29 June, 2007

lab comp continue

a'kum n ello..

sorry for the previous post...pn mimma told us to shut our comp at that time..so..i have to end the previous post hanging like that...

where was i...?

k..my sis...she came to the bilik bahasa..and then cried"alia,NAK AIR!"..it was loud...and instead of giving her water...i asked her if she has an extra template for the C4R..(i forgot what she answered)..and then...pn nurulhana asked many questions to her...and she said it like her usual attitude...and later after that...i told her.."ko amik ko punye template,alia nak"...and my sis said"aye nak air"....but pn nurulhana beat me after that..she said"nak air?pergi ambil template tu.nanti teacher bg air"....my sis was surprised but instead of being modest with no-no-no...she said"o!air ape?"...pn nurulhana replied"air mineral la"..my sis was like dissapponited a lil bit but my sis still asking another question that is"air tu besar kan?"...pn nurulhana just nod...and she went out from the bilik bahasa and went to her class to take the template...

and yes,pn nurulhana gave her a bottle of mineral water bcos of her contribution...

anyway...bcos of what she did for my C4R team ie donate the C4R template,she later wanted me to bring her to watch transformers...i said i can't cos i will go watch it with liyana and her bro and also her bro's friend...but she was very insistent...so..i told her just try asked liyana if she can go...and liyana told her after that,that my sis can't go with us..cos her bro only booked 4 tickets...and i dunno~..my sis sulked after that...she said she already helped me and she got NOTHING?...she was mad....i felt a lil bit guilty after that..but it's not really my fault that my liyana's bro only booked 4 tickets,aite?

i had to use rm5.30 to buy chocs for her....da..

anyway...TRANSFORMERS...it was the coolest robotic movie i ever watched..huhu...steven spielberg was brilliant for producing this kind of movie...and that even steven boy(i dunno what his name) was brilliant..haha..he looks like hamzah but taller..

  • currently listening to avril lavigne's girlfriend

school lab

a'kum n ello..

najwa is beside me..!!!

she wants me to put her name here....haha...erase something that i wrote to her....haha..neway...emi didn't come to school..so...najwa the one who sit beside me...she just nyibuk2 with me only..n read something from my blog..the one with the wonder list..she laughed..

n that girl is currently sitting beside me...

and she wants me to blog something interesting..


erm...what interesting..??..

bob said something funny...he called the new teacher,the one that is datin seriah's son who currently teaching at smks9,cikgu botak...cos the teacher is botak...and he called him directly(that's what i heard) as cikgu botak and the teacher just laughed....

a lil bit boring........

erm...another interesting story...

after school....i will watch TRANSFORMER..!!!!!!!...


haha...i know she's jealous right now..


my sis also jealous...!!...haha...

n speaking of my sis...during recess...she met me at the bilik bahasa...and she was being her trueself(i mean,her behaviour at home) in front of pn nurulhana..............

to be continue....


28 June, 2007

new comp

a'kum n ello..

i'm using the new comp that my father bought for my bro...this comp is just a replacement for the laptop that everyday becoming older and older and also a grandfather...so...this big benQ comp with a big CPU is a nice replacement for the old laptop...


today was a special but not really a memorable day for my life..haha..cos it was Open Day..this maybe a last in my school year life...huhu...my father knew about my marks...he was upset with my add math's mark..huhu..i'm not really surprised when he reacted like that when he saw my marks...it was unforgivable...haha...let just say,that my add math's was trashy..!...haha..cos the number 17 will always be in my mind after this..huhu...

and after that,my father went to my lil sis' class...n when we were on our way to go to our car,just when we nearly reached to the stairs for the ground floor...my father met some of his mates from MCKK...and then came liyana's father chat together with my father and his mates..and then they exchange bussiness cards...and i was like,these people,how come they're still in contact after years without meeting....?....i dunno if i will connect with my friends if i go to some far away places...but whatever,i don't want to think about the future..

btw,liyana totally said the truth..my 'families' are everywhere....huhu..

yesterday,emi told me this funny story...it was syakira's dream...haha...she(emi) said that syakira dreamed ofemi and i left her and akmali...haha...she said i didn't wear any tudung and i wore this jacket that has sharp things(??) or some sort like that..and i think,maybe i wore a jeans and something...anyway,i forgot what emi wore...and the funny thing was,we left them,with both of us riding a motorcycle....at first i thought we rode a harley davidson bcos that will be very cool with a jacket and jeans..but emi told me that we rode a motor kapcai..haha..bengong~~...jeans and jacket are totally not suitable with a kapcai...haha....
  • my sis got a hairstyle book from someone...
  • and i think i will be the victim..
  • to be the object of her experiment...
  • lucky,i love her...
  • haish2..!!

