26 July, 2008


A'kum n ello..

many things happen in this week~

on Monday,nothing much happen i think~
tho have chemistry quiz...
kinda ok...not that hard...~unlike the time when i was at matrik,the place that show my immaturity and stupidity~..ahah~

nway...like i said before..~
nothing much happen on Monday....

then on Tuesday...
nothing much happen again~...tho on this day i have biology's experiment..
had to look at the ripe and unripe banana cells,pine cell and onion cell~...
da~...and we have to search some of the info about the cells at the internet~...
lala,and cos the internet(i dunno what happen to the internet nowadays,they really are lacking some infos that i want) at uitm is at the PTAR,so me,KP and qilah had to go to the ptar(that's the library btw)...and on the way there,we saw amier and wan...
asked both of them to join us...and they joined...but that amier,like his true-self,he search for the info for about 5 minutes or so,then sms-ed me that he didn't get any info from the internet,just some merapu stuff,so he wants me to share with him what i got...nice~...
so lucky i got some stuff also,heard that KP and aqilah slept in front of the comp while searching for the infos...
but still...


and btw,we got BEL130(that's english) on that day too...so nazrin,amier and aqilah and me were together again as a group...and at that time,my mental was really weak cos i was tired and just got up from sleep...and my dear group members bullied me,including aqilah...

she didn't done any bad thing,but she still laughed together with those 2 guys..haish~~..

and NAZRIN OI NAZRIN,i know you're very2 long~~~!..but pls don't try to put my pencil case at a higher place again~~!!

not that i'm short~

and that's what happen on tuesday..~..tho on the night,all the people who lives at kolej melati had to gather at Dewan Seri Budiman to listen to the taklimat from the pengetua..
and nothing much happen before-during-after the taklimat~..

on Wednesday...KP,Aqilah and me went to times square...tho in the morning,we only had 1 class i.e english~...and this time,nazrin was too moody so he didn't bully me...but i still tried to make him have a good mood,so i made some stupid remarks about the works that we were doing...but you know,i never meant what i said to be funny,i'd only say something that is right from my own view,and when i said to aqilah and amier what i thought(nazrin was too pre-occupied with his anger towards our _____),and amier told me "you loco?"...


and you know what,my english lecturer kinda cruel...she said,one TAMIL(that's her word in saying WORDS OTHER THAN ENGLISH)word that we said,she'll give our leader(my group leader is nazrin) an essay...if 2 words,2 essays and so on...da~...and so,i told nazrin,"we care about you"...and then i said again"we love you,so we won't make you suffer"..in the end,i was the one who said many malay words accidentally,but lucky madame's ears were nowhere to be seen~.....

so nazrin was lucky,and i am stupid~
yeah2..loco me..

and so...after the english class,the trio went to times square to watch Dark Knight...and bloody good that movie~...tho i have to give warning to the people who hates long movies...cos dark knight have many scenes but also slow,but in a good way...and Heath Ledger's(may u R.I.P) Joker act was brilliant to the max!...hoho...HE WAS BLOODY EVIL~~!!!...tho that KP cried cos of his evilness(in another word,KP was too happy,she's in tears cos of the evilness)....

and that's that..~

tho my sis called me suddenly during the movie,and told me that my father will book tickets for the panic at the disco's concert for liyana and her...and i told her i also wanna go....and she told me i have to call my father and say that myself...and so,after the movie,i called my father and kinda surprise and had to supress my laughter cos my father said my sis wanna watch High School Musical,not P!ATD....ahah~~...and so i informed my sis about it...and she immediately called my father about it...

da~..i told liyana about it...and she said she'll burn the ticket if my father really book the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL instead of P!aTD...

and then,i sms-ed nazneen about this,and she said she already plan to go to the concert but dunno who she wanna go with...and so i told her that maybe i'll go....and bad things happen after that...~~~~~~

read it if u wanna know more about what happen~


nothing much happen on Thursday...
had chemistry's experiment;the empirical formula experiment,the one that used crucible and clay pot..~....and only KP's and Amier-Wan's experiment success in melting the magnesium strips....and so,i had to borrow KP's data...and the 4 boys in the class really crazy....

