31 December, 2009

Happy New Year

A'kum n ello...

in this New Year's eve.

  • NO IRIS.


  • i have DOMINOS!


Classified Chicken pizza is beside me. and i gave an Aloha Chicken personal pizza to my brother but he said "bodoh betul.bunyi loceng tadi tu pun tak dengar"

i should have listen to that first, and give that pizza later.cos i know, i won't give him that pizza if i really listen to that.

calling me Bodoh is totally no-no. especially that person is more stupid than me.

oh. did i say i'm smart?

anyway, people already did their New Year's resolution.

so,i'll do it too. just to follow the trend~~.

so, my New Year resolution is:

  • CLARK shoes.
  • i want CLARK shoes.

i don't care about Dean List. i don't care about getting better than before. i don't care about being nicer to people. i don't care about being smarter. i don't care about getting richer.

all i care is: NEW SHOES.

when i have that NEW SHOES, i'll have new resolution after that.

being smarter,richer,nicer are nothing to me. i already did that. some backfired, some gave me benefits. so i don't care what really happen in the future. when it happen, it happen. you just can't change the destiny.

NEW SHOES. that's what i need.

you may think i'm shallow for thinking about shoes for my new year's resolution. but SHOES are important. you travel with your shoes. you experience thing with your shoes. your life evolve with your shoes.

CLARK shoes are the perfect thing to match a person's life. it's comfortable, it's futuristic,it's longer. so CLARK shoes just give more benefits than any other shoes.

why didn't i choose CROC shoes? bcos CROC shoes are hideous. apart from being comfortable, CROC are just hideous.

you don't want ur life being hideous all the way rite?

so, my New Year's resolution is CLARK SHOES.

if you understand the real meaning of this post, you're one of the people who knows me.

ta then!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

disappointed.maybe upset.

A'kum n ello..

no. this is not the 3rd part of Bandung.

this is about something else.

you know, i don't really understand love, to tell you the truth. tho i can understand people's behaviour easily. but i really can't understand this stuff.

Love makes people look stupid. but i think that's sweet.

but there this one thing.

i saw people ran away from love before. ran away, as in, trying to delay it. instead of breaking up, the couple still together.

then there are this one type; break up, then back together.

i don't mind tho about that.

it's like seeing Jude Law and Sienna Miller back together again. it's cute. it's like fated.

i want to say more. but i know some people will misunderstand it. so i stop it now.

i'm not really upset. i'm just disappointed. after months of thinking she'll get her happiness with other men, she goes back to the same person. i,as a friend, feel like an idiot. but i try to not to think too much about it. it's her happiness.

you pray your friend to be happy, but it didn't happen.
worst, that person try to hide it from you.
no trust. no care.feels like a betrayal.

what am i anyway?

ta then.

Bandung [2nd day: shopping]

A'kum n ello..

now,the 2nd part of Bandung.

Bandung [PART 2]

so we had breakfast. and we had to wait for my cousin,Noi-she's currently studying medic at Bandung, and she got some time off to join the my family shopping around Bandung.

and my father said "we'll go after Noi arrive. it'll be around 9.30am"

so we waited.

then 9.30am arrived, and i got a call from Noi,and she said "i'm on my wait.so wait 1 hour for me"

i was like blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com cos she suppose to arrive by now(9.30am),not 10.30am. so i just let it slide and told my father about it.

then around 10.30am, got a knock from the door. i thought it was the room service or maybe my father.

then found out it was Noi.

i saw her and i shouted "NOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

yeah. i shouted.

so people immediately know that we have to get ready to go out;shopping and etc.

btw, Noi came to the gueshouse with a Supir. a Supir is like tour guide or maybe a driver. so that Supir was the one who took care of our transportation.

and so, i experience my first time of traffic jam at Bandung during the daylight.


it was havoc. i never seen that kind of traffic in real life before. if you think KL is bad, Bandung is very,very bad. the drivers disobey the traffic rules that they might know, and drivers hit the car horn every 2 seconds, and kiddies and adult walk around the road without even care about getting hit.

it was dangerous. it was pitiful. it was stupid.