26 June, 2007

i hate man utd!

a'kum n ello..

let me tell you....i know you know it already..but just let make it officially..I HATE MAN UTD!!..huhu...anything that have the man utd words or pics on it are totally a germ to me...i can't say no to newspaper though...the thing have everything i wanted sometimes...huhu...

n fatin..it will be very helpful if you just put that man utd pencil u have into the bin...cos sometimes,its really puking me..

puking?..i don't know if that's the right word..

anyway..my group sent the C4R posters..and however good looking they are...we have some grammar errors in it....haha...nobody realize the errors except after we pointed the errors to them..but our dear pn nurulhana,she knew our mistakes just with one look...and all of that are like,i-am-very-dissappointed...ah~~!!!....

not really,i just made that up.....

she was just.....~~i dunno,a lil bit sad maybe...da..sorry2..!!!

anyway..i dreamed of DBSK for 2 days in a row...hoho...kinda funny aite...i forgot what happen in the dreams...but the dreams are definitely DBSK related..hehe...i dunno what happen to me...maybe i'm being fan girl...

it i'm not mistaken,DBSK sang a song in bm.....


not that i mind it very much..huhu...i love being myself....
  • my dad knows about the open day this thursday...
  • and he said he difinitely will come..
  • and i watched the new harry potter movie trailer..
  • it was awesome!
  • henry to barca!(everyone knows it)
  • and there are rumours that torres will come to liverpool...

I'm no tea puller..but emi makes me...!

huhu..i got this from ah hin's myspace..!!.

25 June, 2007

lovin' you

a'kum n ello..

now..i think..i want to be alone with my best friends...the true best friends that i can count on...i'm very happy with them...they are the best..and sarangheyo!!!

neway...school was alright today..like usual,hani didn't come on Monday..most of the teachers didn't come to the class...too many bz ppl in this world nowadays...lor...and pn. asyikin asked me to help her...lucky ainun was with me to help her.....

anyway...yesterday...my C4R group finished the posters...huhu...the posters were awesome!!..brilliant,should i say.....emi was awesome for the graphics..huhu..n thanks for her bro cos let us borrow his camera..neway...it was a cool day last night..we finished the posters with happiness..it was satisfying and happy cos we made the posters cos we want to have some fun..and it comes out good..huhu...

last time..i blogged that i don't like dbsk's lovin' you..i have to take back my words...I LOVE THE SONG!!!!...it's my favourite right now,aside of k's only human..huhu...and jae joong's voice is very loving...huhu...

and let me tell you,if i'm not addict of chang min..i think i'll addict to micky..huhu...
  • last saturday,me n emi made a fan-fiction about DBSK...
  • we were bored..
  • so,surf to emi's blog if you want to read it..
  • we made it while we were IM-ing at ym...
  • currently listening to DBSK's sky
  • i love chang min!!
  • and i don't think i adore taiki..
  • so,maybe i'll just hide the pemadam and later on i'll forget about it..
  • huhu..
  • and my caller ringtone is DBSK's rising sun(japanese version)
  • hahahhah!!!
  • i know urs also DBSK,emi-chan..
  • and dear emi,moto jun's new movie is out at mall..

23 June, 2007

1 litre of tears

a'kum n ello..

i am currently listening to the 1 litre of tears OST,K's only human...the song makes me somewhat sad...maybe cos i suddenly remember my mother....

she was a great lady,she really was...

mother's day already gone...and i never want to remember it...the whole family didn't celebrate it
for mak cik azah...k,she's a stepmum....but still,i never want to say to people that she's a mother of mine...i'm sorry for saying this,but i don't think there's a proper mum that can replace my mother...

want to know why?

cos i was never a mama's girl...

and i dunno where to give my hearts out when i'm in tears...
even this time,the only person who willing to listen is only hani...

why?cos i trust her...

and about my mother,
when she was sick,i was in my bedroom,doing nothing but reading....i was selfish,i was ignorant...and i regret it...

and i just hope nobody will die like she is, later...

1 litre of alia's tears...
  • tonight will have dinner at victoria station
  • the place that the whole family always go when my mother was alive..


a'kum n ello..

i had just hung up the phone after talking with hani...i was bored cos my bro and sis surf the net...and i say this again,I'M BORED..!!

k...i haven't bathe yet...
and also i'm dizzy..
and tomorrow will have chemistry extra class to do the PEKA..
and i'm still lazy to go to sleep..


at school...surf the web at comp lab...it was alright...teacher told me that i should use a proper english when i speak...i had to laugh at myself about that cos i'm really not a 'proper' person...but i'll try...

i dunno what to say..



and the Xman shows were damn funny..!!...and now i know why many people love Yoochun..damn,he is so charming!!!...
  • something good happen again
  • hehehehehehe..
  • liyana,the easily-forgotten person..
  • i'm tired..
  • open day is next week,on thursday........
  • lorh..!

