cry when i suddenly appear in front of her?..hrm...i just pray for you.
  • currently listening to NEWS's stand up..
  • kazunari ninomiya and nagasawa masami are rumoured to be dating right now..
  • hoho..
  • and the press said maybe they have dating for 2 years...
  • sweeet~~
  • i won't go to the datin seriah's retirement dinner..
  • cos i think meeting my dear kak diah is more important...

really though...
is this the FUTURE USTAZAH????

i love two men celebrating a goal together..
especially if both of them have great bod..
and 1 of them is torres...
cos it's not gay~~~~

13 August, 2007

future job

a'kum n ello..

just now...pn mimma showed us this stupid and ridiculous thing...something about job prediction...

stupid and ridiculous...


cos i got PORN STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

millions of jobs and the one i got is a PORN STAR!!!..

curse me,will you!!?!??!..

emi got pro tramp...i dunno what the hell is tramp....but maybe someone like lady and the tramp..

aqilah got clown......
shrieking shack is better...huhu..

ainun got monkey impressionist.....
i think she should try that..

nazneen got samy vellu replacement...
i hope she'll be the next mic president instead of the menteri kerja raya...hoho..

and haish...
najwa got supermodel..

too contra than me who got PORNSTAR..~~...
is it bcos i read too many ecchi manga??...

hani got graphic designer..
i don't want to admit she that she got a normal job...


anyway...we tried DBSK guys...except junsu only..

jaejoong and my dear changMin got tok kadi...

changmin:what is tok kadi?
alia:the one who responsible for a couple to get married.somesort like that.
alia:jae joong will be our tok kadi when we get married!!!!
kim dong wan:o_O??
xabi alonso:jae joong the tok kadi~~~~~~~~~~?

yoochun got artist..
sell those arts at petaling street then...

and finally...
the nicest thing after pornstar..

an ustazah..

in my head...
i am visualising him..
with a tudung labuh...
light choc one..
with a purdah on top of it..
and a nice jubah..

nice one yunho~~!!

that jubah and the tudung labuh will hide ur boobs!


12 August, 2007

atman is next..!

a'kum n ello..

foir my dear friends...it's not only liyana who is the CHOSEN ONE...but there also other person who is the another CHOSEN ONE..


hoho..i wonder if afiq ersyad also got it?...i want those two to be together...haha.....

k..i want to find another victim...haha...


a'kum n ello..

just wanna put some pictures...hahaha...

here it goes...~~~

me look like ALIA DA BAIK
emi looks like EMI DA GILA..
but i think i have a fat-face..

this is da bdak kecik's baju raya..!!!

my sis took this pic...
i asked her to do it cos we saw a liverpool's snowcap at the shop..
and we put it on his head then..
voila!he's a liverpudlian!

khidmat negara

a'kum n ello..

i know this friend of mine will be mad but she's a happy-go-lucky girl...so..i just say it here..


haha...she is one of the CHOSEN ONE..!!!...haha....among the thousands,she's one of it..

OOOOH..!!..SO LUCKY!!!...:P

and she told me,if she ever need someone when she is sad or some sort like that,she'll call me..haha...nice2..!!...

and if she really call,i only can say four words to her,YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE..!!


i will definitely call her if Liverpool beat chelsea or if marshall allman get married...haha..

aston villa 1-2 LIVERPOOL

a'kum n ello..

huhu...I'M SOOOO HAPPY..!!.Liverpool won their match last night..huhu..i am so happy right now..!...especially when i visualise gerrard's goal in my mind..the man scored that goal brilliantly...!...one of the best free kick i ever seen..huhu..

Torres started in front with kuyt...he was awesome with kuyt...and damn that kuyt..he played very well and didn't even think about being tired and all..huhu...when the first goal came,i was like,"URGH!how come he can't score!?!"..cos at that time,torres nearly score but the keeper stopped his shot by just pushing away the ball..but when the ball nearly got outside..kuyt went to the ball before it was over the line and he kicked it and voila!the aston villa's defender scored an own goal after he made a touch on it...haha...

1-0 to liverpool!

and then...in the 2nd half..liverpool didn't play really well like in the 1st half...but later after that..carragher made a handball inside the penalty area and so..a penalty for aston villa...

1-1 to liverpool...~~

but just more than 60++ seconds after that..aston villa's petrov made a foul on gerrard and the ref gave liverpool a free kick...and gerrard took the free kick and it was damn beautiful!!!!!...if gerrard is my son,i will definitely shout "THAT'S MY SON!!"...oh well~~..he's not...~~...

2-1 to liverpool!!!!!

and torres was hot and xabi looked kinda nerdy...he must change the haircut..

anyway...chat with hazim just now..he asked if i got chosen for the PLKN....the PLKN already update their database...and students can check out if they get it or not right now....just to confirm if the PLKN really update their data...i asked hazim if there is someone that he knows chosen for the PLKN..he said there are 3 guys from his class got it..so...i can confirm that the PLKN already do their work..so...i sent a sms to the PLKN to find it(can't enter the PLKN website right now)...and YAHOO!!!...i didn't get it!!..ALHAMDULILLAH!!...huhu...i can watch liverpool's match!!...

changMin:the reason you don't want PLKN is.....
alia:cos i don't want to miss any Liverpool match.yup.
xabi:you're being a true scouser!
KimDongWan:a nice thing to forget the army...

anyway..if you want to check if you get chosen or not...go to http://www.khidmatnegara.gov.my/

or send a sms

NS [I.C no.]
send to 33995

my plan to go to Tg Malim today maybe won't happen...
  • currently listening to Tohoshinki's song for you
  • i can't find Turbo's black cat..
  • trying to resist from watching the latest hana kimi...
  • amalina's bro's wedding is today..
  • at the bride's house though..