but what you can do anyway. Bandung ONLY has 5million people in the city alone. and for those 5million people to be patient in the roadside is like thinking that Indonesia will win the world cup. impossible but not really impossible.

bad analogy,i know.

anyway, the day was planned to be a Shopping Day. the 1st stop of our shopping day is Rumah Mode.(Mode as in Mo-de,not Mod)

saw a banner outside the Rumah Mode, and it said "80% Diskon(??-4 jan 2010)"

and you know me,80% Discount is heaven.

so we shopped there.

my father only gave me 800000rupiah, that equivalent to rm250++. and you'll feel that all the stuff that you have there is quite expensive eventho when you convert it to Ringgit, almost all the stuff there is below RM80.

like this Bebe shirt that i bought, it cost around 74000rupiah. but i found it quite expensive,even though in Malaysia, 74000rupiah=rm19.47. that Bebe shirt is cheap rite? but better know beforehand that i have another 6 shops to go and i only have 800k rupiah, and most shirts cost about 100k rupiah.

hard rite?

it's quite hard for me,but not harder for aqilah,cos unlike me,her parents are not with her. me, on the other hand, has my banker with me,i.e my father. he was there, and he added some bits of money for me. and not just that, another relative of mine also there, and she added some money for me. so my 800k rupiah is like 1million rupiah already.haha.

anyway, at Rumah Mode, i bought Minimal shirt, Minimal cardigan, LV jeans, Jimmy Choo handbag. all of them took around 700k rupiah.if you exclude the Jimmy Choo handbag, it's around 500k rupiah.

then, had lunch.

our 1st lunch at Bandung was Nasi Padang. Nasi Padang is like the usual food that we eat at home. It's like nasi campur, but this Nasi Padang is like: serve all the food that they have in different plates. if somebody touch 1 plate, that plate(food) consider sold.

example: the shop served chicken, spinach, prawn, squid, lettuce, beef in their own plate. and you only eat chicken,prawn,squid. only those plates are consider to be paid. BUT if you touched the spinach,but you didn't eat it, it means SOLD! they serve ALL food in ONE table,but you don't eat ALL of the food.

something like that. i'm not good in explaining btw.

and my father told me that if you can serve Nasi Padang with plenty of plates in one hand, it means you're professional.

so someone like below is consider Professional.cool huh?blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

and after lunch, we went shopping again. i barely remember the name of the shops. the only shops i remember are Grande and Blossom.

Grande is good for the male, cos there are plenty of clothes for men. from Zara to Polo to other cool shirts. even Tiger Wood shirts are there, but bcos of his immoral behaviour, nobody buy his clothes. shame, his shirts are similar with Polo tho.

another shop that i remember is Blossom. Blossom is quite nice. my sis bought a Chanel bag from that place. and that bag is AWESOME+CUTE! it's more expensive than my Jimmy Choo bag. haha. and i bought a Bebe shirt there. and also this pink Konnichiwa sandals. Pink bcos many people often use my sandals, and nobody will wear that Pink sandals of mine after this.

and there are other shops,but i didn't remember their names. tho in one of the shops, i bought this Abercrombie&Fitch shirt.


aqilah didn't shop many things tho. cos she had to think about her family at Malaysia,about what to buy and all. i told her to bring 2.5million rupiah, but she didn't listen.haha.

and my 1st bro, amin, was very excited with the shopping and he asked me how many clothes i bought, and i told him i only got 3,and he said he already bought 9.


ok. my brother bought 9 SHIRTS!!!!

see how excited he was??

then, we went to our car. The Supir was waiting for us. and bcos it was raining heavily,(raining season at that time.that's why that korean Rain is doing his concert later at Jakarta) there were these little kids, with umbrellas, and they let us borrow the umbrella,but with some bits of tips. you can see many kind of people that help us but with money intention at Bandung,and these kids are one of them. they were under the rain since the start of the rain and it was raining for 4hours straight,and the kids with the umbrella already shivering. and after we borrowed the umbrella, my father gave them 1000 rupiah,and my father asked them "enough?" the kids all smile happily.

fyi, 1000 rupiah = 30sen.

dear asya, i give you 30sen. you happy?

after all those shopping, we ate dinner. but before that, we went to Amanda Brownies Shop. that shop sells the most famous brownies in Bandung. if Malaysia has Secret Recipe, Bandung has Amanda Brownies.

the brownies doesn't look like brownies tho. it's more like cake. haha.

