06 December, 2009

Souk Beirut?

A'kum n ello..

at emi's house right now.u can say that i just woke up.

i slept around 2.30am. and i woke up around 9.30am.

if i slept around that time,i'd always wake up around 11.30am.

maybe the air-cond is too cold.or the voices of emi's mother and aunt made me stop my sleeping.

anyway,last night i went out with emi,aqilah,nazneen and marjani,and also shazizan,hakim n adam. adam treated us this Arab food at his sister's restaurant at setiawangsa.

u knowla,i LOVE FREE STUFF.so i went,eventhough there was a Liverpool match.

so i'll start from the 1st moment:

so adam planned to meet up at his house cos only him knows the location of the place,and so he said "my house.before 8.10pm"

8.10pm is a very precise number. and bcos we're going out with the boys, so better the girls prepared early.

but you know-la,girls, they're like the late-st creature in the world cos of make-up and all. so, among the 4 girls, marjani made the girls arrived late at adam's house.

oh.we arrived around 8.30pm. i told shazizan that marjani was late cos she wants to look nice in front of him. yeay~

oh. aqilah's car had to follow shazizan's car from behind. cos shazizan's car has the GPS,that is,Adam.

shazizan's car is a mercedes. not that kind of mercedes that ur grandpa use.
aqilah's car is a NAZA forza.the kind that "oh this car is cheap.i can giv this to my daughter".

so u see the difference.

so,from the start, shazizan drove his car like a racer, and forgot about aqilah's car-the turtle.

in the end, shazizan slowed down, but aqilah had to speed up. and for the mercedes to level it standard with the forza, slow down is a must. so u can imagine how many red lights(cos of braking) at the back of the mercedes.

then,arrived at setiawangsa. as i can see from that place, it's a kind of place that the Arabians in Malaysia love to hang out. cos that place have many Arab restaurant.and Souk Beirut is one of them. if i'm not mistaken,Souk Beirut sells Lebanese food.



the chicken,meat and beef are soft and nice and exotic.
yeah.exotic. there was this food,i think it's called Hummus,and i ate it,and i was a lil bit surprised cos it was different than any food that i ever tasted and after that i get addicted to it.

and that's only the intro food. wait until the climax.

but climax should be the nasi beriyani.but it became the conclusion,cos we already full.

and that's all bcos of this one food.the MIXED GRILL.

ok.words from MIXED GRILL won't make u salivate,i know. but all of us were busy eating that we didn't even care about snapping the picture of the food.


if you go there, order Mixed Grill. you'll eat chicken,mutton and beef in one dish.tho you'll have a hard time guessing which one is beef and mutton. cos me,aqilah,hakim and emilia were arguing about it.

the Nasi Beriyani was great also,and surprisingly, i ate more than hakim.that hakim,even with his tough body and hard muscle, he has a speedy tummy full.

then,adam told us to go upstairs. a level above the restaurant, there was a shop that sells arabian ingredients and food. it's very different that ur normal supermarket. this shop sells normal stuff like tuna,jem,frozen food but all of them are from the Middle Eastern country,including Palestine(so now u know that they have their own product with the war going on) and some abnormal stuff that you won't see at Giant, that is, pickled foods. there are plenty of pickle foods and one of them is garlic pickle.

so,as a microbiology student, i told aqilah,"this is like sterilization".
ok.not that funny.

so then bye2.

seriously after 11pm, i looked at my watch at every 3-5 minutes cos i was thinking about the Liverpool match.so i became a lil bit crazy at that time,that i even said to shazizan "tula shazizan.tanak lagi buat aku jadi girlfriend ko" and shazizan replied "no comment". seriously, i was wondering at that time,"is aquilani playing?" "did somebody score?" "gerrard is playing his 500th game" and yada yada.and i forgot about my own mouth.

oh.najwa wasn't with us,so shazizan was the victim of my teasing. how nice

don't have pictures now.but maybe later.

and bcos i wanna watch Liverpool play very much, so i end up staying at emi's house.haha.and i only watched the 2nd half only. and i was shouting very loudly when Ngog's ball hit the goalpost.


ta then!

ps: thanks to the Rahim's siblings for the food and treatment.thank you!


Eireen Camelia said...

daymnnn! aku dah la tgh ketagih makanan arabbb nih! siot kau!

Alia Liverpool said...

tiade kene mengene ngan aku.haha.