22 December, 2009


A'kum n ello...

nothing much i did today.


MONEY EXCHANGE!!!!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

my father gave me RM300 to change my ringgit to rupiah. he thought RM300 suppose to be EXACTLY 1MILLION RUPIAH. he was wrong tho. i only got 800k++ rupiah from RM300.

i dunno about you, but 800k is a less that i expected. a girl like me wants to be a MILLIONAIRE for once,eventhough millionaire for a RUPIAH money.

and you know, i'm kinda ok with Math, but when it starts to MONEY, i'm really not good with it. i remember the first time that i learn about money. my late-mother gave me RM2 on my 1st year(primary school) allowance and then i know about 20sen,50sen,10sen. i thought that people will only sell stuff for 20sen,50sen,rm1, but not 30sen,70sen,or 60sen.

so when i bought a pencil during that time,and the cashier said "this pencil is 70sen", i told my friend "erm,i only have 50sen,20sen and 10sen.i don't have 60sen.do we even have 60sen?" lucky that adzrin,my friend since kindergarten, was there,and taught me that 50sen+10sen is 60sen.

i WAS that stupid. seriously.

you see that this Rupiah has many zero behind the one.
and you know what,i'm very scared with this ZEROs.

there was this one time,when i was at Bali, and my father gave me plenty of cashes to shop with my maid. then i saw this baby shirt. and it cost around 50000 Rupiah. and my maid said it was really expensive for a baby shirt, then i looked at the cash that i have,then i saw the 50k cash, and i paid the baby shirt.

and my maid mad at me after that.

i was seriously lazy and scared and confused to calculate and think about the expensive and cheap.seriously.

too many zeros will make you insane.

something like this is very2 easy for people like us to shop.no need to care about the zero.

yeah,something like this.

still, it's not just Rupiah that has many zeros. even Korean Won has many zeros. and do you know that Korean has the highest IQ in the world? maybe bcos of the too many zeros.


ta then!


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