(i'm too lazy to show you)

then, ate dinner. asked the Supir where the best place to eat. he recommended Sapu Lidi. so we went there.

and i was forcing myself not to laugh when i looked at the menu. it was hilarious. i saw this one cool menu, and it said "Ramuan Nenek Sihir". it was hilarious. how could people even think about that kind of name is really wow.

and also, the place has one of the nicest style among all the restaurants that i ever been. it was traditional and garden-ish.

this is the view....

then people eating hungrily...

food all gone after that.....

after dinner, we went home. around that time, i was checking my watch. it was Friday's night, and 1N2D will be on in few minutes. and after we said bye2 to Noi,who went home with the Supir, me and aqilah switched on the tv, and lucky the place has KBSworld, so we watched it.

and you know how much 1N2D can make me laugh, so we laughed VERY VERY HARD,especially with ALIA+AQILAH combo laughblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com. few minutes after that, my brother was outside my room and with his sarcastic,mad tone, he said "TAK RETI NAK GELAK KUAT LAGI KE????"

and we tried to control our laugh after that.

almost fail tho.

and that's all for the 2nd day of Bandung.

and i set the aircond to 24degree,and i slept nicely.

ta then!

Bandung[part 1:arrival]

A'kum n ello...

ok,i think i have the mood to blog.



went to the KLIA around 4.30pm. the plan was: aqilah's dad sent us to LCCT.but few minutes before 4pm, aqilah told me that her father got a sudden meeting to attend. so he couldn't send us.

so all we can do was call the taxi.

so my maid called the taxi,and instead of LCCT,she told the taxi-man that we're going to KLIA.

so the taxi-man took the route to KLIA instead of LCCT.and he blamed my maid for it.

and my father had to pay RM65 for the taxi just bcos that taxi went to a different route.

anyway, at LCCT,after we checked-in, it was around 8pm. the flight supposed to be at 8.30pm,but then got delayed to 9.15pm.

the mood was a lil bit intense when the DELAY word was announced. then, another announcement:


from 9.15PM.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

WHAT THE HELL!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

my parents went to the announcer, they were really mad.

reason of the delay: bad weather at Bandung. so the plane can't fly.

i'll try to be positive.

around 11pm,an announcement told us to que up to go to the plane.

went to the plane.

i was laughing my head off when i saw this:

aqilah scolded me for laughing at this. she shouldn't do that tho.she also laughed seeing this sign. tho she found out the meaning of Sabuk Pengaman after 20minutes in the plane. da~

oh, aqilah sat beside the window.we let her sat there cos she's really excited.haha.

see how excited she was??

then, the steward gave us this form.i mis-wrote something on it. instead of Place of Birth, i wrote my date of birth. i told the steward that i wrote wrongly. then he gave me a new form,and some EXTRAS to my father.

reason he gave that EXTRA forms:

  1. he likes me.
  2. he knows that we'll come to Indonesia again,or
  3. i'll make another mistake,and i may need that extra form.

obviously, the 3rd point is the obvious and logical one.

then,around 1am(Bandung time), we arrived Bandung. it was raining before we arrived. so it was cold. and my father already remind me that Bandung will be 24degree celcius at day, and 18degree at night.

and it was midnight,so yeah.18degrees welcome me.
then, after i got my baggage, got into my first car at Bandung.it was an Avanza. saw many signs that i never learn in my JPJ test.

then arrived at the guesthouse. FYI, we(my family,aqilah and i) stayed at a guesthouse,not a hotel or chalet. it's called Cassadua. the place is small, small tv with plenty of channel that i could even watched 1N2D and Liverpool vs Wolves from the tv there, clean bathroom, no insects(only at my room tho), breakfast on bed(they sent the breakfast exactly at 7.30am to our bedroom),shy workers, aircond but not really needed.

i don't have any complaint about this guesthouse. i don't care if the room is small. the room is smaller than my bedroom at home, but my days at Bandung spent mostly outside the room,so who need a big room anyway.

