16 December, 2009

PIG RABBIT! 돼지토끼!!

A'kum n ello..

remember the MY-TVXQ gathering that i attend last Saturday?

cool.you don't remember about it.haha.

anyway, as we arrived at the venue, the admin of the MY-TVXQ showed us a cute plushy. she said she got it from korea, and at that time, i wonder why people snapped pictures with that toy.

and bcos people posed with that stuff, so najwa,aqilah and i took our pictures with that cute little rabbit-pig nose cos we wanna show that we really care(even though we dunno what the hell is that stuff)

at that time, i really didn't remember anything about this toy. i just think this plushy is famous among the guests bcos it's cute, not bcos it's a FAMOUS DRAMA CHARACTER.


i am currently watching You're Beautiful. you know, that famous korean drama about a girl that disguise as a man for a boyband.(check dramawiki if you're clueless)(btw, Jang Geun Suk and FT Island's Hongki were in it) As i watched the drama, i remember a certain little toy..........

don't you think this....

and this.....
are similar with THIS.....


I HELD 돼지토끼!(dweji ttoki=pig rabbit!)

haha. how could i not know at that time,eh? i should have kiss or posed something bizarre rather than making a common pose like that.

whatever then. i met a real life (ok not really) 돼지토끼!!!!


k now.tata!


Dayya said...

asya sure jeles giler.

Alia Liverpool said...

saya akan menantikan comment dia.hahaha.

asyachumel said...


ye saya jeles


tapi tak baca lagi sebenarnye ni.tgk tajuk je ni.

asyachumel said...

ok da bace

Alia Liverpool said...

anak patung itu bkan saye punye.

hanye tgkap gmbr saje.haha.