21 June, 2007


a'kum n ello..

proudly i am,that the most improve subject in the past exam was my bio..i don't care if ppl said i am easily happy cos i only got C in my bio..but i am very happy with it..cos i never got more than 40% in my bio paper except in tuition....so...to get C for the 1st time was a happy moment cos i know i can improve better n better after this eventhough there's only 4 months for the big day..hehe...so..i'm happy..my physic also improve...but my chemistry maintain..but the result is better than i thought...

my account~~....pergh~~...slump!

this week was a boring week...haha...something good happen....but it's not really a big deal...haha..but still,it's good...haha...

there was a photography session for the school mag...and for the 1st time in my life,a 1st since i was a kindergarten,i sat on the chair!...opposite the camera and in front of the students....haha...i know it's not really a big deal for some ppl..but that's a first time for me and also a last time for my school's life..huhu...but the hardest part when sitting in front is,you expose the whole body in front of the camera...haha...

not really a cool thing but it's good for the memory..
  • i'm dizzy..
  • my mind becoming pening everyday...
  • and i dunno why..
  • k..i'm addict to DBSK..
  • and their new single,Lovin' You is 2nd on oricon...
  • like emi,i don't think i like the single..
  • but it's ok..
  • a friend of mine said that chang min looks like 'mizzy elliot'..
  • a-ha-ha!

18 June, 2007


a'kum n ello..

i'm blogging..haha..it's nearly midnight and my chemistry book is beside me..huhu..cos i didn't catch up some of the thermochemistry topic last time..so..this time..i read it..huhu...

neway..hani skip the school on monday again..haha..i dunno how can she skip the school on the same day..i really want to know...huhu..but i'm jealous of her for today..cos there's no learning stuff at school today..just some thingy about choices for ur career and all...nearly all the stuff i got was about psycho and social stuff..huhu...so..maybe i should be a psychology...huhu..

liyana and ah hin and also akmali sang at the assembly today..hahahah...it was funny though...cos the people that i never thought will sing were singing at the front...haha...
  • currently watching:america's next top model
  • doing chemistry
  • csi:ny is good!!
  • hehe..chang min!
  • hahaha....drool about something...
  • if ppl said yamapi and toma will duet together to be a 'PtoT'..i don't think so..
  • i think it will be yamapi and yuu..
  • cos...
  • currently reading abbott's summer boys

17 June, 2007

chang min!

a'kum n ello..

i know this layout is a very typical layout..but..i LOVE CHANG MIN!!!..huhu...so..i can adore him and put him in my dream always...huhu..

lucky this layout is good..!

i had probs searching for the right layout..

cos i don't really like the previous layout..haha...

ayah is back

a'kum n ello..

so..some surprise my father gave me today..he is back!...HE'S BACK!..i was so surprise,more surprise that it was 12.38pm when i woke up from sleep..huhu....he bought many chocs for me...and he also bought this hairstyler things for my sis..she was estatics to see those crimper,those curlers and etc....neway...at 1st,i was thinking,WHOA!ayah is back...i'm happy..but seconds after that,i was like,"damn,he'll be here for the report card"....haha...whatever..he's back!

today,we continue the NiE thingy..it was fun today...just emi,aqilah n me did the NiE thingy...we did the 'pull the tea' thingy..1st,we made it in front of emi's house...then,emi said she wanna snap some pics at a good spot..so we went to the field at seksyen8...and then...we did what we must,tarik the teh...huhu..it was awesome...at 1st,i refuse to be the 'model'..but later..when i was in the mood to 'tarik' the tea...emi snap a pic of me..and she said it was good..and then later..i had to be the model..da...anyway...emilia told us that she wanted to snap a pic of us jumping...i refuse but aqilah told us that it was her dream to have a picture when she was jumping...and she force me..and i had to say ok...and when emi snap the pic...my pic looks like a person who tried to fly but can't..haha..r.kelly's i believe i can fly!..haha..it was a fun day.........
  • currently watching nanny mcphee
  • download DBSK's fly and step by step

16 June, 2007

teh tarik

a'kum n ello.

hoho..i'm pretty much mental tonight..cos something happen that makes me giggle and something happy that makes me pening and laughing..

last night..i slept at 3++am...huhu...that's wht i'm dizzy cos every saturday morning..i will wake up early cos mak cik azah will ask me to take care of the baby while she goes to the market with my maid...and that's why i'm dizzy today..anyway..the reason i slept at 3am was becos i watched videos of DBSK..huhu..i'm damn addicted to them...i even dreamed about them...huhu..i even imagine that my alarm clock is the sound of 'Rising Sun'(dbsk's song)...huhu...but whatever...i'm addicted and i'm loving it...

back to the story..i watched Xman..Xman is a korean game show,not the famous X-Men...and the game was awesome and funny and fun and interesting...i was laughing totally hard at 2am and mak cik azah knew that i didn't sleep yet...but lucky she didn't try to stop me..haha...i really don't like nagger at midnight...huhu..

mak cik azah nag at me today anyway...she nag about study...like a normal parent,she said something about study2 and spm and report card...she asked me how was my exam..i told her the truth cos i didn't want to see her surprise face later...later after that,she started the nag...i was eating and reading the story book at that time..but i wasn't being rude like usual..i just listen to whatever she said and i know i have to consider it....