and i love this sign:

and also, the room is cheap. that's the condition my father told my cousin when he told her to book for the any hotel at Bandung. the hotel must be rm100 and below for 1 room,and this guesthouse is top of the list. it's cheap.

then,all of us went to sleep.

and for the 1st night at Bandung, someone like me that never been to any cold places except Genting Highland,Cameron Highland,Snow World@Genting and Snow House@Mines Wonderland, i dunno how to adapt with the coldness of Bandung.

so, i set the air-cond to 21degree celcius. and i wore that Banc sweater.

and seriously, i should set it to 25degrees. or maybe i shouldn't slept under the air-cond,cos that night was 1 of the torture-st night for me. i nearly die(not really).

lucky that my phone already has this Azan software.so i know when is Subuh. got up around 5am. and fyi, Bandung is 1 hour late than Malaysia.

and that's all for the Part 1.

cos i'm really lazy to type more.

ta then!

29 December, 2009

quick pics of Indonesia.

A'kum n ello..

i'm back..from Bandung and Jakarta.

and i'm very,very tired.


it's already 24hours after my holiday trip,but whatever.

i want to blog about everything that happened in Bandung,but i'm seriously tired. i have to wake up around 3.45am later,cos there'll be a Aston Villa vs Liverpool match later.so i have to sleep for few hours,and wake up to watch my dear favourite men in Liverpool shirts play.

but still...

i really am too lazy right now.


i'll show u these pics that can summarize my trip....


i'm THIS lazy.

tata sayang!

ps: got a massage today. and massage is PAINFUL!

26 December, 2009

cheers from Bandung


from Bandung

A'kum n ello..

at Bandung now. In front of my bro's room cos i can only get the wifi from here.

tonight is the last night at Bandung.tomorrow will go to Jakarta. Just met a Malaysian just now,and she just got back from Jakarta,and she said Jakarta is boring.ahha.lucky i already shop at Bandung,so things kinda brilliant now.

oh. I spent almost 1million rupiah,with da help of my father's money,n i bought Jimmy Choo handbag, LV jeans, Levis jeans n other sorts. Among of them, Levis is the ONLY ORIGINAL thing that i bought.

cool eh?


oh,already ate plenty of weird food. Yesterday i ate Nasi Padang(only the name is weird), Nasi Sunda, n today i ate Nasi Bakar Sambal Belut.but da belut is not even as big as unagi. It's a baby eel,as small as ikan bilis.SERIOUSLY!

OH.found dis funny stuff.


Mind ur own BM oK?

oh. The Indonesian drivers are MENTAL.seriously,how did they get the license? I don't think any car company can giv a test drive if u're in Bandung. Their parking lot also MENTAL.it's like UiTM but in peak hours. Seriously.

and with a population of 5million people ONLY in Bandung,i dunno why people have the idea to make a parking lot.

k now.wanna poop.


ps: recommended place: Kampung Daun.
Another ps: i didn't see any volcano nor any crater.dun mind then.
Another ps: an Indonesian said my Indonesian language is improving.n she only knows me for 5minute.oh,a lil boy suddenly shy when i smiled at him.PUHAHA!!

23 December, 2009

[plan] Bandung: packing.

A'kum n ello...

done the packing..

Telekung : check!
Sejadah: check!
ubat gamat: ah~~

i haven't been this happy for awhile now. haven't went to any holiday for 2 years,so i'm really looking forward for this holiday.

and also, i already plan with aqilah that 2010 will be a very difficult year for us,and so this Bandung trip will be last time for us to enjoy our life before 2010 arrive.

at least, a last time to enjoy,not include the plan to watch Sherlock Holmes.

there this 1 tiny unhappy thing tho. i don't have any camera. at least i have my e61i phone camera.but still............

oh well. i found this old BenQ camera that use batteries as it energy source. and damn, i don't have any memory card for that camera. and i hate that camera.

ta then!!