  • Lah-the guy who listen to JIWANG songs,unlike alternative rock that boys
    love very much...
  • Wira-the class rep whom i dunno what his mind is thinking about~
  • Amier-the guy who never relax and listen to this weird rocks songs that
    sounds like native-Japaneses talks in English~
  • Wan-who looks blur all the time..~

and if i have to plus KP in the list,things will just get crazier...

and that's what happen on thursday,..

and now,what happen in Friday...

English-speech class was full of laughter...KP imitated our Ustaz,who really loves to say HRM~ after a few sentence of his speech....and the other 3 people,Aqilah,Amier and me had to laugh at her imitation,and people heard this weird laugh from us...AQILAH,who have the laugh like a shrieking shack,KP and Amier who laughed like 2 hyenas...and lucky me,i' was the normal one who laugh like a normal person but still,i had tears in my eyes..~

and that's all..~

and also,my class schedule had change...wednesday is still the most relaxing day...but the busiest day is tuesday...and so,i had to tell my sis,liyana and nazneen that i couldn't go to the concert,cos the concert will be on 5th august and not on 25th august like i thought it'll be...and my class on that day will finish at 10pm,so i had to cancel..

and so my sis called me KELING~..


so that's all..~


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20 July, 2008


A'kum n ello..

so this day kinda bz...
have to search for the malay traditions thingy from the internet for the english thing...haish~..
or else,mdm shakirah will be more _____...
so better search for it..

badly need a laptop...haish~~
anybody want to borrow me their laptop..?
i have to wait until next year to have a laptop,
that's if i get 3.5 n above for this 1st sem~~

chat with faidzal today..he was my classmate when i was standard6..i always called him anak mama,and since then,ppl call him anak mama...he was the headboy,so it was weird that a headboy was called anak mama...

bless me cos create that holy name~

anyway...chat with him and we kinda talked about the future..
so i talked about my life in the future,that will mostly evolve myself to be a good wife....
truthfully,i'm more thinking about the life after death~..
too mature am i..?
but whatever..~
faidzal said i want to be an isteri mithali,
maybe what he said is true~

k then..
my dad calling me~

19 July, 2008

what happen on Thursday&Friday?

A'kum n ello..

so continue from the previous post..

Thursday (17.7.2008)
i had this very painful stomachache....it was aching from morning till now...and i had to do the experiment with my painful stomach....the lecturer said we had to do the experiment individually..so i did it alone...but i kinda felt like EHH?? when i saw the other peeps did the experiment in pairs...da~...but i still did it alone with my stomach aching for i dunno what~..

i think i'm the only person there that did the experiment alone...not that i want to brag,but i kinda felt proud with it cos that's the 1st time i did all 3 experiments alone~...hoho..a new experience is a thrill to me....even Lah said to me "fuiyo,wira~~"...meaning that i can do something like that alone just by myself...ahah~...

but still,cos of the pain in the stomach,i kept sighing...and so Lah said again "sian ko.dari tadi mengeluh"...and i told him that i had stomachache...and then he told me that he got a headache,but bcos someone woke him up from his sleep cos we have class...

really2 o_O~~

and i think that's all...