no need to consider,alia liverpool..

went to emi's house...later after that,we went to hani's house to pick her up...emi drove her bro's car eventhough she doesn't has any license..and after that,we went to azira to discuss about NiE...emi snap some pictures of teh tarik and something else..haha..it was fun cos we were loud and all..huhu...and aqilah joined us after that...and things get louder cos aqilah have the loudest laugh ever and that's what i like about her..haha..

emi edit some of the pic..and 1 of them was good..!..haha...i know she is awesome in this graphic thingy..huhu..
  • currently listening to avenged sevenfold's seize the day
  • download bleach 178,e21 236...
  • e21's mangaka is the most awesome mangaka ever!!!
  • my new nick is i-baik
  • totorii is not my nick anymore..
  • but u can call me totorii,akmali..
  • cos i'll always be ur totorii..
  • and also i love that name u gave me..
  • ALIA WONDERS..hehe..
  • anyway,credits to u-know yunho and emi..
  • haha..!
  • steven gerrard is married

15 June, 2007

life of today

a'kum n ello..

today was boring...make it capital BORING!!!...how come i was being a good student not to skip the school..haish2...

i make a list what i've done at school today
  1. recite the Yassin in the morning assembly
  2. school started.
  3. ah hin told me she couldn't eat the cake that i brought for her cos she had to work for the koperasi
  4. she told me to tell emilia that pn thina wanted to see her
  5. emi asked me to go with her to see pn thina
  6. ustazah rohaida asked me how was my Agama Islam result
  7. i said i messed my paper1 so i got B
  8. and she was a lil bit dissappointed that only shazizan got A1 in our class but i think adam also got A1...
  9. emi and i went to the class together after that..
  10. pn. sabarita gave the math's paper..
  11. and i got C cos i messed up my paper2..
  12. i hope she gave me B cos i sent my homeworks..
  13. but no way she will give me that..
  14. the boring-ness started after math's...
  15. no teacher came to the class..
  16. no EST and no Pn Normah and no Sejarah
  17. adlil told me that if i want to be a dedicated and responsible student,is should skip the school cos no teacher will coming to the class
  18. haha~
  19. i ate the cake but liyana and syefah joined the eating and syefah ate most of the cakes and just a small portion of the cake was left for ah hin..
  20. i drew shazizan's and atman's face..
  21. shazizan's face looks like pak lah and atman's looks like atman but with a big lips like akagi..
  22. boring...
  23. i told shazizan let's play some games..
  24. he remind me about the 12 names game..
  25. and we played that..
  26. shazizan got fatin aqilah and i got hafiz the songkok guy
  27. and boring again..
  28. i read the story book that i borrow from liana amira..
  29. i nearly puke when there is a sex scene in the book..
  30. went home..
that's that...!

boring and boring!
  • currently listening to eiji wentz's awaking emotion 8/5
  • teppei is top of the oricon poll for the most wanted male secretary

hana kimi

a'kum n ello..

saw this pic at blueverry and oguri shun's LJ...the pic makes me laugh...haha...

from left: toma,maki,shun
cool pose
shun's face was like being cool but at the same time,stupid...huhu..
toma and maki really trying hard to make a straight face..haha..

14 June, 2007


a'kum n ello..

today is mak cik azah's birthday...she thought we forgot her birthday..and so..like a natural human being,she was very surprised to see the cake on the table...haha...

i'm not a bad stepdaughter after all..huhu..

my dad transferred rm150 to my bro's account...and we used the money to buy mak cik azah's pressies...FYI,we seldom buy presents for others with our own money...so..pls don't make a surprise reaction..

back to the story..

we bought all the presents at shah alam mall..my 1st bro didn't join the shopping but ah hin joined us...we just bought what we saw...and then went home..huhu...it was raining heavily at that time....all 4 of us soaked cos running under the rain...and we bought this cake for mak cik azah....the cake was suppose to be a father's day cake...but mak cik azah often told me that we should try something that we never try...so...i bought the cake cos most of the cakes in the baker's cottage were all the cakes that i had tried before...and at the end..it was a good day...

mak cik azah also received a present from the baby...he gave her a mashimaro doll with a signboard 'baby on board'...huhu..


anyway...ah hin came to my house before we went shopping for the pressies...we watched some of the dvds of DBSK that ah hin brought for us to watch together..it was cool!..huhu...one thing i love about DBSK,it's their dance..when they sang 'O'...the dance was totally awesome..!...i even rewind it many times just to watch the dance steps..huhu...

this remind me that i love to dance when i was a child...huhu...
  • currently listening to NEWS' hadashi no cinderella boy
  • XXXholic chp 137 is out but i can't download it cos i don't have megaupload toolbar..
  • i change the layout cos i think i want to change it..
  • school was ok..
  • results still dissappointed..
  • i continue watching super junior full house eventhough i still didn't find the ep.8(english subs) yet
  • i got A on my english paper!
  • bless the blog!
  • ki bum is cute!
  • chang min is cute!
  • download super junior's U

