31 December, 2009

Happy New Year

A'kum n ello...

in this New Year's eve.

  • NO IRIS.


  • i have DOMINOS!


Classified Chicken pizza is beside me. and i gave an Aloha Chicken personal pizza to my brother but he said "bodoh betul.bunyi loceng tadi tu pun tak dengar"

i should have listen to that first, and give that pizza later.cos i know, i won't give him that pizza if i really listen to that.

calling me Bodoh is totally no-no. especially that person is more stupid than me.

oh. did i say i'm smart?

anyway, people already did their New Year's resolution.

so,i'll do it too. just to follow the trend~~.

so, my New Year resolution is:

  • CLARK shoes.
  • i want CLARK shoes.

i don't care about Dean List. i don't care about getting better than before. i don't care about being nicer to people. i don't care about being smarter. i don't care about getting richer.

all i care is: NEW SHOES.

when i have that NEW SHOES, i'll have new resolution after that.

being smarter,richer,nicer are nothing to me. i already did that. some backfired, some gave me benefits. so i don't care what really happen in the future. when it happen, it happen. you just can't change the destiny.

NEW SHOES. that's what i need.

you may think i'm shallow for thinking about shoes for my new year's resolution. but SHOES are important. you travel with your shoes. you experience thing with your shoes. your life evolve with your shoes.

CLARK shoes are the perfect thing to match a person's life. it's comfortable, it's futuristic,it's longer. so CLARK shoes just give more benefits than any other shoes.

why didn't i choose CROC shoes? bcos CROC shoes are hideous. apart from being comfortable, CROC are just hideous.

you don't want ur life being hideous all the way rite?

so, my New Year's resolution is CLARK SHOES.

if you understand the real meaning of this post, you're one of the people who knows me.

ta then!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


nazneen said...

yeah, i know how important comfy shoes are...so i know you,hehehe.
nk jalan kat uitm hills kn?....

btw, the new clark shoes hv really nice designs...so u can feel comfy & look gorgeous at the same time.

Alia Liverpool said...

haha.cool,anda paham!haha.

n yeah, CLARK shoes gorgeous gle.hoho.