Friday (18.7.2008)
we got this chemistry tutor and also this bio quiz...lucky i remember some of the functions....but still,i don't think my words explain the true function of the prokaryotes cell~...

nway,on the evening,we had english-speech class...lucky,this time the lecturer is a diff one;Mdm. Shita...and she is bloody good!!!...

anyway,we had to form a group....and amier came to me and aqilah cos he assumed that we had to be in the same group like the one in english-writing class...nazrin was sitting beside him,so all me,aqilah and amier assumed like that...and then,KP suddenly shoo-ed amier away,and amier suddenly sulked(i'm not a fool to think that he is doing that for being cute tho he really is good looking)...at 1st,i didn't mind about KP joined like that,cos i thought 5 people in the group is alright...but then,i saw KP's english-writing group members...they were like LOST...and so i pity them and asked KP to join them...and KP had this fallen face on her...and i told her,"KP,SORRY.kitorg roommate.aku slalu mintak makanan kat ko.ko pun slalu mintak aku nye gula"...KP was reluctant to go away from the group....and amier paid back what KP did to him earlier,he said "PERGI,PERGI~"...and suddenly,KP's e-w members stood up,and move to the back,and sat with other 3 guys,and WITHOUT EVEN INVITING KP....~!...and then KP told amir,"sian tak aku,group aku taknak aku"...and i had to laugh at that....and so KP joined our group...and so i thought we had 5 peeps in the group,until this 3 girls in another group called nazrin to join them,and nazrin joined them and just said "diorg ajak aku~~"with a happy tone...both me and aqilah kinda like pause for a lil bit,and then i told amier,"ko sorg jela laki kat group ni,amier"...and so that's that..

anyway..our group was the loudest...our impression about amier 100% change after that....people thought he is quiet,think again dear peepos~....he is an hyperactive boy who gets excited easily....ahah~...and bcos he was excited,all of us got excited too...and when the teacher told us to make a group name,amier gave these ideas,the sape or dugong x....KP said dugong x is comel...so we kinda chose that...tho i dunno about aqilah,but it was really unwilling of me to accept the dugong x...but i was spending my time laughing my head off,so i kinda accept it...and to make matter worst(or funnier),amier said,when he introduce the group,we had to do this X sign using our hands..............................................

and all of us laughed really2 loud...the other groups just look at us...and the lecturer smiled looking our happy face...ahaha....

really tho..my stomach bcame more painful after that...ahah..

so that's all then~..
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what happen on Wednesday?

A'kum n ello..

i think i need a timeline so that when i'm old,i can read back what i blog,and said "WOOOO!!"...
maybe not a woo,cos i'll be an old lady at that time,and maybe i won't have any teeth to even pronounce a simple word,but if my tokmak can do it,why can't i??


Wednesday (16.7.2008)
i already blogged on this day...but it wasn't enough...something important wasn't mention in the previous post....on this day,i had english-writing class...we had to sit in groups...so my group consists of aqilah,amier and nazrin...anyway,we had to sit at the front...and so,we're the nearest to the lecturer,mdm shakirah....and let just say,this mdm shakirah is really2 ____.....yeah2,put whatever words u want,but she's really _____.....haish~...nazrin had a tough time to not curse her,and aqilah always have this urgh face,and amier always have this 'aku takut!' face...da~...and me?i dunno what kind of face i had...anyway...she kept pressuring us,treating us like kids;we had to stand up if we made some mistakes and so on...and the other 3 members were like 'haish,haish and haish'....and i tried to be calm and patient,cos i dunno,maybe cos she's the lecturer,so better follow her way...

and then,things happen..~

she asked me why i didn't jot down our group discussion..u know-la,when we're in 2ndary school,during study group,we wrote something in ONE paper,and copy after that...but in this uni days,we had to do it individually while discussing with the other members...but still,we were CLUELESS about it,and suddenly,mdm shakirah came to ME,and asked,"where is ur notes??"..i want to explain to her that i'll do it after finish discussing,but before i start telling her,she asked me the same question again,and again,again,again and non-stop without even listening to my reply...to say it in easy words,SHE ATTACKED ME~!...and so to make her satisfied and quiet,i said"bcos i didn't do it"...and so she was happy~~~~but still nag at me...until the group leader,nazrin,backed me up and told her "no,teacher.we'll finish this notes first and all of us will copy it"...and then mdm shakirah told him "ARE U THE LECTURER?"...