13 June, 2007

hana kimi CM

a'kum n ello..

hoho...the hana kimi CM already out..but it was too short..but never mind..it was cool...if in the manga,the clothes of the students there were like,hideous but ok....and in the taiwan version of hana kimi,the clothes were alright..and in the japanese version,i think the clothes are kinda neat..cos the white shirt and black pants..huhu..i like it...

the vid was kinda too short and also too fast..so....i put some of the photos here...

from left:toma,maki,shun
huhu..nice trio!...
but i think toma looks too 'Johnny' when he pose

i wonder where's the G..?
but oguri shun looks very cool at this angle..

i have to say..
TOMA looks hot!better than in hana yori dango2
he nearly looks like teppei but hotter
teppei,you are cuter..
but this man is hotter...

huhu...very2 hot..!...i hope that the drama will be damn good...and if you watch the vid...you will see that yuu shirota look kinda ugly..da...i just hope in the drama he will have that beautiful hair he own...

exam results;my physic improve a lil bit...eventhough not an A and not a b3..i kinda satisfied with it..cos if you compare with the last year final exam..you will know that i am majorly improve in physic..about my chemistry...sucks again...

never mind..

currently,i'm reading a book title Mistletoe...i have to wrap the cover of the book when i brought it to school cos the cover was very intimate cos it has a couple nearly kissing each other..so..i don't want ppl questioning..

thats what i plannned anyway....

but ppl kept questioning later after that cos they really want to know the real cover of the book after i wrapped it with 2 A4 papers..they asked some questions cos i showed them the cover of the book(after i wrapped it)..i drew a picture of Nyak2 Kon and the name of the creature on top of it and below it,i wrote 'The Gi-Deek Book'...haha...i have to understand why they laughed and why they asked...huhu..
  • gtg,want to watch heroes..
  • the below picture is one of the scene that will be shown in Hana Kimi
  • liyana and ah hin will sing in the assembly this monday..
  • and i hope there won't be any technical probs...
  • cos both of them know that i will make a joke about it..
  • and credits to oguri shun LJ community for the pic
  • cos i think blueverry is kinda strict about taking pics from it's web
  • and i hope hani won't have any prob in her seni..
  • and syakira anis join my C4R team


i'm sorry..
i love to see this person sleeping....
very2 peaceful...

12 June, 2007


a'kum n ello...

just a short post for today cos i want to be a very good student and just surf the net only during 7-8pm cos at that time i will definitely use the net for just 1 hour cos i'll be thinking about solat maghrib everytime i online in this time..

anyway...the story for today...



that's all...

  • i failed my add math..
  • still no A and i think i won't get any A if my PJ result dissappoint me..
  • but like hani said,visualise a positive scene.
  • i passed my chemistry paper but the result very2 low

11 June, 2007

result exam

a'kum n ello..

hoho...the exam results are out...and i don't like all of them...i have to be satisfied though...but to be satisfied with a 'not-fail' result is totally low...but i was lazy before the exam...so...i have to be better for the trial...damn,i have to work 3x better than now..hoho..

i didn't get any A for the current results...my bio improve a lil bit...i just hope i won't fail cos i never score more than 40 except at tuition..so..i just have to pray...est was no good...i only got B...and my history,haha,if i read the questions thoroughly,the one about the kerajaan maritim thingy,maybe i can score more more than 5++ over 14 instead of 4 over 14...da...

just read something insteresting at the tokyograph

Mon, June 11, 2007 (3:28am EDT)

Oricon revealed the results of this year's survey asking singles in their 20s and 30s which celebrity they would want to get married to.

At the top of the women's list was Masaharu Fukuyama, who was also ranked first last year. #2 was Koichi Domoto, followed by Hiroshi Tamaki. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Junichi Okada, and Teppei Koike all tied for fourth.

The #1 choice among men was Masami Nagasawa. The rest of the top five were Kaori Manabe, Yuka, Megumi Yasu, and Saki Aibu.

Source: Oricon

hehe..fukuyama masaharu and koike teppei as my darlings..GOOD!
  • atman still being a lil bit gay today
  • he sent a comment at myspace asking me to help him about something
  • haha
  • lewis hamilton won the canadian GP..
  • and nick heidfeld got 2nd..hoho..
  • roger federer lose to rafael nadal in the roland carros
  • and now i love the raisin rodriguez's blog book that i know what the ending is..
  • haha..