A'kum n ello..

nothing much i wanna say.....



seriously, when he lose or win,he'll make that face;a very passionate and intense face that i always see in Torres.

he's THAT fine!

no,no. not this one. this is tooo sweet. you have to see his Torres face.haha.

as much as i love a man's cute smiley face, HOT PASSIONATE INSTENSE (everything that related to that) IS HOT FOR ME!!!



my brother wants to play the computer.

and i couldn't find MINHO's intense face.


bye2 sayang!!

ps: You're Beautiful is making me mad, i really hate Go Mi Nam. so i stop watching it for awhile.haha. now,i'm currently watching BOSS,a japanese drama. better than that stupid crying Go Mi Nam.hahaha.

tagged by Nadia Darling.

A'kum n ello..

tagged by Nadia Darling...

old mates, lets go back to the memory lane.haha.

Nama penuh :
Nur Alia bt Othman

Tarikh lahir :
6 Mac 1990

Tempat di besarkan:
Hospital Tawakal,KL

Siapakah nama kawan rapat anda semasa kecil :
Adzrin Nadzirah,Afiqah Ariff,Nashitah.

Apakah nama permainan anda yang anda ingat semasa kecil-kecil :
batu seremban,tingting.

Kalau anda bergaduh dengan kawan anda, apakah perkataan yang anda akan sebut kepadanya :

Di kawasan manakah yang menjadi tempat anda bermain :
playground depan umah (kat seksyen19.dekat ngan kuil)

Apakah cita-cita anda semasa kecil :

Apakah kartun yang anda gemari semasa kecil :
akazukin chacha,captain planet,scooby doo,doraemon,powerpuff girls,dexter.

Makanan ringan apakah yang anda borong di kedai :
bika,mamee monster.

Nyatakan nama kawan anda semasa kecil yang anda teringin sangat berjumpa :
nashitah,liyana munir.

Apakah gelaran anda semasa kecil :
slenge,tak pakai spender.(stupid aite?)

Nyatakan seberapa banyak rakan bloggers anda yang anda ingin tahu zaman kanak-kanaknya :
mereka yang rase mende ni best.hoho.

interesting stuff. suitable for someone like me that just realize next year is the start of number 20.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

ta then!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

22 December, 2009


A'kum n ello...

nothing much i did today.


MONEY EXCHANGE!!!!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

my father gave me RM300 to change my ringgit to rupiah. he thought RM300 suppose to be EXACTLY 1MILLION RUPIAH. he was wrong tho. i only got 800k++ rupiah from RM300.

i dunno about you, but 800k is a less that i expected. a girl like me wants to be a MILLIONAIRE for once,eventhough millionaire for a RUPIAH money.

and you know, i'm kinda ok with Math, but when it starts to MONEY, i'm really not good with it. i remember the first time that i learn about money. my late-mother gave me RM2 on my 1st year(primary school) allowance and then i know about 20sen,50sen,10sen. i thought that people will only sell stuff for 20sen,50sen,rm1, but not 30sen,70sen,or 60sen.

so when i bought a pencil during that time,and the cashier said "this pencil is 70sen", i told my friend "erm,i only have 50sen,20sen and 10sen.i don't have 60sen.do we even have 60sen?" lucky that adzrin,my friend since kindergarten, was there,and taught me that 50sen+10sen is 60sen.

i WAS that stupid. seriously.

you see that this Rupiah has many zero behind the one.
and you know what,i'm very scared with this ZEROs.

there was this one time,when i was at Bali, and my father gave me plenty of cashes to shop with my maid. then i saw this baby shirt. and it cost around 50000 Rupiah. and my maid said it was really expensive for a baby shirt, then i looked at the cash that i have,then i saw the 50k cash, and i paid the baby shirt.

and my maid mad at me after that.

i was seriously lazy and scared and confused to calculate and think about the expensive and cheap.seriously.

too many zeros will make you insane.

something like this is very2 easy for people like us to shop.no need to care about the zero.

yeah,something like this.

still, it's not just Rupiah that has many zeros. even Korean Won has many zeros. and do you know that Korean has the highest IQ in the world? maybe bcos of the too many zeros.


ta then!


21 December, 2009

this one cool green shade.