that kinda pissed me off cos i don't mind if she attacked me,but to attack someone else,that's cruel and totally pathetic..so after she's far from the group,i told the members that my patience really out...aqilah was like "rilek alia,rilek"..

really tho...~

and after that,cos i have a huge gap for the next class,i asked mak cik azah to bring me to the clinic to check my knee cos i've been having this pain in my knee for 3 weeks,and then i found out,i got MILD OSTEOPOROSIS...kidding me,will u?...the doctor kinda have to stop a smile from forming at her face cos OSTEOPOROSIS IS FOR OLD PEOPLE!!not young and passionate like ME!...da~...so i told KP about this,and i told her that the doctor advised me to drink more milk cos i hate milk,and KP told me"JOM MINUM SUSU SAME2 STIAP MALAM~!"...heh??

and at 8pm,i have computer class....no lecturer for the 2nd time~~...btw,i went home after met the doctor...and mak cik azah sent me to the faculty...and before that,cos KP mengidam CREAM PUFF,i bought for her this CROISSANT PUFF cos the cream puff already habis....and at class,it was boring at first...cos there was nothing to do with the internet there...and then i remember about my pendrive,and so i explore all the files in it,and i suddenly remember about the mangas that i save in the pendrive and also some of the songs in it....i listened to the songs,and my classmates listened to it,and i dunno how can they said EPIK HIGH's ONE is like pocho2 song???..da~...KP already falls in love with DBSK's doushite~..hehe!...and i was reading this manga called GIRLS GOT GAME,and it was damn funny,and i had to laugh...the girls aside from aqilah and KP,already went home...and there's only me,aqilah,KP,wira(class rep),amier and lah that were in the comp lab....and we were there until 10pm...the lab was on 5th floor,and so kp,aqilah and me wanted to use the lift...and saw the other 3 guys there...found out that the lift don't have any light cos the light inside it already bengong...and the lift kinda didn't move...and we,the girls, thought better took the stairs...but then we changed our mind....wira kicked the lift's door so that it'll move...and then the lift really move,and when the lift's door closed,there were only 6 of us,3 girls+3boys in the DARK LIFT,and so we were like "WEYH,WEYH!GELAP GILE!"...ahah~...and when the lift reached 1st floor,both me and aqilah just rushed out from the lift without even caring who we pushed and all...and KP hit amier...and then wira suddenly said "ade orang raba amier!"...we were like,'pape jela wira~"...ahah..

wa~i felt like i'm in that Haptic Call cf like the one DBSK and SNSD in...except no changmin~...

the Thurday and Friday will be in the next post~
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16 July, 2008

haish and ZILLION HAISH!

A'kum n ello..

so,i'm at home~!

nothing much to say really..

just that last monday,i planned to go out with mimi,but then nazneen asked me to join her and fatin aqilah to mid valley...mimi said she didn't mind if i join nazneen and fatin cos she wanted to go to the bank..so i told fatin that KP and me will join them,while aqilah will follow us later after she settle the bank thing with mimi(both of them wanna pay for the Tohoshinki T Concert.i don't have the money,so can't join them)...but some probs happen..~~~~~~

last monday was suppose to have 2 classes only....but then,when KP,aqilah n me arrived at the math lab,after waited for 20minutes or so,we found out that math lab at that day was suppose to be for the 1st group only...nice~~...and then...during chemistry lecture,we found out that we have to listen to this lab briefing at 3pm,eventhough it wasn't stated on our schedule...so i sms-ed fatin that we couldn't join them...i thought the plan won't give any effect to my feeling,cos fatin told me that they bought tickets to watch Hancock,not Journey to the Center of the Earth...naniko warned me not to watch hancock,so i was happy not to join fatin and nazneen watching the movie............

so continue~
so me n KP joined aqilah n mimi to the bank...the bank was near the shah alam mall...so after KP and I had lunch,(aqilah n mimi had to wait at the bank) both of us went to shah alam mall to pray....we had to rush cos 3pm was near....and so we prayed,and after that aqilah arrived at the surau....and cos i know too well about aqilah's and kp's slow movement,so both me n mimi went downstairs,checked some cds...and then i bought some creampuffs....