11 August, 2007

saturday is not school

a'kum n ello..

today has school...yes~~..and i dunno why i didn't skip it...but lucky today is not really wasted...i had fun...kot.

i brought chocs to school today...i wanted to give them to ah hin..but ah hin didn't come today..so..i gave them to my mates..haha...they got really hyper after that..maybe cos the chocs made them...it was nice to see them look too active in the morning...haha...aqilah blamed me about it..da..

i talked to ainun about something...yup,she still thinking about the 'problem' she has...but i told her i don't want to get too involve with it..cos this kind of prob always happen to me and ah hin...and it will be ok later...and anyway...her counter-part and her should talk to each other straight away though...cos their speaking term will be miss...

for a certain 'person'...you're not selfish..but a lil bit ego...but don't mind about it..you're still the best!

.full stop.i don't want to get involve in this too much.

anyway...I've been e-mailing with my dear cousin,Noi who currently studying in Bandung....when i e-mailing with her...i kinda miss the 1st time i surf the Internet..and when i think about it..I've been surfing the net since i was standard 6...not include the years before that bcos at that time i played the Internet but i never know how to connect the modem to the computer...haha...

another 3 hours will have Liverpool 1st match..huhu..cool!...i am waiting for this for like,a season...lucky me that i'm still alive,AMIN~~!...emi wants to watch it..she mainly want to see torres only...haha...

kk...i talked too much then...bye2!!
  • currently listening to DBSK's miss you..
  • i think i want to change my current blog song to Turbo's black cat..
  • cos i think that song is currently najwa's fav...
  • haha...

09 August, 2007


a'kum n ello..

i want to talk more...erm..

i've just remember something...i want to list things about my 'bengang' that i can't forget for my friends who did it to me..
  1. i can't forget this,i just can't do it..there was this one time,liyana told me to wait at a junction near my house to give her santan..cos at that time,my class had to do some cooking..so,yeah,i waited for her..i was like an idiot..standing like a stupid woman with 5 box of santan on my hand and waited for her to appear..and she was late...so..i called her..and she was laughing very hard like it was the most funny thing happen in the world and she didn't even feel like she make me mad..i was soo pissed just like when i was mad when man utd defeat liverpool...and so..i hung up the phone without even waiting for her laugh to stop and just blah..damn..(laugh if you want,but imagine if you are me(at that time) i know you'll be piss)
  2. there was a plan to celebrate a birthday party for my friend...and 'someone' said she'll go..we even made plans for it..but at the end..without even telling me...she didn't go to the party but instead went somewhere with her family...i know family is first..but why the hell she didn't tell me..?
  3. i don't want to explain more about this..but when i'm moody..just ask"you're alright?"...and i'll definitely say"i'm alright"..and after you heard that,it will be a full stop..no further question you should ask...cos i'll be more piss...and never ever try to be concern or anything..cos i just feel annoyed with it..just one person understand this situation of mine and never ask futher question about it..and i'm very grateful about it..
  4. lie to me,i'll never forgive you...lie to me but immediately apologize it afterwards,that's forgivable....lie to me as a joke,but didn't tell me afterwards,i'll look into it..
  5. when my friends tried to take the person that i like just after when she knew i really like that person..damn,i still mad about it..but lucky it's the past...
a friend is a person who you look at as a FRIEND...if she is a friend for you,that's a FRIEND..if you hate her afterwards,and you don't want to be near her,you're the one who is not the FRIEND...and as a FRIEND,you should give her some hope eventhough it's hopeless cos something that is hopeless won't be that hopeless if you do it together..

yeah,that's my way of life..

i'm mad with certain people,but when i realize how good she is as my FRIEND..i just have to be grateful that she is my friend instead of not a friend...

damn,i'm dizzy.....

nothing really

a'kum n ello..

let me just say something just to make myself feel better...in my 17 years of life..i know i don't have any big experience like the other older peeps..but let me just say...

i understand things cos of my thinking that always too mature than other peeps of my age...i'm not proud but i feel a lil bored cos sometimes,when that thing is too childish..i can predict it without even realizing that i am predicting it..it's not like life is boring..but it's all bcos i think i want things to be different eventhough i..

  • always want to eat the same snacks..
  • always want to wear the same shoes..
  • always want to wear the same clothes..
  • always want to choose the original coke,unlike other peeps who love to mix coke with other drink..
  • always choose to be alone when i'm being moody..
conclusion,i want something different..but never really want it to happen..

sucks aite?..

yeah,just like when you think parents will be a lil bit different when we want them to be...but naturally,they will do what we expect it to be...

i don't want to give example..cos i'm too lazy to think about it...after all,i'm a forgetful person nowadays..

i think i'm talking crap..

2nd season of Team Medical Dragon(iryu)

a'kum n ello..

found this from TokyoGraph..

Wed, August 8, 2007 (4:28pm EDT)
Fuji TV has confirmed a second season of the medical drama series "Iryu," starring Kenji Sakaguchi. Also returning are Teppei Koike and Kuranosuke Sasaki, among others, while Yuki Uchida joins the cast as a medical journalist.

"Iryu 2" will air on Thursday at 10:00pm, starting in October.

Thursday in Japan though..but I'm sooo happy!!!!!...my favourite jdrama will have a 2nd season..!!..yeay!...koike teppei the cutie as harry potter look-alike will be in it..!!!..yeay..!...and also the hot asada ryuutaro...best!