A'kum n ello..

another boring post from me.



i saw this one cool shade on this computer desk.............

cool rite?
but not my kind of shades.haha.


like i said,i'm bored........




and then.....

i dunno what is this creature....do u know?

i think it needs something stylish on it.the eyes are really sad.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

so i put something on it.............


then Mr. Doraemon also say "i wanna join~~~~~~"

"i'm cool than the above,rite?"
that's what Mr. Doraemon said.

oh well. Toys are suppose to be cute.
Humans,do not.

ta then!!

ps: i used my e61i. at least, i can take pictures,rite?

20 December, 2009

have to admit.

A'kum n ello..

yeah mr alonso. i'm the same as this boy's mom.


ta then!

5 biggest thing in 2009

A'kum n ello..

got tagged by Ainor Salikin,1 of my sweetest cousin who is thinking about getting married right now.


1st:nothing much really. i happened to chase SS501 at KLIA. it was spontaneous, it was wow. i'm not a fan,but they're IDOLS at korea, and they are handsome, and not just handsome that you can see easily at UiTM Shah Alam, so yeah, why should i miss them??

Hyun Joong is handsome. and other peeps are also handsome. and i know some people may die to see these people face, especially that one of them is a FLOWER BOY. all of them are tall and handsome and loves to smile. when they smile,they look at each fans eyes. i love Park Jung Min. when he smiled at the fans, he looked at them straight in the eyes, and he did that to EVERY FANS,so NO FANS can say "OH MY GOD, HE LOOKED AT ME!!!" eventhough i fought with afiq about that.haha.

oh yeah, i forgot to mention, that JiHoo sunbae waved back at me.ok,not me ONLY, but still, i'm the one who said BYE BYE first.

2nd: i met LEE MINHO.

haha hihi hoho. but i didn't get his autograph after i spend more than rm20 just to get the poster that he should sign. and right now, the poster still wrapped in the plastic, and i dunno where to hang it. maybe in front of my bathroom.lee minho will be happy to see a woman with only a towel,he's a guy after all.eventhough that woman is me.

anyway, HE IS SO MIGHTY FINE!!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

airina, alia dah jumpe LEE MINHO!


my first Liverpool match is against Singapore. maybe it should be a more interesting one,like vs Man United or Barcelona. but heck,i'm not a rich kid or anything. as long as i can see my favourite men playing in front of me, i'm the happiest person in the world. i saw xabi alonso's pass, the one that i always want to see before i die, i saw Rafa Benitez waved at the fans,i sang You'll Never Walk Alone with the other fans, i spent 1 day only at Singapore and my house is in Shah Alam,not JB.

so yeah. that's one hell of a biggest thing.

and the match was one of the last matches of xabi alonso in a Liverpool shirt.

oh. Liverpool won 5-0.


4th: hani's dad passed away.

many things change after his passing. if hani change, i also change. to tell you the truth, all my life, i've been relying on hani to help me with my problems. so when she's not there to help me, i'm alone. i know there are other people who can help my problems. but it's just not the same if it's not hani the one who listened.

so i'm kinda being mature without hani around me. yeah.

5th: i become more positive.

my 2nd semester wasn't great. my 3rd semester also the same. but i still think i'm getting better with my microbiology courses. i nearly give up. i even asked this one guy that always make my life a living hell by talking bad stuff about Liverpool to help me with my situation. i'm grateful tho. eventhough Liverpool is not as good as the previous season, but they really helped me in becoming positive. seeing my favourite football club still continue to fight, and positive words from rafa benitez just helped me continue my life. i start to think that life is about learning. maybe i make mistakes, but i'm here to learn. to tell you the truth, maybe Liverpool the one that makes me become positive.

2009 is my 19th year of life. as much as i think 19 is boring, i have to say things are really brilliant. i met korean heartthrobs. i met Liverpool players. i met new people.

i have to say, 2009 is the year that affect my life the most. so.yeah,cool.

i tagged:
  • asya
  • nadia

ta then!

wth, a SEQUEL?