and when things all settle,mimi sent us to uitm.....and so i gave 1 of the creampuff to KP...and she always thinking about the puff everyday..~~...da..~...and i had to buy some for her later....hoho..

and so we went to the lab,and found out that my group wasn't suppose to come....da~!!....so we were shoo-ed away by the lecturer...and cos we had nothing to do,we had to go back to our college...da~~!....i tried to fight the urge to call mimi to pick us back...and even tried to fight the urge to call fatin aqilah to pick me~...haha..

and now,just found out,that fatin and nazneen watched Journey to the Center of The Earth!!!!...da!!!!!!...really wanna watch that 3D movie..!..

later wanna watch..
or maybe wanna watch DARK KNIGHT!

and btw...i don't think i like my english lecturer~

bye then!

13 July, 2008

bon odori

A'kum n ello..


last night went to bon odori!!!hoho...bloody fun!

went with liyana and my sis...liyana's dad sent us...and when we arrived,it was packed with people....took many free fans...and then...we went to the field,where many people were dancing to the traditional japanese songs....i only joined for like 2-3 minutes only...then went to the japanese booth where many japanese food sold....saw the cream puff price...heck,last year was only rm10...and now they increase it to RM20 for 5 pieces,kidding me aite?...and while looking at the booth,naniko called me......

naniko is my internet friend,and we planned to meet at the bon odori...
i never met her before..and last night,we met....and yeah,we clicked immediately!...ahah..!...
liyana said she salute me in this meeting with people cos i'm brave to meet someone i dunno...

so continue back to the bon odori...

we met naniko..nice girl she is..~..hoho...and then...went to japanese booth....wanted to buy the takoyaki...the que was too long...so we planned to que later or maybe never...nway,before that,both me and naniko saw these girls,they have these kamenashi kazuya's and yamapi's fans with them...and both me and naniko looked at each other,and we're like nearly shriek cos saw something like that in front of us and we thought maybe someone sell the fans in that festival...so we search for it...and we found nothing...and then,we went to this booth that sold japanese ice-cream...naniko bought for me chocolate ice-cream and hers strawberry...i tasted a lil bit of naniko's ice-cream,it was good...my ice-cream taste like crap,something like daki...ahah~

then went to liyana who we left cos she qued for the takoyaki....and there this booth near us that sold fruits + choc topping...and lucky it was only RM1...liyana and naniko bought it...naniko also bought strawberry + choc....the strawberry taste very2 masam...~...ahah..

and then..i told liyana that her line wasn't moving;the length was the same from where we left her and all....she said the line really shorten,but in the end,she gave up...

and then,we met my sis who left her friend....and both me and my sis told liyana and naniko that they could join the dance while me and my sis que for the takoyaki...cos we really wanted to eat the japanese crap~...and after the long que,unlike liyana,both of us got what we wanted...

and then...saw liyana and naniko picnic-ed on the grass,waiting for us...and near us,got this japanese family....husband and wife with 2 japanese boys....so all of us took pics with them...the japanese boys sighed when we asked for a pic with them..ahah~...couldn't help it,he was tired for being a 'celebrity'...ahah...and then,that's all..

btw,i bought this japanese sweet and biscuits...haven't taste the sweet yet...but the biscuits taste like biskut beras...ahah~...i don't think my family will love the taste...but aiman definitely like it...he loves to eat anything...~

and that's all...~!


ta then!
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the view of the bon odori...sorry,i only have the big size cos don't have any software to edit pic from this comp right now..

naniko and me...hoho~

liyana and my sis and me...sorry for the blurness..

the japanese family~dunno why the stupid camera gave this blurry image..

me and naniko with the japanese family...where the father?..he's the one who snap the picture...ahah!

