20 December, 2009

5 biggest thing in 2009

A'kum n ello..

got tagged by Ainor Salikin,1 of my sweetest cousin who is thinking about getting married right now.


1st:nothing much really. i happened to chase SS501 at KLIA. it was spontaneous, it was wow. i'm not a fan,but they're IDOLS at korea, and they are handsome, and not just handsome that you can see easily at UiTM Shah Alam, so yeah, why should i miss them??

Hyun Joong is handsome. and other peeps are also handsome. and i know some people may die to see these people face, especially that one of them is a FLOWER BOY. all of them are tall and handsome and loves to smile. when they smile,they look at each fans eyes. i love Park Jung Min. when he smiled at the fans, he looked at them straight in the eyes, and he did that to EVERY FANS,so NO FANS can say "OH MY GOD, HE LOOKED AT ME!!!" eventhough i fought with afiq about that.haha.

oh yeah, i forgot to mention, that JiHoo sunbae waved back at me.ok,not me ONLY, but still, i'm the one who said BYE BYE first.

2nd: i met LEE MINHO.

haha hihi hoho. but i didn't get his autograph after i spend more than rm20 just to get the poster that he should sign. and right now, the poster still wrapped in the plastic, and i dunno where to hang it. maybe in front of my bathroom.lee minho will be happy to see a woman with only a towel,he's a guy after all.eventhough that woman is me.

anyway, HE IS SO MIGHTY FINE!!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

airina, alia dah jumpe LEE MINHO!


my first Liverpool match is against Singapore. maybe it should be a more interesting one,like vs Man United or Barcelona. but heck,i'm not a rich kid or anything. as long as i can see my favourite men playing in front of me, i'm the happiest person in the world. i saw xabi alonso's pass, the one that i always want to see before i die, i saw Rafa Benitez waved at the fans,i sang You'll Never Walk Alone with the other fans, i spent 1 day only at Singapore and my house is in Shah Alam,not JB.

so yeah. that's one hell of a biggest thing.

and the match was one of the last matches of xabi alonso in a Liverpool shirt.

oh. Liverpool won 5-0.


4th: hani's dad passed away.

many things change after his passing. if hani change, i also change. to tell you the truth, all my life, i've been relying on hani to help me with my problems. so when she's not there to help me, i'm alone. i know there are other people who can help my problems. but it's just not the same if it's not hani the one who listened.

so i'm kinda being mature without hani around me. yeah.

5th: i become more positive.

my 2nd semester wasn't great. my 3rd semester also the same. but i still think i'm getting better with my microbiology courses. i nearly give up. i even asked this one guy that always make my life a living hell by talking bad stuff about Liverpool to help me with my situation. i'm grateful tho. eventhough Liverpool is not as good as the previous season, but they really helped me in becoming positive. seeing my favourite football club still continue to fight, and positive words from rafa benitez just helped me continue my life. i start to think that life is about learning. maybe i make mistakes, but i'm here to learn. to tell you the truth, maybe Liverpool the one that makes me become positive.

2009 is my 19th year of life. as much as i think 19 is boring, i have to say things are really brilliant. i met korean heartthrobs. i met Liverpool players. i met new people.

i have to say, 2009 is the year that affect my life the most. so.yeah,cool.

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Dayya said...

i knew it! HAHA. will do it later ohkay. i need to think about those five things first :D

Alia Liverpool said...

don't bother sgt.haha.

kt buat pun sbb kt nk igt blk pemende yg best.tu je.huhu.

asyachumel said...

hahahaha cambest
da lame tak buat bende ni! hhahahaha
nak buat nak buat!Hahaha

Anonymous said...

u'll look back and say.. it's been one fun year kan? bad or good... u'll say I wont trade for anything pun!