10 June, 2007


a'kum n ello..

today's theme...SIRIUS..equivalent to=serious...haha..i had just listened to john-hoon's sirius...and the song is totally cute,catchy and cute...haha..

being serious is a problem..but not being serious is also a problem...but i have a problem for being serious..cos...whenever i being serious...people won't take me seriously..

there was this 1 time..i was mad at najwa..and i lose my temper to her..but she thought i was joking...when i saw her reaction after my explode...i was like"i'm not making a joke rite now,i'm being serious" cos she was laughing..but i don't think she knew that i was being serious...i think,she thought that i was making a joke and not losing a lil bit of temper...da...i sometimes wonder,do i really look like a serious person?...people said i looked like a serious person when they 1st met me,but later when they know me,they think i'm friendly and funny..and so after that..when i was,totally being serious,they think i was being funny...

ok,ok..i know it's not serious when you lose your anger making a funny remark...but that's just my way for not hurting the feeling of the person you angry to...

but don't mind rite...

the people around you don't know when you are serious but they still know when you are bad mood...

but really though..i have a hard time to know when is the time that shazizan will be serious..haha..

09 June, 2007

amalina's blog

a'kum n ello..

ppl,amalina delete her blog..so...just erase amalina's link at ur blog if u have her link(if you have,ok)...and school will open this monday and da..have to wake up early....

lucky i will get my usual pocket money..

only hope

a'kum n ello..

hehe..for the 1st time in my life,i ate hershey's choc bar...hoho...and the taste?..just like other expensive choc,the taste in just the same,plain,milky,yummy chocolate...hoho...

neway...just listened to mandy moore's only hope..if last time i made Makes me wonder List..this time...i'll make a my Hope list..huhu..

ALIA's HOPE list
  • i hope my father will buy me a new pair of earphone-with fantastic bass-power..i still can't forgive my bro about what he did to my last earphones...
  • i hope my 1st bro can continue his study eventhough his mind still doesn't want to study..
  • i hope my 2nd bro will achieve his dream in becoming what he wants
  • i hope my sis will become a famous hairdresser
  • i hope my father will retired with no problems in his mind..
  • i hope my lil new bro will be a good son to mak cik azah..
  • i hope i will step my foot on the anfield stadium before liverpool change to the new stadium..
  • i hope mak cik azah will just happy with her life eventhough we make a hell lot problems toward her..
  • i hope my relatives will just shut up about being nosy
  • i hope i will have that new mercedes when i grow up
  • i hope i can meet xabi alonso before he officially get married
  • i hope hani and i go to korea to ski and then later go to liverpool to study together
  • i hope hani,emi and i will meet arashi and hani meets ohno,emi meets moto jun and me meets everybody..
  • and i will tell moto jun that my hair looks like him but i can't show him cos i wear tudung..
  • i hope ah hin and i will meet DBSK and ah hin hug everybody and me only hug max chang min..! ;p
  • i hope liyana and i will meet all the liverpool players and i will tell all of them that liyana is a chelsea fan
  • and liyana will totaly get beaten by all of them..
  • and i will smile beside her and say to myself "that's the punishment being a chelski fan"
  • i hope amalina will be happy with her life
  • eventhough she always cry everynight thinking about her mother
  • and that's why she nearly become kassim selamat
  • i hope ainun will totally bcome a tauke botox..
  • i hope fatin aqilah will be a dj radio instead of doctor cos i want the whole world to listen to her PETUP! sound and i want the costa ricans to listen to it and not being annoyed by it..
  • i hope marjani will be wilder...;p
  • i hope shazizan will give rm100 that rm1
  • i hope hakim will have more confidence
  • i hope atman can confirm is his orientation
  • i hope afiq ersyad can find a new club that is lower than LIVERPOOL
  • i hope i will be a surgeon together with hani
  • and i hope i can have a surgery on any liverpool players
  • i hope myspace can change my email:stepteen_kop11@liverpool-fc.co.uk to stepteen@gmail.com cos i try hard to change my email but i never get the confirmation email to change it
  • i hope my lil cousin,arif will become like adam brody when he grow up cos his totally look like him right now(currently,he's only 7 years old)
  • i hope syefah will make that how-to-kill-yourself museum..
  • last but not least,i hope the ppl around me will be very happy..
  • WAIT!
  • i hope akmali will tell me what is persona
  • and i hope fatin hashim will buy me a souvenire eventhough she's at a'famosa right now..
  • and i hope anan will give me rm10 for nothing..


07 June, 2007

makes me wonder

a'kum n ello..

haha..i had just listened to that maroon5's song,makes me wonder..and i was thinking..what really makes me wonder in my life..haha...to tell u the truth....ALL THE THINGS THAT ARE WEIRD AND UNIQUE AND EVEN STUPID in this life always makes me wonder..huhu..