10 July, 2008

hot body WANTED!

A'kum n ello..

k..too many things happen just in 4 days...ahaha~...and most of them were great~!

btw,i'm currently blogging at home...cos today i don't have any class after 12.30pm...so i went home cos i don't have anything to do at that U even if i stay there..hoho..


the 1st day of my official day as a student at uitm...i went to the science applied faculty..and then...went to see my schedule..it was a lil bit haish cos it was full of codes and all...and the people there put 4 schedules,which all of them are not even the same...

we chose this 3rd schedule,cos according to the schedule,it said 'DK DELTA'..and DK DELTA is the easiest one to find,so we went there...

and then...kp(my roommate),aqilah n i went to this lecture hall...and so we entered...and then we saw other students inside it...and also the lecturer..so we asked him,if this the diploma in microbiology group?...he asked me back,"u dunno ur classmate?"...da~...and so i replied,"no"...and then he informed us that those peeps were the 3rd semester students...and so...we have to follow the another schedule....the 1st one,after thinking logically...

and so...we went to the m604,means makmal 604...and so we waited for any grown up to appear...then found out,there'll be no lab in this week...


so my 1st day was mainly like that....
tho the whole peeps of dip microbio met our KETUA PROGRAMME,we can call him Wak(full name:i dunno)...and he was one of the coolest lecturer...hoho..

and btw,KP,aqilah and i were the bunch of crazy girls in the group...too many talks and that's bcos we just want to enjoy ourselves...hohohoho..

and then it start,my usual habit,searching for some cuties....hahahaha...luckily,there this pretty boy...he is in my programme,my classmates and also my english group member...hoho...he is the most good looking one in my programme but not really that 'he-is-TOTAL-HOT' kind of guy...tho i still usha him...hoho...and aqilah n kp said that that guy has a very beautiful pair of eyes...yeah,yeah...the pretty boy type of eyes...ahah~

i know what hani will thinking,i compare other guys with my previous crush too much...that's why i don't think other guys are great....

lucky there is James McAvoy..~~~~~

anyway...yesterday,went to sunway pyramid,cos i don't have any class after 12.30pm,until 8pm....so asked fatin aqilah to pick us up at seksyen2...and her sister sent us there...and so we went to sunway pyramid...

we brought KP with us..
just to show this perlis girl what it feels like to be in pyramid...hahaha~..

and so,we went...and we dined at a&w...and then went to asian avenue....too much funny things happen....

ah~~~!!!!!!..i entered this shop...and i saw the guy who handle the shop there,and my 1st thought was "wa~~cute!!"...and then suddenly,aqilah,without realizing that her tone was high,said "muke laki tu cam jaejoong kan?"...and i had to go out from the shop,and laugh my head off....cos that's when i realized that he really looks like DBSK's YOUNGWOONG JAEJOONG!!!!...hahaha...and to make it feel more o_O,that chinese guy always look at the mirror and adjust his hair just after aqilah's loud statement...

truthfully,i think that guy is a jaejoong wannabe...he really looks like jaejoong~!...i mean,his hairstyle and that earrings were too similar...

so i went back into the shop...and saw this nice cloth...and that jaejoong wannabe suddenly appear and said "baju tu ade 30% discount"...lucky i wasn't shocked or anything cos i didn't expect this 'JAEJOONG' to talk in malay~!....hoho....

and so i saw this minnie mouse top,and asked if the top has any discount,he said yup...and so i asked him how much the price will be after discount,(i TALKED WITH 'JAEJOONG'!!!)...and he said the price....and i asked him to lower it...and he smiled with this boyish smile,'tak bolehla'....hahahaha....

i'm not that flirty,thank you very much...

and so i bought the minnie mouse shirt....ahaha~...

(that chinese guy have the same hairstyle like this,but the hair cover his forehead,and also a pair of cross earrings,just like what jaejoong always wear)

and then aqilah bought what she wants and also fatin bought what she wants...and that KP was too absorb on the phone talking with her boo,in UTARA accent....hahaha~!

