27 August, 2007

today again.

a'kum n ello..

today is Malam Nisfu Sya'aban..
it means..
it's the day for our new 'diary'..
the old book will be replace by the new book..
another meaning=
it's the time for you to be good..

and this day also means..
birthday was 4 days ago!!
according to the Muslim chart anyway...
my birthday was 11th Sya'aban..
Happy Belated Birthday to ME~!

today at school...
quite okay..
cos i was studying..
but hani stopped me from studying after that..
cos she told me something about SS501 that i didn't want to miss...

it's not like I'm a new fan of SS501..
but the story was funny..
i mean..
it's not really that often you heard a story about how people wake up..
cos waking up is the sweetest thing a person do without thinking..

a carrot definitely not a ham.....~~~
(only hani understand this ;p)
and i don't like carrot....
  • currently listening to The Click 5's jenny..
  • makcik azah nag but i didn't even listen the hell she was talking..
  • nag early in the morning is totally out~~!(say it like a snob)
  • najwa,i'm happy that i didn't see you today..
  • choo~~!

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