  1. when i see that the volume of the water inside a toilet never decrease or increase even after pee and poop...i wonder how come the water just remain the same volume...but farahin and liyana told me why...haha...
  2. why baby's poop always remain the same colour and smell...mak cik azah told me the answer for this...haha...
  3. why a brilliant essay never get a full 100%...i always wonder...the highest essay's mark i ever seen was 99%...and i think i maybe know the answer....
  4. why flies,the creature that love smelly things,never appear when we're having our 'bussiness',i.e berak..
  5. why actors and actresses have to be the one that are beautiful.....
  6. why the brilliant people have to be the most good looking....it's not fair though..brilliant and pretty are not suitable for each other...it's just not fair...haha..!
  7. why bae young jun still don't have any wife...but i still think,he,just like other rich asian man,has a mistress.....
  8. why female the one that have BIG boobs and butts becos of hormone but not males who have BIG boobs and butts bcos of fat...
  9. why i'm a female but read ecchi manga...hahahaha...
  10. why my female friends love yaoi manga....answer that dear akmali..!
  11. i wonder if there really a very good looking man that never watch porn and not a playboy and also not a homo...i really wonder......
hehe..that's my list...i'm really bored today..my bro sleeping at my bed right now..so..i can't sleep eventhough it's still early..huhu...
  • currently listening to koike teppei's my brand new way...
  • there will be Kurosagi the movie later next year,i think..yamapi will be in it..and horikita maki also the same..
  • teppei will have a solo album later...
  • new favourite manga in my list,RalGrado-Blue Dragon...the mangaka is the person who made the manga Deathnote..cool manga !


a'kum n ello..

i'm bored...very bored..so..i read koyama's blog..hoho...the blog is very cool,ne..!..haha...now i'm turning into jappos...haha...not much happen today...went to bio tuition and that's all i think...

mm..aside from bio tuition..i cleaned my room......

that's all that i had done for today..

neway..i cleaned my room just minutes after i woke up from my sleep(it was 12.03pm)...and i thought i want to clean my messy bedroom that never been clean for some months...so...i cleaned it..haha...i realize that some of my krekos(manga mag) are missing...i have to find them later....i also arranged all the story books that i have...i found out that i borrowed many books from my friends...i forgot who were the owners of the stories book...haha...lucky i know that da vinci codes book is mao's....

i went to the bio tuition today...i planned to skip the tuition today cos i wasn't in the mood to study...but i still went to the tuition anyway..there was a new teacher today...she had to replace my bio teacher cos my bio teacher had some probs with her family...so..the new teacher had to replace her for the day...she was good...cool even..and finally,a teacher that notice me as an active student in the class....the other students were very quiet..and each questions that were asked were like,whispering instead of talking...but lucky i'm a loud person...i was active in answering the questions that were asked by the teacher...haha..the new teacher made bio interesting..unfortunately,she won't teach me next week...

my bro picked me up from the tuition...my sis was with him and my bro's friend,faiq also with him..he is fatter than the last time i saw him...and then later,my bro suddenly asked faiq if he knows shazizan...faiq said he knows...and my bro told him that shazizan is my boyfriend...i was lazy to care about those false statement...so i just kept quiet...my bro said it was unlike me to keep quiet..but to tell you the truth,i'm just lazy to care about such a thing...faiq believed what my bro said though...i was like"da..mana ade"....

really though..if faiq meet shazizan...i think shazizan just say a blur "haha"...
  • currently download a manga..
  • massu is cute!
  • sakuragi is hot and stupid!
  • is there anybody updated their blog besides me...
  • it's 2.11am and i'm sleepy...
  • download DBSK's O

05 June, 2007


a'kum n ello..

i'm tired and dizzy right now..haha..i never thought 'walking' in KLCC will make you dizzy and tired..huhu..

liyana,amalina,hani n i went to KLCC...i didn't shop like i plan...cos..my money is not that many...AND..klcc has many expensive things...to be exact,the price is too expensive...and the budget that i had on me was only rm50 but mostly all of the things that sell there are more than that number...so..not many i bought...

the things i bought
  • story book:Raisin Rodriguez & the Big-Time smooch by Judy Goldschmidt
  • merci chocolate for my sister(i bought cos i can share the chocolates with her)
  • burger king black pepper medium set
  • 2 pelican pens and an eraser
  • famous amos cookies;pecan
i think that's all...

cos food is cheaper than other things
and food is heaven

but the whole day was fun...all four of us got scolded by some people cos we made some stupid things...we went to this puzzle shop..there was this glow-in-the-dark room...and we wanted to snap some pictures...and so,liyana snap a picture of hani...and when we saw hani's face on the digital camera....her face was very funny cos of the background and all..and so..like a normal peeps we are,we laughed our head off...i went outside,cos i can't stop laughing..and then..the shopkeeper there went to the glow-in-the-dark room and shooed hani,liyana and amalina away..lucky i went out before them....amalina was laughing and liyana n hani reacted like nothing had happen...

and then later..we went to teddy tales...there was this 'cekak' that has mickey mouse's ears and other sort of things...so..me and hani wore it and liyana snapped a picture of us with the 'cekak'...and then later...the shopkeeper there told us"excuse me,no picture" some sort like that...me and amalina went out from the shop cos,i dunno,just to cover ourself from laughing cos of another scolding...really though...

liyana snapped a picture of hani when she was sleeping in the train...

my sis told me that acu came to my house when i wasn't home...she said that acu called kak diah(my old maid who took care of my family for 10 years)...and she said kak diah will work at acu's house...i was surprise but a lil bit sad cos i want kak diah to work with my family instead of acu's...but dun mind,kak diah will be here..!...