[go to fatin aqilah's blog to check on the pictures!]

and then,we watched...
ok,his body is TOTALLLY HOT!!
with the 6packs and all...hoho~!...
i'm a sucker in this 'choc' stuff...haha!

james mcavoy~ur centaur body in narnia was stupid to not show that hot body that u have~!

more scenes like this will be better.
i want to see the upper part,not the lower part.
tq very much.

WANTED was a brilliant movie~!!!!!!!!!
blood hell,the movie was brilliant~~!!!
so,a must watch~!
i gave it 5 stars then..~!
extra points with that hot body..~~!

k then..
wanna bye2..

  • have i told u that pretty boy is a Liverpool fan??
  • soulmate really exist eh?
  • haha!

06 July, 2008

pak uda's house

A'kum n ello..

just got back from my late pak uda's house...got this kenduri tahlil at his house....and so,met nearly all of the tg malim peeps...

nothing much happen really,i can't do all the pray stuff cos of the bloody P...so i read the book that i borrow from aqilah,Meg Cabot's size 12 is not fat....

u'd think that the book's title gave a romantic feeling or some funny stuff...unfortunately,the book is about mystery stuff instead of thinking that size 12 for jeans is fat...bloody fat i am,my jeans size is 18....i dunno if the international size is the same as the malaysian size...da~

anyway...the pak uda's family doesn't look like a family in grief(i dunno if this is the correct word or phrase)...maybe the departure of pak uda was something that expected,so it's not like a shock to the whole family,maybe...

i dunno what to think really,
my late-mother's death was too sudden,i dunno what to expect at that time...

anyway....tomorrow will buy some clothes...mak cik azah said we'll buy it at PAS...i asked her to buy the clothes at sunway pyramid...she said pyramid's clothes are expensive...mostly cost like RM39.90...and mak cik azah also add that she saw this blouse that 'cheaper' than the one that sell in pyramid,cost RM35....heh~?....

stingy woman..~

that's all..
nothing much to say..
wanna finish reading the book..
so later can buy another book..
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05 July, 2008

what happen to u,teen?

A'kum n ello..

it hurts u know..totally hurt..

it's totally a pain in the ass...but much more the pain in the heart when someone that was close with you become like that...i mean,she WAS my close friend before,and to see her like that was like,our past was like a stupid moment;something that never existed....and to see her become like that,i have to cover my sad face and just laugh with the other people who call her as bitch....

we were close and now is like our past was our bedtime story....

and to see her with the heineken in her grip,and she took a pic of it with it,i had to feel guilty eventho the guilt is like 1 drop of it...

maybe some people think my guilt is just nothing,but we were very2 close...i was the 1st one who knew about her getting her 'bloody P'...and now,i was the last one who know about her party-bitch behaviour....da~....

it's a sad thing..
very2 sad..
but to see her like that,my desire to cry,or to think about the past is just something that not worth anything....

that's all..

i'm going back to the mode:don't mind don't care...
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  • what a good timing~
  • cherish the past then~

manga bliss

A'kum n ello..

such bless...~~~
i love the people who create MANGA~!
a manga is the best way to express a story..

and also to express a passionate and fanatical thing~~!

i want to cry cos of happiness and bliss~
that EYESHIELD 21 latest chapter is just tooooooooo blooody goood~!!!!


04 July, 2008

uitm life?

