30 August, 2007

dbsk's secrets

a'kum n ello..

again,saw something interesting related to dbsk...

Which member likes to stay in bed not wanting to get up?
Xiah: Although the youngest, but woke up the latest.
Hero: And also it's very hard to wake him up.
U-Know: It's a scary thing to wake him up.
Max: I admit it's me.
Micky: ChangMin is now at the rebellious stage.
(alia:everybody know that changmin is a sleepy-head)

Which member loves to 'seduce'?
Hero: Jun Su
Xiah: No, it's not that now.
Max: Then who is it?
Xiah: Ok, I admit it's me.
U-Know: When Jun Su covers his face with his hands and showed a shy smile, it's very cute!
(alia:junsu,u cute!)

Which member do you like to become?
Micky: Want to become Yun Ho, because he's very manly
Max: All the others are fantastic, except me who am not good, so I like to become any four of them except me.
Xiah: ChangMin is now at the rebellious stage.
(alia:i want to be changmin cos changmin is a top-scorer in his studies,and i bet my dad will love him ;p)

Most frequent website visited?
Yun Ho: Daum and Naver
JJ: Daum and Naver
Micky: Daum and music websites.
Junsu: Daum
Max: Daum
(alia:what the hell is Daum and Naver?)

What are some of the things that you've bought frequently?
YunHo: CD
JJ: Cap, accessories and pants.
Micky: Books
Junsu: CD
Max: Books
(alia:i'm saving money for ur concert and so i don't buy anything frequently ;( )

Best method to relieve stress?
Yun Ho: Take a stroll, or dancing
JaeJoong: Walk along Han River, or music composing
Micky: drive fast
Junsu: Take a stroll, or blast the volume of the music.
ChangMin: Listen to music, reading or in deep thoughts.
(alia: 'micky:drive fast',yup,that's the best thing!)

Which body part are you satisfied with?
Yun Ho: Nose and shoulder
JaeJoong: Chest
Micky: Forehead
Junsu: my third rib bone and the seventh backbone.
Max: Eyes
(alia:why didn't yunho said his boobs?)

What are your weaknesses? What are something that you are not good at it?
Yunho: troubled over my sister, I duno what to do to get along better with her.
JJ: I don't give people a good first impression all the time, I'm quite mad about that.
Max: Not able to express myself better.
(alia:ah~~changmin!u can just express urself to me!)

What are something that makes you "femine" in some ways?
Yunho: when I got something that I wanted badly, I would treasure them for a long time.
JJ: when I give all my love and when I want to care and concern the other party
Micky: I'm attractive
Junsu: I'm not woman in any way.
Max: Doing something I'm interested at, I would be cautious.
(alia:in woman point of view,u all are sweet!)

When are times you felt you were manly?
Yunho: When I'm performing on stage or expressing my views
JaeJoong: When I treat my lover with tolerance
Micky: When I go through many difficult times and overcome them.
Junsu: When I'm talking seriously
Max: When after a quarrel, not keep the matter in mind.
(alia:yes,now u macho!)

If there is one thing in your life that you would want to change, what is it?
Yunho: I don't wish to change anything, because they are all precious memories.
Jaejoong: I never regret any single thing before.
Micky: I am happy on what is like now, nothing needs to be change.
Junsu: I like my life, don't want to change.
Max: Be it now or the future, I would never do anything I regret.
(alia:don't change.u already good!be better only.)

Would you go swimming during summer?
Junsu: Chang Min is very good at swimming
ChangMin: No.
Micky: Its frog swim some more!
YunHo: Changmin can dive around 10 meters, he's hardworking!
ChangMin: No, I never dive that deep, I know a bit only (so humble)
Yun Ho: He can swim butterfly style too. Though he's the youngest, but he's the tallest.
Micky: Is butterfly style related to height?
Junsu: Hahahaha~
(alia:changmin,so sweet!!)

Only Changmin knows how to swim. What about the rest?
Junsu: though I'm not good at swimming, but I like it. Yunho is not very good at swimming too.
Yunho: You don't have to mention the last sentence
JJ: I think I would watch the sea, I'm really afraid of swimming
Junsu: He has bad experience.
Micky: In the past when filming MV in Korea, JJ drowned.
JJ: Yes
Yunho: Not in the sea, but in the hotel swimming pool.
JJ: When I fell into the pool, a large water wave was formed and I was forced to drink a lot of water, and I drowned like that
Yunho: He was drowned in the water for 10 minutes like that
JJ: from then on, I'm afraid to go near the water.
Max: But you shot a wonderful MV that time!
Junsu: That's the price for being hardworking
Micky: Actually we all love to go to the beach
Changmin: Hope we go to the beach not for job purposes but it's on a holiday to go to the beach.
(alia:i'll follow u to the beach to see ur hot bods and u-know's boobs.haha!)

nice eh?

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