i just hope kak diah won't make 'janji keling'..
  • still haven't started campaign for reward thingy..
  • download bleach chp 277,eyeshield21 chp 235(thanks to Emi)
  • orochimaru is not dead...
  • i wonder if farahin is back from her holiday..
  • i wonder what she bought for me..
  • REMINDER!i don't buy any souvenirs in Singapore..
  • i got the LSCM membership card..
  • my name on it!!!!
  • I LOVE MITSUI!!!!mit-chi!!!!!!
  • currently listening to the used's a box full of sharp objects
  • Tip-Of-The-Day:when you que to order any food at kfc,mcD or Burger King,it's better if you que behind a teenager than an old man cos the old man will definitely buy dozens of food and you have to wait longer to order eventhough you line is shorter than others..
  • met my old neighbours from seksyen19...they really remember me..!..and they remember my dad and my late-mum...and they asked about my 1st bro...and......
  • i forgot to ask their names...
  • i remember their face but not their names..

04 June, 2007


a'kum n ello..

something that i got when i got back from singapore..

  • the new liverpool FC's away kit is out..
  • xabi alonso was 1 of the 5 models
  • anan updated his blog and he always study..
  • ainun already start her C4R and she annoyed with someone cos of it..
  • and she was very bored..
  • and she said i missed taiki..
  • emi update about kat-tun new singles...
  • akmali talked about gashapon...(ohh!i saw many gashapon at spore and i got a cute turtle!)
  • my sis said the turtle is shazizan..........oh well~
  • fatin aqilah talked about her love affairs with hakim and shazizan..
  • fatin hashim watched the pirates 3 and she didn't understand the movie...
  • tiron is trying to rebel...
  • yamapi didn't update his blog..
  • rumours said that maybe yamapi and toma will sing the soundtrack of hana kimi
  • sum 41's new video,Underclass Heroes is out
  • i realize that farahin is currently at Hong Kong pr Beijing
  • i miss taiki like,a lil bit..
  • stoptazmo.com upload many mangas
  • ERIKA is sawajiri erika..she will have a new single 'FREE' on July 4
  • a stupid european man said that Liverpool fans are the worst fans in the world..
  • i hope a boogeyman is under his bed...
yahoo!new outfit but damn,carlsberg is still the main sponsor...


a'kum n ello..

again,i'm back..

what i can say about singapore,the place is clean...the road is somewhat better than malaysia cos there is no hole,that, unlike malaysia,is full of holes...

the trains are better..
the buses are better..
the taxis are better..


the shopping complex are worse
the toilets are worse


no surau..

i missed 2 solats on my 2nd day in singapore..
cos i didn't see any surau..

and the toilets..
damn!there is no water..!!
i was freaking pissed!

especially that i...
a frequent visitor of the toilets in the world..
totally angry with the no-water-in-the-toilet-so-we-use-tissue

i have to say..
i'm not that too happy when i was in singapore...

the dolphins show was great and cute..
and i saw a dugong..
and the dugong was massive..
like a GIGANTIC dugong..


the place where i was staying was at mak cik azah's aunt's house..i called her atuk busu..she got diabetes and she live alone in the apartment at chai chee and her house is............


mak cik azah didn't tell me that atuk busu is very old..so i didn't bring ubat gigi...
but if she told me her age..i should have known if my dear atuk busu has any teeth or not....
and so..i borrow my lil cousin's ubat gigi that is called,KODOMO LION..


but overall,i was happy...cos i watched the pink dolphins and the stingrays and the turtles...and also a dugong...hoho...and i bought the only gift for me at spore and that is the doraemon speaker..hoho..when i attached my ipod with the doraemon..the songs from my ipod will clearly heard from the doraemon's leg(i mean,speaker).....
  • we stayed at batu pahat after 3 days in singapore..
  • my cousins and my sis and i went to the BP Mall..
  • and i got my shopping that i want cos i didn't have the time to shop at spore..
  • i bought 2 clothes..
  • huhu..
  • tomorrow have plans with hani,mel and liyana..
  • we'll go to klcc..
  • thanks to my dad who bank-in rm100 for me and my sis...

i'm BACK!

a'kum n ello..

so..I'M BACK..!!..i know emi miss me cos i also miss her too and i always wondering if she knew or not about yuu shirota as that sano's rival..but now,it's answered.......

and i know ainun miss me cos i didn't make any notice about me going to singapore..

k..i make a list about the Lion City...

  • dolphins show
  • a doraemon speaker
  • mee soto
  • LIME mag
  • dugong
  • massive turtle
  • public bus
  • singapore dollars
  • cute little brats
  • butterflies
  • tarantula
  • gym for elders
  • stickers
  • no cute chinese(most of them were like;nerds)
  • no shopping
  • noisy,rude and pervert indian peeps
  • stay in a small room in an apartment..sooooo small!
  • no hotel
  • no shopping..
  • no interesting cds
  • nor posters
  • nor people
  • annoying little brats
  • too many trains..