A'kum n ello..

i'm totally tired right now..so maybe what i blog right now is not that long like i always used to...but still,do what u want...

ur pleasure is my pleasure...
wth that means...

anyway....so i'm through all those lame activities that call Minggu Mesra Siswa...dunno why many people there became too active...cos to be honest,the activities from that the facilitators create were like more to gedik than adapting to university life...i was like 0_O?...do we need this kind of game to tackle some men...?..da~...~~malu,malu~,malu~malu~tapi mau~....

mau ur shit la~..

and atman warned me before that MMS is like a torture week,my kop-mate Nazmi also said that...and let just say,this UiTM of mine,is more like a rest week than a torture week...the only torture were the ceramah and all of those things...most of my day when i had to face those ceramah,i only listened to my SE walkman instead of the words that those talkers said...really tho,i tried to listen to all of it,but still,why must they talk about politics...?..why talk about the history of DAP that has this thing like 'won't support malay never ever'..?..that's the past...know the past,learn the past...and anyway...

i don't want to say some political things cos i'm totally tired..so continue~

btw...i couldn't watch the euro08 final...haish~...i sms-ed that gay boy to inform me about the score and all...and lucky he informed me that at 32nd minutes,torres scored for spain,but that gay boy really loves to spoil my mood just as much as i love to make some gay stories to tease him,he added that it was NASIB that torres scored the goal...whatever you say dear..i watched the goal already,and it was brilliant~!

and then...i had this so called activity called LDK..means Latihan Dalam Kumpulan...my group was called Brazil..and we were the best group of all..hoho..~!...plenty of funny stuff happen...

ade 6 orang dlm sampan.

pelajar,penjenayah,polis,ibu mengandung,ustaz,singa,penjinak..

siapa yg kamu nk buang dlm sampan tu..?

my team said...
buang polis..
reason: sbb polis tu sbenarnye perogol.u know the news,many police molest young kids nowadays...and police also do some bad work...

reason why tak buang orang lain..
pelajar: pelajar pentingkan diri sndiri,jgn arap diorg nk buno diri..
penjenayah:diorg tu sbenarnye agen CIA..
ibu mengandung: sian la kan..
ustaz:ntuk jaga penjenayah tu..
singa:singa tu ASLAN!kalo takde aslan,sape nk jaga narnia.n kalo takde aslan,white witch dtg attack sampan tu sbb dia appear dr air bwh sampan tu..
penjinak:penjinak tu cute.takleh buang.n aslan hot-tempered,so better jgn buang..

my group was like that..i have to laugh until my stomach ache~

i met that gayboy at dewan seri budiman...he was on his way to register for the new semester...and...when i saw him,i called him "ATMAN GILE"..obviously,he looked at my way and smile,(he really is a crazy boy)...and then i called him again"GAY~!"...and he still smiling...he really is gay~...and he said i'm creating fitnah~?...da..ahah..

anyway..that boy has an affair with the pak cik misai...u know who is he?..the naib canselor of uitm...~
the one that has that bloody nice misai..
yeah rite~

ah~there was this one time,during the perasmian of MMS...uitm invited this menteri pengajian tinggi...and there was this one time,when the menteri was walking on the red carpet,me with the chupa chup lollipop in my mouth, was greeting the man at my seat...to be honest,i didn't even know who was the menteri....i saw the pak cik misai,but i saw this old man...and so i looked at him...he looked at me first,and so i looked back at him...and then he made this gesture like licking a lollipop,and i nodded at him without realizing that the lollipop was inside my mouth,and i kinda like, proud about the lollipop...until my roommate,awin,pulled me and pulled out the lollipop from my mouth..i was shocked,but that awin suddenly said "sampai menteri pun tegur psl lollipop tu.."..i was like,ah~that old man was the menteri...and so,the thought dawn on me and so i was like,GILE MALU~!!...haha....and in the end,when the menteri shook the students hands and all,he saw me,and we shook hands,but that menteri is a total old man..so he totally forgot about the lollipop incident..

i dunno how can this person become the minister for the higher education..da~

and now,i'm home...
surf the net..
and i have to register my ko-ko tomorrow via the net..cos i don't want to register manually at uitm...

so that's all..

i really wanna put some pics that i snap...
but my father already reformat the comp,and he haven't install any adobe,except the adobe reader software..
so i couldn't resize the pics that i want..
maybe later tho..

i have to find all of those songs again..

k now..
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