A'kum n ello..


for the past 15hours,i'm not in a brilliant mood.

last night, Liverpool match was bad. it was bad~~!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com we need a PASSER. seriously, someone who REALLY CAN PASS A BALL. lucas totally can't pass a long ball.


after that, i was too lazy to online. i end up reading manga. i read this ecchi manga, Midnight Secretary. lucky that the manga is funny. and really tho, i think i'm not healthy cos i don't even feel anything when i look at the sexual drawing.

man. i feel like a wife that get bored with sex.seriously.

then i read Meg Cabot's Airhead. the book is becoming interesting. i really want that girl with that guy. i really can't wait for it.

but i doze off while reading it.

around 12pm this day, i woke up and saw the book beside my head, then i continue read it.

i realize that i'm really a bookworm.

now, i already finish the book.

and IT'S NOT EVEN THE ENDING!!!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

seriously tho, that book is a SERIES!!!! how could i not know??? why the hell there's no notice or any statement in that book that this is a series?!?!?!

the ending of the book is like a movie.

it's like when you watch Golden Compass(you know,the one that have Nicole Kidman and David Craig) and the ending just left hanging, and the Golden Compass 2 is not even in production. THEY JUST LEFT IT HANGING. or another example, like that old tv series, What About Brian? the ending of the season 2 is when Brian finally realize that his love life is his best friend, and he wanted to confess to her, and the season 2 just end like that. and season 3 suppose to show what REALLY happen, did he confess or not, but then the tv channel said NO to What About Brian season 3.


and i just checked the sequel of Airhead series, and MPH and Kinokuniya already have it, but the price is RM54.90 or RM68.90.

another DAMN!!!!!!!!!

oh well.

at least Manchester United lose to Fulham last night. 3-0.

ta then!

ps: found out that Cecilia Ahern's If You Could See Me Now will be made a movie, and Hugh Jackman will play as Ivan!

19 December, 2009

Imaginary Friend.

A'kum n ello..

i had one tiring day.

morning: went to the market.forgot to set up the alarm.so i was quite in a panic mode when i woke up.

it wasn't a nice morning. i had to smell a drink that i thought was a rotten apple juice,then i found out it was whiskey. lucky that my maid only asked me to smell instead of taste it. i wonder who drank that rotten water.

arrived home,i immediately online.

internet became boring,so i read a book. i was very2 sleepy. but i just had lunch. i'll be fat if i sleep after eating. so i end up reading Cecilia Ahern's If You Could See Me Now. i read the whole book in 2 hours.

oh.did i say i read that after my lunch and i read it while lying down on the bed?

and btw, THAT BOOK is seriously HEAVEN! Ivan(the main character) is very2 sweet,fun and charming. the book is about an Imaginary Friend and also the way how you handle life. it's very nice. i never thought of having an imaginary friend tho. i have an imaginary boyfriend.haha. my imaginary boyfriend is Nathaniel Sheridan. he's a billionaire of a big company. and he loves to look at me and i'll feel guilty whenever i look at his eyes.

yeah.Nathaniel Sheridan is my dream boyfriend.

ok. whatever.a girl can dream.but maybe this dream boyfriend is the reason why i don't have any boyfriend till now.haha.

ok. back to the story book.

i don't really believe in Imaginary Friend.but some people believe in it. i know a friend who once talk to herself. i saw her talked to the walls. some people thought she's insane,but she got 100% in history,bloody good in Math,brilliant in Science. is that even insane?

oh.maybe she got the 100% history score cos she asked her imaginary friend.some people said Imaginary Friend lives more than 100years old.

things are getting too crappy.

anyway, after i read the book, i read ANOTHER BOOK. it's Meg Cabot's Airhead. i'm still reading it, already halfway of the story. it's a young adult book, so some stupidity happened while the story flow. it's Meg Cabot's book anyway. what can i expect? her books are love cos it's funny and also show the stupidity of teenage life and also some stupid character of a woman.


i really2 love Meg Cabot's book.i really2 do.

so now.i'm waiting for the Portsmouth vs LIVERPOOL match in 18 minutes from now.

did i say i haven't slept after the market trip?


BBQ with tg malim and disappointed.

A'kum n ello..

last night,went to Tg Malim. had BBQ.


unlike the past BBQs,this time,had many prawns.big prawns,small prawns,tempura-wannabe prawns.

oh.whenever i'm around the Tg Malim peeps, the kiddies will come to me,and look at my phone,and check what story books i'm reading.

this time, it's the adults. i'm sitting at the dining table,and the adults were there,and i heard them talking about people that i don't even know. i wonder how could this people know that many people. i told them about my Human Mentality lecturer that married with a Tg Malim man. i told them about her mother-in-law was once a caterer. i didn't even remember that mother-in-law name,but my uncles and aunts know her instantly,when i said "the former caterer".

