07 December, 2009

yesterday and today.

A'kum n ello..

i'm tired right now.

my mind is cloudy.

my throat is fuzzy.

my eyes are slowly closing their lids.

so,bear with it if i slow down my blogging activities for the next few days.

what i stated just now maybe just a whimblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com cos from the past,whenever i said i'll slow down my blog,i end up BLOGGING. just like the time before SPM,before final exams, and before anything important in the future.

blogging is like my passion already.

anyway, yesterday,emi was at my house. now,she's at her house.

ok, i no need to state that.but whatever.

so last night, both of us had dinner at this japanese restaurant at shah alam mall............and really tho, we thought the price will be a lil bit like Sakae Sushi or Tokyo-G,but nope, the price in that restaurant is like the japanese restaurant at a 5star hotel.

still, we end up eating there cos we really crave for japanese food. or maybe only me.but whatever.

it was nice,the food i mean. not as good as the Tokyo-G,but it's ok. maybe i can give a better review if i choose the right food. i wanted to eat chicken,but end up eating vegetables. so my mood a lil bit down cos i ordered the wrong food.


after that,at my house,we watched Notting Hill.

Notting Hill.
Notting Hill.


maybe after years of supporting Liverpool, i already fall in love with the british humour.hahah. William Thacker(Hugh Grant) is one of the sweetest bloke i ever watched. i love it when Anna Scott (Julia Robert) said:

Anna Scott: After all... I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

which is very sweet,cos Anna Scott is bloody famous actress,and she said that to a lowly owner of a travel bookshop.so it's very sweet.haha.

and the movie's soundtrack are really good! don't be surprised if i use them as my new blog's playlist.haha.

then,after watching that movie, we watched Idol Army season 2.


yes,yes.the one with 2PM in it. i watched the one that have SHINee as the guest.


then we went to sleep.

this morning, we went karaoke-d at sunway pyramid.

and here's the list of the people who hogged the microphone the most:

  • nazneen: 5%
  • aqilah: 3%
  • emilia: 33%
  • alia: 20%
  • najwa: 39%

the KMPP idol and the Welsh-accent girl hogged the microphone the most.


and aqilah should be 0% cos she nearly wreck the microphone that she used. lucky she only held the microphone when the karaoke almost end.hoho.




so now.

tata sayang.

photos will be upload later.haha.

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