03 July, 2013

Won Bin has a girlfriend. i is sad.

Salam and hello.

haven't blog in awhile now. haha.

my degree is ending in few weeks. if my result went well with no F, i will say bye bye to my Degree.

how cute. i will actually have a degree. hihi.

to think that i had been ignoring my blog after being so nice and cozy with this blog cos i've been so bloody busy, now InsyaAllah i will have plenty of time.

you know, i've been so busy that i did not know plenty of things and i don't even care most of it. tho i just found out that my dear handsome Won Bin already has a girlfriend.

the fuck.

he really has a girlfriend????
yes, dear pitiful heart of mine. Won Bin really has a girlfriend. and it is not Nur Alia Othman.

Won Bin: tembak hati, Alia. pyoong pyooong!

seriously tho. i was so sad!! i don't like that Lee Na Young!! tsk2. i hate her character in that Fugitive B drama and not just cos that drama is horrible.

actually, i hate her cos she's dating my Won Bin.

yes, i'm so bitter right now.

this is way worse when i found out that Xabi Alonso is marrying his old looking wife, which now become the classic and glamorous Nagore.  this is so so sad.

i wasn't that sad when that Jo Insung announced he has a girlfriend. cos i don't really care. he never been in a macho movie like Ajusshi before.
or maybe he did. i don't know. i'm not really a fan. i just know he was in that gay movie with that Song Ji Hyo.

but haih.

Won Bin.

why not me?

ps: at least i update my blog. i'll update more after my exam. my final paper will be on this Saturday and i'm gonna eat Sup Tulang and BBQ somethings after that. hihi.

Kang Dong Won. you can marry to me, ok?

Kang Dong Won: ok Alia! nah kopi!