Tg Malim is that small eh?

during my eating, i went to the living room and ate there. saw that they were watching Boys Before Flower at 8tv. my cousin,Airina and her lil bro were watching them,and Airina often shrieked excitedly when she saw Kim Bum.and she asked me "alia ade tak cte Boys Before Flower?? Tolong cakap ade!!"

i replied "takde.ade pun dvd.kawan alia punye.tapi kene tgk kat laptop je"

her response?it's this blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

anyway, while i watched the drama, i instantly told them that i already met Goo Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo sunbae. hahahah! sorry dearies,something like that had to be tell.brag is not something u have to avoid.hahahaha!

then, went to the kitchen. Mak Long and Mak Ngah asked about my family well-being. then my sibling and i complained to them about our lives.i told them that my sis and my bro don't pray;always say the usual "nanti la" or saying other people are bad cos doing the non-Islamic stuff,but they didn't even do the Islamic stuff.and my sis and bro said that i'm selfish.

and i heard that plenty of times,and i don't want to explain further more why i'm being selfish to them.if they have the brain to think,they know why i did those thing.

we went home around 11pm.arrived home around12.20am.

this morning, my maid asked me to smell this one drink. found out,that drink is whiskey. both my maid and i are really disappointed with that certain someone right now.

then i realize,while being disappointed, why did i naively thinking that person is sane enough to think about what's bad and wrong? i really do trust people too much. i only see the nice thing of others instead of the bad side. as much as i think my perspective is good,i know,that one day, i'll regret my way of life.

maybe,just maybe,my judgement is correct.

ta then.

18 December, 2009

my father and i

A'kum n ello...

last night...

my father called me about Bandung.

the thing is:

  • my father,the person who paid the tickets.
  • my father,who take care of the money.
  • my father,already booked the hotels in Bandung and Jakarta with the help of Noi.
  • my father,the one who called the MAS and AirAsia to book for our flight and like i just stated,he also paid them.
  • my father,also the person who asked us "already pack for Bandung?"

and now he asked me:

ayah: bile flight pi bandung?
alia: kul 8.30pm
ayah: eh.bkan kul 6.30pm?
alia: nope.
ayah: takla.kul 6.30pm.
alia: tak.8.30pm.alia sure.
ayah: btul ke? ayah rasa kul 8.30pm.
alia: tak. ayah ade bagi message kat alia.alia ingat.6.30pm to dari Jakarta ke KLIA.
ayah: ye ke?
alia: jap,alia check phone (her father is a really stubborn person.he wants confirmation.so had to search for the handphone that suddenly missing)
alia: henfon alia ilang.alia cari jap.
ayah: ok
alia: (searched for 1minute) (mr othman is not a person who likes to wait)(found the phone)
alia: jumpe dah.
ayah: so?
alia: LCCT to Bandung,24dec,flight QZ7592,8.30PM to 9.35PM.arrive in Husein Sastranegara Airport.
ayah: ok.
ayah: dah pack?
alia: blum.
ayah: Bandung tu sejuk.
alia: yeah.tau dah.
ayah: ok.pape karang call.ayah balik hari Khamis petang.

again,that's my father.

and just bcos of this conversation,i missed the ending of last night's episode of CHUCK.


the family have problem right now. THERE IS NOBODY WHO CAN SEND US TO LCCT.

that is funny.

my brothers aren't helping.

ta then!

ps: aqilah,don't worry about it.

17 December, 2009


A'kum n ello...


is tomorrow.

this is the NEW YEAR that we,MUSLIMS,should celebrate.

celebrate it by recite the Quran, by thanking God that we're still alive after another year of good and bad things. all things that happened in the previous year happened with a reason,and we,as a human being,look back and think what we did wrong and correct it.

this is when people said "we have to be better than the last time".

let's make it simple: be smarter, be happier, be nicer, be more thankful.

yeah. i'm not good in saying good stuff, but yeah. just do the good stuff and ignore the bad stuff,ok?

ta then!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com